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Symptoms Thread?

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Who wants to join me:


Every morning I feel find as I lay in bed and I think... oh my, this is not a good sign.  Where are my symptoms, then I get out of bed and walk around for maybe 20 minutes and the nausea hits.... no throwing up, but enough that I can't eat anything.


Then in mid morning I get really dizzy.  



Nipples hurt sometimes when nursing.


I think those are it for now.


I am 4 weeks, 3 days..... I usually have really bad all day nausea, even more so in the evening.  I will see how this pregnancy goes!

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I have been feeling pretty good, but I am only 4 weeks today.  My biggest symptom would be breathlessness....I'm not used to having to catch my breath after normal activities like carrying my son or walking up the stairs to our apartment.  I can practically feel my heart having to work harder now!


I have also had a little bit of food aversion and some grumpiness.  My guess is things are going to get a lot rougher in a couple of weeks!

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Thus far it's been a mess of symptoms for me, but most of them are pretty mild and/or manageable.




Yesterday DH decided he wanted some street meat and asked me to hold one of his hotdogs while he dressed the other. The moment the wind caught the scent and blew it my my direction, it was like the bottom of my stomach hit the pavement. I managed to resist vomiting on the side of the road, though I can't imagine my green face helped the hot dog guy's business :\


Of course, DH thought this was hilarious, so he spent the next couple of blocks making "nom nom" sounds and laughing at my quiet gagging

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sorest breasts ever, lol


crying, seriously at the drop of a hat. I cried 3 times yesterday, and I haven't cried in months.


I've been dizzy a few times, and definitely feel like napping more.


and.....nauseous, ick.


and I'm 4 weeks today....


Although I have to say it's not as bad as the first time, and overall I feel really good, excited, and nervously hoping for a sticky baby.

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I am six weeks tomorrow....and my nipples hurt!!! Dear goodness, when my preschooler lies on my chest...ouch! I had them feeling like their about to explode with milk, and my milk is in alreadysurrender.gif


I just send my partner out in the rain because all I wanted in a single moment was a whopper jr. from burger king...the flame patty....tomato and mayo, unfortunetly I live over an hour from the nearest burger king...so its time to recreate from the grocery store..thanks dearnotes2.gif


I too, also feel like crying, i had tears streaming down my face when Andy gave his toys away to the little girl in the end of Toy Story 3, mecry.gif


other than that I feel pretty good, nausea in the morning but it fades

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i love this thread, it makes me feel like crazy.


I'm actually only about 3 wks 5/6 days


I am bloated, waves of nausea, hungry every 1- 2 hours no matter how much i eat, heartburn in the afternoon, cramping in the morning and evening, lower back ache..  grouchy, short tempered, emotional, and SUPER TIRED. 


I don't know how i'm going to function in a couple weeks..  i remember feeling this bad just before 5 weeks last time, and just before 6 weeks the time before that.. its like the symptoms come earlier every pregnancy..  my belly is also so bloated and i can't handle tight pants on it at all, so.. i look either fat or pregnant.

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Nauseous, dizzy, and bloated. Im super mucus-y (in my nose).

I had some implantation bleeding and cramping, but it has passed.
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Yesterday and today I've been super tired, but I think I'm also sick, have a sore throat and watery eyes.

Breasts are sore on and off, I was extremely bloated and gassy last week, had a little bout of acne and a little nausea, not too bad yet.

Also, not a symptom but a sign for me, my cat laid on my belly one night which is something he hasn't done since I was super early pg with my first.
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SUPER sore breasts, slight nausea and a little acne.  I was very bloated, but that has since gone away.  These boobies are killing me though!!!

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I dislike my nipples being touched... and I've decided it doesn't hurt more so than it annoys me.
I'm drinking water like a fish. I don't usually get thirsty during the day very often, and water is always my choice, but I'm drinking like 5 cups an hour opposed to 5 cups a day(MAYBE)
I have NO appetite. I haven't really eaten since Friday. Maybe a nibble here and there, but I feel full and nothing sounds appetizing. 
Tired, very tired, but can't sleep..ughhhh!

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My symptoms have lessened the past two days, which makes me worry, but: tiredness, restless body, insomnia, cramping, EMOTIONS, and really bad heartburn. The last one worries me because I have a suspected ulcer/other GI issues that I finally got into a specialist about--- but now all the invasive tests for it are put on hold cuz I got knocked up! My heartburn/sour stomach was really bad during both of my previous pregnancies, and that it's so bad already makes me worry. I'm already on high doses of zantac and prilosec and really don't want to add more drugs to my system.

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If I don't eat every 2-3 hours I get bad nausea.  I've been super tired, and cry easily, but that could be my grief too....

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Hungry/nauseous and nothing sounds good, get full after a couple bites. Watched last year's Dr Who Christmas special last night (netflix just got it) and cried. Heartburn in the evening and my licorice tablets went stale. Was napping every day but I got on iodine drops and have more energy now.

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nervous i don't have "enough" symptoms....if that even makes sense. 


i've been super tired and super hungry and feeling really HOT all the time. my hunger has chilled out in the past couple of days and now my boobs are sore. i've also had mild cramping, which i know is normal but freaks me out because i never normally get cramps so it's just an unnerving experience. no nausea yet, but i have pretty much completely lost my previously insatiable sweet tooth...this i don't mind...i like not craving sugar constantly for once!

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Today I have lower back pain, which makes me kind of worried but it seems to be pretty normal.  I think it may be a result of pushups and crunches this morning.  I am still trying to figure out how easy I should go on workouts, while at the same time not using this pregnancy as an excuse to not exercise.


Other than that, not many symptoms the last few days.  I know there is PLENTY of time for them to develop, but I can't help going back and forth between worrying (not enough symptoms!) and hoping (maybe I won't puke till 7 months this time??). 

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I almost threw up today. I had a cup of hot coco, and thought I was going to die :(.

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Originally Posted by alaskanmomma View Post

I almost threw up today. I had a cup of hot coco, and thought I was going to die :(.


Isn't it nice to think things will be safe, then discover that they really, really aren't


I had a meeting with a client first thing this morning and was running late so I didn't eat breakfast (disaster). As a therapist, I don't think it would have gone over well if I vomited in the garbage can while my client spoke.  

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I have such a belly today!!  that is a symptom right?  geesh.  i am not going to be able to hide this long!   Are everyone else's early symptoms on and off? i nearly always feel kind of tired and dizzy if i move too fast, a bit out of breath - but the digestive symptoms come and go  so much  - i'm only 4 weeks so i know in my head this is normal. 

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I am 4 weeks today and so far it hasn't been bad.  Like some other people, I'm nervous that I'm not having enough symptoms (but I'm sure in a couple weeks I will laugh at that).  So far I've had a ton of weird dreams (which is actually why I tested in the first place), horrible gas (I feel like I have to burp constantly), some moodiness/crying, and some slight abdominal cramping.  But, I'm only 4 weeks, so I'm sure more will come.  I have to fly to DC (we live in Kansas City) to see my mom in 3 weeks so I'm hoping it's not bad at that point- I would hate to be that person who throws up on the plane.  Besides, we really don't want to tell our families until we are at least 10 weeks, and it will be hard to hide from my mom if I'm sick the whole time we're there!

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Does anyone want to share how they deal with morning sickness? I had it minimally with DS1 (as long as I ate small snacks I was totally fine) but with DS2 it felt like I was on the longest boatride of my life in choppy/angry seas. I never threw-up (I rarely throw up no matter now nauseous I am so that could be why) but felt like I was going to 24/7 and was really "gaggy". This is what I did last time, but even with all that I still was basically incapacitated and would like to be more active and functional this time around if possible:


-seabands, worn 24/7

-protein shakes with no sugar, sipped on throughout the day

-food: tried to only eat protein so my blood sugar would be stable-- plain tofu, tofurkey slices, carrots and hummus and almonds, mostly

-ate when I first woke up, then waited 30 mins to get out of bed (my partner was crucial to this plan!)

-ginger chews


This time I had bought some homeopathic remedies-- both nux vomica and sepia as recommended by my doc. I also bought ginger capsules. What about you ladies?

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