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Good Nursing Bras?

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I have been struggling with bras these last few weeks - getting extremely tight all over, and I am desperately in need of something more comfortable for when baby arrives. 

Anyone had good success with a particular bra?  I really want a cozy one...I tend to need underwire for support...I used to use Playtex Expectant Moments, but they stopped making them!  I loved them and they were not crazy expensive.  Ideas??  Thanks!!

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have you checked out  breakoutbras?  They have a huge nursing selection.  Personally my fav is the bravado body silk for just a straight bra- it is so comfy and cozy- but no underwire.....  The body silk just feels good all over.

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I feel ya, livelovelaugh!! I have used those playtex bras since my first was born in 2003 and I loved them... beautiful, no, but practical, YES! Underwire, great support, durable, inexpensive!!!! But now what?? I've searched high and low and still haven't found another bra I like as well. I need underwire for sure, and I really prefer that the "sling" part go on both sides of each breast when the cup is dropped. NO padding, but YES lining. And I need it to come in my weird size: 34F. I just bought a couple bras at barenecessities.com, and they meet most of these requirements, but the cups are "molded" so they kind of give my boobs that "torpedo" look that everyone loves. :/ Still searching...

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