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Coolest symptom yet... my hair has darkened from the strawberry blonde to which it had lightened to a gorgeous dark auburn!  It's falling out by the handful though, good thing I had crazy thick hair or I'd be bald soon!

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Still tiring very easily, need daily naps.  Nausea is mostly bearable with the Zofran, currently puking just one a day (in the middle of the night) but nothing substantial, mostly lilquid/phlegm.  Boobs have filled out this week (welcome change, lol) and are mildly sore.

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I'm backing to feeling human again these days!!


I have a strategy that works to manage my mornings without feeling sick and I'm even able to stay at work for the entire 8 hours at a time without whining and fidgeting and being overall unproductive.


Admittedly, it makes me a little nervous that I'm feeling so much better, but I'm enjoying being able to go out somewhere without drawing up a map of the bathrooms so much that I can't be that upset.

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I've really started having to pee alot!


Headaches started now too, with dizziness and blurred vision at times 


I will be meeting with my family doctor soon so I will ask her what to do about the puking since the pills dont really take it away, I was filling in at a baby group yesterday and apparently its common.


I got candied ginger, the taste is not good to me, but it does help for sure


No weight gain, but no weight loss. The only thing that doesnt come up is toast...how exciting



If i could have the baby tomorrow, I would...this pregnancy is rough!!crap.gif

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My DP just told me a friend of his SIL is as far along or near to me, shes taking diclectin and still severely sick, apparently her doctor told her thats common in multiple births, when there is still severe sickness with the pill



thanks DP uhoh3.gif


I dont believe thats completely true, talking to other moms it seems it still happens, i am still sick very often, physically throwing up over 5x a day, but my belly is not particularly bigger....my moms brothers were twins, my moms uncles were too.....who knows....soon ill know the truth!

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anyone else super constipated. :( ugh.. i think it is accounting for half of my nausea

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canadianhippie - I don't want to worry you unnecessarily, but headaches with blurred vision and dizziness could be serious.  It's one of the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy.  It also could just be regular old pregnancy headaches.  But if you have any abdominal pain with it get into the ER right away.

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I had some nausea and feeling overly full and hungry at the same time all evening every day until about a week ago. Only threw up one time, when I tried eating tomato soup for dinner 2.5 weeks back. Now I just get evening heartburn and am not all that hungry any time, I can eat anything for dinner that's mild enough (made turkey burgers tonight). I'm taking like 6-9 tums a day though, wish we weren't out of licorice tablets it works way better. Guess I'm officially 2nd trimester now, I feel mostly normal. It's kinda weird, besides the peeing and bloating and heartburn I wouldn't know I'm pregnant. We didn't pick up a heartbeat when I saw my midwife so sometimes when I feel completely normal I ask myself if I'm imagining this whole thing.

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7 weeks today. So exhausted, and I get so nauseous if I go too long without eating. I've been eating in the middle of the night when I get up to pee to try to fight morning sickness, but then I can't go back to sleep. I was already tired, so this insomnia is NOT helping. My food aversions are eggs and sweets, and I've been craving things like pickled okra and cheeseburgers. Mmm, cheeseburgers...

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My nausea continues to get more bearable-- but then I'll have a random day of all-day sickness. I'm also constipated! Didn't think that would happen so soon. My veins are also... bigger? And I already have a new spider vein mark on my leg :(. I got veinier with DS2 and I'm worried that it's going to be varicose vein city this time around.


gingernerdygirl that's so cool that your hair got darker. I wish that would happen to me.

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I'm finding that as long as I don't eat meat the nausea and vomiting are better. I'm 9.5 weeks and I'm starting to have hours that I feel human again. I went from puking 4-5 times a day with all day day nausea and gagging to 1-2 times a day with all day nausea to one or two days a week not even puking and a couple hours in the middle of the day where I hardly feel nauseous. The mornings and the evenings still suck, but even an hour where I don't feel sick is enough to get some actual work done at work, which is much needed.


I think I see the end of the morning sickness tunnel and it's a welcome sight.

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Week 8 was the worst so far. All day nausea and 0 energy. I upped my dose of B6 for a few days and then had three days in a row of no morning sickness. That might be unrelated and it's not a great tactic to single out one B vitamin during pregnancy so I backed off to just my prenatal multi again. Now I have nausea for half days. I only vomit if I try to eat something that has sugar in it. As long as I don't do that I'm not spending any extra time embracing the porcelain throne. I wasn't planning to eat sugar anyway so I guess this is just a good way to hold me to me word!


My snacks of choice this week are cucumber and lightly salted popcorn.

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I'm 7 weeks 5 days. My breasts are sore, I get twinges of pain in my uterus area from it growing, I'm sleepy, I have only mild nausea. That worries me actually. I'm very hungry too and strange cravings for meat. I was vegetarian (close to vegan) before pregnancy. This is my 4th pregnancy and I look like I'm 16 weeks, not almost 8. I worry about not being very sick, but I'm keeping optimistic and won't allow a single negative thought in my head. :)

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I'm feeling really great these days (sorry)


I'm 10 weeks and 5 days today and I am pretty much back to my pre-pregnancy level of energy, though I still go to bed earlier than I used to. I'm happy and healthy and don't need to dash to the bathroom to vomit from one end or the other any more (TMI, I'm sure).


I started getting a little worried that I was feeling so good after feeling so bad, but I heard that little heartbeat last night for the first time and I've been feeling pretty unstoppable since superhero.gif


Bring on the second trimester. I'm starting to love pregnancy

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Hey all,  I am 9 weeks with my first, and feeling more and more exhausted by the day.  I get a general unwell feeling (mild nausea if that) if I don't eat often, but other than that I only had one week of really bad nausea so far at 6-7 weeks.  I'm thankful for that, but worried about gaining too much weight - although I'm sure I am bloated too so it's hard to tell what is 'real'.

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I'm REALLY ready for the nausea to be over. Compared to a couple of weeks ago I am once again a human being-- but still have to be so careful about what goes in my mouth. Once this lifts, I am going to the local Indian buffet and pigging out like a champ.


My tiredness has gotten a little more intense just as the nausea is starting to lift. Odd! My other two pregnancies I was super tired early on, but it lifted as the first trimester wore on. I have (so far) had three incredibly different pregnancies!

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I am still soooooo exhausted! I am now 10 weeks 3 days and I can't wait for the second trimester. I have absolutely ZERO energy and fight to stay awake all day. I am also not sleeping well at night. I wake up every hour or so and I know I am dreaming like crazy, although I don't remember them. Of course, the 96 degree heat here in the Northeast isn't helping any with my energy level coolshine.gif

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Soooooo tired. I could hardly function today, but I had promised the boys a trip to the water park. Surprisingly I feel more alert now. Maybe getting in the water with my 10mo woke me up. :) It is in the upper 90s here.

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8w4d here, and I'm still on the downward slope into 1st tri misserableness.  Still not as bad as I was with DD1 before I found out about B6, but just tired and nauseaus all day long and having trouble swallowing anything.  We're currently on vacation with very limmited access to internet, which is why you haven't heard from me for a few days.  On one hand it's hard to enjoy myself right now, but on the other hand it's so nice to not have to do much and I don't have to worry about how non-productive I'm being.

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I just got a nosebleed, on a humid day no less. Weird. Guess my blood volume is expanding.

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