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Well I vomited at my office today, so it would appear that I have morning sickness. :\


Thus far I've just been eating mints when I feel sick, since it's usually brought on by smells and mint overpowers them. Pre-pregnancy I had the nose of a bloodhound, so now it's just madness. It's like I can taste everything with a scent... and since I take public transit (including a rather shaky ferry) every morning, it's going to be long couple of months. 


I've also noticed that it's worst when I go without eating, so I make a point of eating right away in the morning.

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ugh. my computer ate my post. 


For 'morning sickness'  - which is actually the worst for me in the morning right now, which is opposite of all of my other pregnancies.. previously, i would sip on coke or some other sugary drink, or suck on hard candies (sour apple flavor was best) .. mints have always made me gag during pregnancy, but i do brush my teeth more often than normal..  this time, i'm trying a completely different approach - i'm avoiding sugar as much as possible - i am snacking on nuts (almonds mostly, some other nuts and pumpkin/sunflower seeds), and hummus.  i don't know if this will really work, but it seems ok so far, and its not like cutting out refined sugar could hurt ..  (i cut it out in october so i should be able to stick with this)  i've also been eating a hand full of almonds before bed and first thing in the morning.. it seems to really help in the morning..  i wish they didn't make my teeth so gross or i'd eat them in the middle of the night too ..

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morning nausea here... which is different from both previous pregnancies, where I was sick all day (worst in the evenings) and the sickness didn't start until 6 weeks.. I've had morning nausea since 3.5 weeks! Definitely helps to stay "not too full, not too empty" and to eat protien.... I read an article about beans helping with morning sickness, so I plan to try that! I have been eating one bean/cheese quesadilla a day so far.



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Teles, good luck on the ferry every morning!

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The cravings have kicked in! Yesterday I wanted fried chicken and sour straws.
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I have cravings too!! And its for the worst food ever...I wanted a big mac yesterday and today I want the bread they serve from east side marios, I want to keep my weight down this pregnancy but the last thing my nauseous stomach wants is broccolli and salad 

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Interestingly I don't have many symptoms yet. I'm torn between feeling lucky/relieved and concerned. I am only 5 weeks along, and I don't recall symptoms starting until about 6 weeks last time. The only difference I have noticed is that my sweet tooth is GONE which is very strange for me. I usually need/crave chocolate every day, especially in the afternoon when I put my son down for his nap. But not any more. I also feel very minor cramping on occasion.  I just don't feel pregnant yet. I'm hoping that means everything is okay. I probably won't go in for my first appointment for at least two more weeks, so it's a bit of a waiting game. Has anyone else experienced this before?

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So far I've had heart palpitations, very stong heartbeat, queasy feeling, couple of dizzy spells, cramping, tiredness from doing the smallest of tasks, hungry and eating little and often, and feeling super hot!
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I think I'm about 5 weeks along, and all the symptoms are making sense to me now that I know I'm pregnant. I have been getting so out of breath over little things, which was making me feel so out of shape. My heart has been going crazy fast and irregular. I have been gagging while preparing supper in the evenings, and I keep falling asleep during the boys' naptime. 

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Choco mom, you reminded me of another one of my symptoms - my body heat has gone WAY up too! I'm usually a "cold" sleeper with a sheet and blanket, even in summer, but now I am really too hot to have much on me at all. 

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Choco mom, you reminded me of another one of my symptoms - my body heat has gone WAY up too! I'm usually a "cold" sleeper with a sheet and blanket, even in summer, but now I am really too hot to have much on me at all. 


Is that a symptom? I always used to love having the big fluffy duvet wrapped around me at night, but I've been waking up in a pool of uncomfortable sweat lately. I've also noticed that my skin is ridiculously oily these days (not to mention the acne), and my hair needs washing like twice each day.


Still waiting for that pregnancy "glow" I was promised ;)

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It's a symptom. I am so hot, and normally I run cold.
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This morning I started getting this weird pulling sensation right behind my navel. It doesn't hurt, it sort of just feels like someone's pulling in my belly button from the inside.


Is anyone else experiencing this (or have you in the past)?

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I am waiting to start feeling really sick.  I have general nausea in the morning and sometimes throughout the day, but usually I feel VERY sick in the evenings... I am super hot all the time too.... not good, I am taking DD1 to zoo camp this week and it is supposed to be between 95 and 101... YIKES.

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my nausea seems to be easing up? or more tolerable? still just in the mornings too... I will be 6 weeks Wednesday, and usually I feel much sicker by now. This has been a strange pregnancy symptom-wise so far. Usually the food aversions and slight nausea starts around 5 weeks and quickly builds up to all-day horrible nausea and fatigue by 6/7 weeks. This time the morning nausea started at 3.5 weeks and has been pretty mild and steady.


I am starting to worry a little that it isn't getting worse. :( I also still have a good bit of energy until the evenings.

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I just used my regular Jasons Red Clay facial mask and my face is brigh red and on fire. I look like I have a bad sunburn. Welcome to sensitive skin pregnancy number three.
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i am so incredibly tired. also a bit moody, i get a little light headed every once in a while and my nose is stuffy. luckily dh hasn't woken me up due to snoring yet. i've got a little morning sickness going on...not a fan, i have to say. i have family in town and i just have no energy to go out with the kids to do stuff with them, and we haven't told them we are expecting because we are waiting to find out if it's a healthy pregnancy before we tell the world...but my sister keeps saying, 'she just doesn't want to me seen in public with us'. as a joke of course but i want to scream "im pregnant and exhausted, give me a break!"

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I'm extremely exhausted.. and actually having morning sickness in the morning! 

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My symptoms started about 2-3 days past conception. My breasts are VERY sore and have gone up about a cup size. I am exhausted. No, exhausted is NOT strong enough a word. The exhausted is in the marrow of my bones. Rolling over or twisting causes a horrendous pulling/ripping sensation in my pelvic region - thank you relaxin. Nausea has hit with a vengeance the last two days. My nausea is worse from the last afternoon until I wake up in the morning.  I also have pregnancy induced insomnia. 
This is my 13th pregnancy, I've never had symptoms so strong in a pregnancy that didn't stick so I think this baby might just stick.

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Raised body temp is absolutely a symptom of mine - happened in my last pregnancy also.  Couple of weeks ago my husband started pushing me off him in bed saying my skin was on fire.. I couldn't tell any difference yet.  Now when I'm in the bed I feel like I am a radiator! I'm sleeping in my undies only and still kicking the sheets off.


Another symptom I had which has now stopped is cramping.


This morning I've felt my first bout of definite nausea.  Before bed I brushed my teeth and my gag reflex kicked in and I thought 'uh oh', then this morning I had some of my green smoothie (just a very small amount, way less than the cup I normally have before my proper breakfast) and I started to feel queasy.  I had a slice of toast and am trying to stay still... My morning sickness last time was horrible, and actually ALLDAY sickness.  It lasted up to about 15 or so weeks, and shortly after that is when I lost my son.  I'm really hoping the saying that 'each pregnancy is different' rings true, I could seriously do without all that vomiting, I lost about 25lbs last time!

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