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Jogging in June!

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For mamas who run, walk, jog, wog, traipse, hop, skip, jump, or aspire to do any of those things, we are the Dingoes. Join us here for inspiration, commiseration, support, entertainment and community. Share your training challenges, your race reports, and discuss anything and everything--just like having a super-supportive IRL running group!

We also like to discuss biking, swimming, climbing, team sports and the million other things that come up, some of which we do to run better, some of which we do when we can't run, and some of which we just do.

All are welcome!

It is commonly known that Dingoes are a blahblah.gif bunch, but don't be intimidated. We love new members and cherish (ahem) the old ones, too.


(and yes, I copied too!)

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I promise to try to do better about keeping up this month! redface.gif


5 weeks til the Iowa Games Triathlon, thinking I'm going to do a mud run next weekend, and maybe a 5K the weekend after that. biglaugh.gifMy husband has declared me to be an addicted lunatic.


Hope those who need healing find it soon. Hope those with plans have them proceed flawlessly. Hope those who need hugs/prayers/positive thoughts know that they are in thoughts (even if I'm not posting a lot).

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24 miles on the bike, with an iced coffee and riding partner's tears half way through (it's been 4 years since her husband drowned), with lots of feelings of guilt and inadequecy. Sigh. Seriously, her kids are doing great, due in large part because of her fantastic parenting and focusing on the important stuff, and not sweating the rest. I'm just so sad that she feels the judgment of other parents and has internalized it.

Her daughter was on my soccer team this year. Her kid was the only one on time with her stuff Every Single Time, and she came without mom escorting her. The girl road her own bike, leaving home with her stuff on time without a mom doing it for her. Her daughters are going to be more able adults because they've been taught responsibilty and to take care of themselves when reasonable.

Evidently she's getting judgement for letting her kids walk to school alone (around the block, no streets to be crossed, in a SAFE neighborhood) and she had her daughter *gasp* do her own project on the Amish without help from mom. Yes, she got told off by multiple moms for not doing enough because she didn't do her daughter's project for her.

Sometimes I wonder why I live in this community.

Running 5 tonight with whatever physical and emotional energy I might have left.
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Geo ugh - give her our thumbs up that she's doing fantastic!


Warrior Dash, done! It. Was. AWESOME!  I had so much fun.  I just wish I'd followed my heart and went out as fast as I wanted... Once I cut loose and took off it was a blast. The obstacles were hard enough to be a challenge, but not so hard as to be impossible.  Lots and lots of fun. And Rock House? Stunning!

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Geo - wow to those judgy parents. eyesroll.gif But I am so glad she has you as a friend so that the perspectives can realign. And yep, she gets a big thumbs up from me - sounds like her kids are doing right by themselves, and her, and vise versa.

Plady and MelW - birthday.gif
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Geo ~ Yikes!  Your town sounds way too much like mine.  The judgement about letting kids walk or bike to school.  The parental "help" with projects.  Yup, all here too.  Your riding partner sounds like a wonderful person though.


Things gradually are returning to normal and I think I've found a fix for my workouts. The school has a 1/3 mile track with a playground right in the middle of it!  We all ride over (1 mile), I run/walk around the track for 30 minutes while the kids play, and then we all ride home.  I want to work that in about 3x a week, probably right after we get home from swimteam practice before it gets too hot.

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Geo--We do fish oil, though maybe we should do it at a higher level than we are currently. I will ask about bone density. What you're saying mirrors my own concerns. I'm wondering about magnesium levels too. This is a kid who has growing pains every time she has a growth spurt. Hmmm. Glad your son's bones took the fall without an issue! I suspect your son's issue is more common than not, yk? And also, goodvibes.gif for your friend. That's so hard. And kudos on your bike ride.

tjsmama--sounds like a great party. Hope work is nice and calm tonight.

JayGee--I would with a 10 and 8yo. Can't really wrap my head around 3 kids, so the 6yo is your call. :P

bec--nicely done on the budget!

Plady--what an interesting dream. I hope it's a very good sign of something.

DM--that sounds like a very busy schedule. I'm always tempted to do that come summer, when there's so much good stuff going on. Have fun!


NRR: Happy to report that R made it through the three "danger zone" days without swelling or any problems from the cast. And she did get to play in the hot springs too. The old town hot springs are right across from our hotel, and there's a pipe that runs under the road and then dumps into the Yampa River (right behind our motel--I'm listening to it rush by as I type this!). This morning, they discovered that there were some warm pools before all that water joined the river and played in those. This afternoon we went back down and I sat in the river for a little bit (close enough to an ice bath) and then we went to the hot springs across the street. We put her arm in a newspaper sleeve with a rubber band on top, and she could dangle her legs in the hot springs pool, sit on the steps of the cold pool, and best of all, do the water slides at the little kid splash and wading pool. I held her hand when she went down so she wouldn't lose her balance, but they were small enough she could be in the water and not worry too much about getting her cast wet. I think she spent a good half hour just going down the octopus slide and one other slide there. Meanwhile, J swam with DH in the hot pools. That child has no fear. It's terrifying, especially when she wants out of the pool and you think she's going to stand on the edge for a minute and she just takes off for another part of the pool. faint.gif Usually I'd jump out after her, but suffice it to say that I was moving like an 82yo this afternoon.

I see late summer/fall swim lessons on the horizon for that one. R was supposed to do lessons this summer (we thought we'd go the private lesson route), but that's on hold for a bit.

RR: Ouch. And ow. And ouch. This hurt way more than my first marathon. It's probably something to do with the fact that I ran it considerably faster and that there was nearly 1000 feet of elevation gain, and 2000 feet of elevation loss. I'll do a full race report later and just stats for now: Chip time; 4:12:03 (official 4:12:13). Placed 9/23 in the F35-39 division, 39/127 women, and 107/276 overall. Winning time in our division was 3:38:41; the person who won the marathon finished in 2:50, which tells me this is a rough course. The downhill was awesome but mostly at the beginning. I hit the halfway point in 1:55:58, but the hills on the second half of the course were killing me. I managed to hold a sub-10 pace until mile 18, but it was ugly after that (and for that matter, I'm surprised I held it that long because there was a 2-mile uphill stretch from miles 14-16 and 16-18 hurt). Anyhow, more later. J is still thrashing and trying to roll herself out of the motel bed.
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Real, that is pretty darn amazing. Wow. And yes, on the tough course, with elites coming in at 2:50. Whoa. Rest well. And I am so sorry about the new break. That just sucks. But again, here is a mom who cares enough to consider it might be more than just simple bad luck, and you're looking for a solution. I hope it's something relatively simply and not hard to deal with.


Geo, your friend sounds like a pretty amazing woman who's doing her damnedest. I felt similar pangs of judgment when ds had his science fair in Dubai. Yes, I did police him, but my not doing it for him resulted in the work taking 2-3 times as long, and the end result looking very...undesigned. So what? He really, really understood the circuit concepts by the end of the thing, so it was IMO a success. And as for letting the kids walk, I applaud her and hope more of us can bring some sanity back to our kids and communities. And I am sure she is also lonely and it's just very hard some days.


I got out for 4 miles early this AM, but all walking. I just went out to enjoy myself and be alone a while. It was nice. Spent the day at my parents', for my nephew's HS graduation. Had a nice time and managed to not eat all the crap that was available, so that was good. Tomorrow, hope to get up and go out for a short run before taking the kids up to a small amusement park with Gma and cousins. Then, I don't know if y'all have heard winky.gif but WI has a recall, so I am going back to the folks' to vote Tuesday (my man needs my vote). Little brother needs a little help with his kids (almost 2yo and a baby, and both have already warmed right up to me!) later this week, so I'm in demand and feeling useful.


House has been great. We love the kitty and it's homey and nice. I am so fortunate.

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Hi mamas, happy June.


Real, sounds like you rocked your race, elevation and hills be darned. So impressed! bow.gif


BBM, Warrior Dingo Goofy Mama! Wow! 


Had a nice day yesterday. Started off with a 12.5 miler in the early morning, then did the charity walk/run with the kids. My oldest dd walked the 5K, and I ran/walked the one miler with the little ones and then we walked back along the 5K course to meet up with dd1. Went to the park later also. I feel asleep by 9 I think. redface.gif


Dd1 has requested a new style of bra that 'hides her headlights.' She's 11 1/2 and has been wearing sports bras with an undershirt but still feels rather exposed. Are there lined bras for little girls? I wouldn't even know how to size this, it's not like she has a 'real' cup size yet. She detests being dragged around shopping trying on stuff in stores (and gets very embarrassed) so I am going to have to bring things home and have her try here. Ideas?

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Groan. DD made the club soccer team. There goes my free time and low miles on the car.

C did at least finally take up my offer to swap kids for a bit each week this summer. She's a school OT who specializes in handwriting, and she has a lot of experience with oral sensory issues and eating. I will tutor her kid math, she'll tutor DD handwriting/eating.

Nice run last night with the last of my energy.

DS moved up to the 1/4 size violin yesterday. He sounds so much better. 1/8 should really be outlawed.
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: dingo race list



Dmitrizmom - Ogden Fun Days BeHere 5K - June 16, 2012

Mel38 - Charleston Sprint Tri Series #2 - June 17, 2012

tjsmama - Loveland Lake to Lake Triathlon - June 23, 2012

realrellim - Run for Independence 5M - June 30, 2012

realrellim - Middle Park Half Marathon - July 7, 2012

Dmitrizmom - Iowa Games Triathlon - July 8, 2012

bec -  Racine Half Ironman - July 15, 2012

tjsmama - Courage Classic Bike Tour - July 21-23, 2012

Mel38 - Charleston Sprint Tri Series #4 - July 29, 2012

tjsmama - Mudathlon, August 11, 2012

Nickarolaberry - Providence (RI) Rock n Roll Half - August 19, 2012

tjsmama -USAT Age Group Nationals, August 18, 2012

realrellim - Summit Assault (5 mi), September, 2012

tjsmama -Rock n Roll Denver 1/2 Marathon, September 22, 2012

doctorjen - Twin Cities Marathon - October 7, 2012

mel38 - Marine Corps Marathon - October 28, 2012

tjsmama - New York City Marathon - November 4, 2012



Can you add the following to the Dingo race list for me:



Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.

We also have a private location map. Send a PM to eksmom to get info
and join up.

Why are we called the Dingos?
See this post

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run.gif2012 Dingo Race Results partytime.gif


realrellim - Yeti Chase 10K - January 28, 2012 - 53:24 (PR!)

realrellim - Ralston Creek Half Marathon - February 12, 2012 - 2:00:43

mommajb - 10k - March 17, 2012 - 59:??

doctorjen - Diva Dash 5k - March 25, 2012 - 24:55

Mel38 - Cooper River Bridge Run 10k - March 31, 2012 - 1:03:29 (PR)

realrellim - Redline 13.1 Westminster - April 7, 2012 - 1:57:56

bec - Reach out and Run 5k - April 21, 2012 - 42-ish (with 6yo DD!)

doctorjen - Rock the Parkway half marathon - April 14, 2012 - 1:56:49 (PR!)

Mel38 - TryCharleston Sprint triathlon - April 21, 2012 - 1:30:38

tjsmama - Cherry Creek Sneak 10 Miler - April 29, 2012 - 1:41:39

Mel38 - Hell Hole Swamp Gator Run 10k - May 5, 2012 - 1:02:45 (PR!)

bec - Indy Mini Half Marathon - May 5, 2012 - 2:47:22

realrellim - Miles for Moms 5k - May 5, 2012 - 25:12

Mel38 - Charleston Sprint Tri Series #1 - May 20, 2012 - 1:29:35

Nickarolaberry - Rubin Run Half Marathon - May 12, 2012 - 2:06:11

MelW - Gutbuster 12.5km - May 27, 2012 - 1:45:15

tjsmama - Boulder Bolder 10k - May 27, 2012 - 1:01:30

realrellim - Boulder Bolder 10k - May 27, 2012 - 1:01:29

realrellim - Steamboat Marathon - June 3, 2012 - 4:12:13

Dmitrizmom - MudRun - June 9, 2012 - 50:23.3

Mel38 - A.L.S. Hope 5k - June 9, 2012 - 26:41 (PR!)


2010 Results

2011 Results

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

1/8 should really be outlawed.

Yeah, a lot of the smaller sizes lack good tone quality. We've gotten ours from Shar Music through their national rental program and they're decent. Not great, but better than a lot of what I've heard.

ETA: Runner's World Motivational Poster of the Week.

In my case, it would be more like 30 seconds/mile faster. lol.gif (Already thinking that a flatter course might do it for me. Denver R&R 2013 maybe? I'd think Phoenix, except that I don't want to support Arizona with my $$ right now.)
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Dd1 has requested a new style of bra that 'hides her headlights.' She's 11 1/2 and has been wearing sports bras with an undershirt but still feels rather exposed. Are there lined bras for little girls? I wouldn't even know how to size this, it's not like she has a 'real' cup size yet. She detests being dragged around shopping trying on stuff in stores (and gets very embarrassed) so I am going to have to bring things home and have her try here. Ideas?

I think I have seen what look like lined demi-cup style bras for little girls in the Target or Kohls ads.

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Real - Now those are the problems to have, right?  Great race! 


Geo - I'm so mad for your friend!  What a bunch of petty b!tches to pressure her about any parenting choices!  It sounds to me like she's doing an amazing job.

 biglaugh.gifon the violin.  That reminds me that I've been meaning to investigate lessons for Ali G, now I'll also hope she doesn't have to start at the 1/8!


Nic - I was shopping for bras for dd a while back and was pretty startled by all the padded bras they were selling.  Until just now I thought it was some crass attempt to sexy up young girls, but I guess when thinking about how perky some of those stages of development can be they may make sense after all.  I don't think you'll have any trouble finding some if you're willing to consider them.


Jo - So glad the house is working out!  So, you've come to terms with cats' pantslessness? mischievous.gif  Enjoy being an Aunty!


BBM - That sounds like a great time!  I made the coconut cake for my b'day from the cookbook you sent (which I'm really enjoying, I can very much relate to much of her perspective) and it was yummy!  Thank you!

Dmzmom - Addicted lunatic!  Like that's a bad thing!  smile.gif


RR: Yeah um no.


NRR: Had a nice (if not overwhlemingly festive) birthday.  Dd1 offered to babysit so dh and I could go see Men in Black 3 which I really did want to see but had resigned myself to waiting for it on Netflix since I didn't think dh would be at all interested and the kids seem a little too young.  But he actually really enjoyed it, as did I, sometimes you just need a big goofy summer movie fix right?  Then dh made a big dinner including my fave, bacon wrapped cheese stuffed jalapeños.  Mmmm.  All in all it was nice day.

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Plady ~ glad you had a nice birthday smile.gif


Nic ~ I think I've seen some bras with padding at Target.  Might those work?


Geo ~ the kid swap sounds like a good use of your respective skill sets.


Jooj ~ glad you are doing well back here in the states


Real ~ great race!  I am seriously in awe of anyone who can run a marathon, never mind one as fast as you did.  Nice work.


RR ~ nada, yet again....


NRR ~ woke up kids at 6:30 for the first day of swim team practice.  Both DS and DD1 did great!  DD1 is a natural swimmer.  She's built for swimming and just glides effortlessly through the water.  She was seriously smoking fast in the pool.  DS got moved up a lane to swim with some faster kids and the head coach pulled him aside for some 1 on 1 coaching with his freestyle.  Both were tired, but happy when it was done.  BUT, DD2 was miserable!  Two hours of sitting on the pool deck had her reduced to tears of misery, in spite of a bag with craft supplies, books, and snacks.  All she kept saying was, "I want to swim too!" but she can't do a full lap of freestyle yet, so she doesn't meet the requirements.  It's going to be a LONG seven weeks of swim practice.


And, I'm a little perturbed about some stuff that has been going on with one of my closest friends.  Since last summer, we've pretty much talked daily, gotten together frequently with our kids, walked 2-3x a week, met for Pilates class a couple of times a week, etc.  I consider her to be my closest friend here in IL.  Around the end of April, she stopped calling me.  Stopped chatting with me at school pick up.  Left right after Pilates class instead of walking with me like we had done for months beforehand.  Her whole manner when we did talk was rather stand-offish and aloof.  Now the only thing I can think of is that my DD1 and her DD are best friends and were taking semi-private swim lessons together.  I was pleased with the lessons, but she wasn't and complained a lot about the instructor.  I actually liked the instructor and my DD did really well, so I said so.  But honestly, it's really hurtful to be blown off by someone I consider a friend.  I know I should approach her and say, hey, what's going on here?  Did I do something to offend you?  But that's hard to do.  And I've been ditched by WAY too many good friends in my life (literally, a dozen if not more), that I almost don't want to know.  Still, I'm sad.  And a little lonely.  And it was uncomfortable at swim practice this morning when she barely said a word and then chatted with a bunch of other people.  Ugh.

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Hi. wave.gif It feels like it has been so long since I've posted here. We had a local move and while I was never w/o interent it wasn't always readily available and I got out of the habit of checking in reguarly. We gave up living at the beach for more living space and privacy. None of my children love the beach so I am the only one that misses it. They don't like the sun, sand, wind, or waves so that pretty much covers it. eyesroll.gif We now have so much space it feels gluttonous but I will say we fill it with bodies and books but are able to keep it clean. It may be the right level but I wish we could live with less. They do love and use the back yard and I can hang out my laundry so... whatever. Life moves on.
More updates: we are 90% sure we are homeschooling the three younger ones in the fall. Having BTDT I am approaching it with excitement tempered by realism and concern that it really is the best decision. Dd2 is the only one I am truly waffling on. Well, her and the thought that I like quiet and order. orngtongue.gif It is AP grading time again so DH is leaving shortly, The older two started summer school today, the little girls will be out of school next week, and I have not been running at all and feel terrible about it. Perhaps soon I will feel bad enough to do something about it.

Plady, I hope it was a great birthday. I love my sticker. birthday.gif
nic, another vote for target but I think if she wants this she needs to face up to shopping and go along. Seriously, there are too many options and she needs to try them on.
real, clap.gif
geo, not the same but I love our keyboard as it never needs tuning like our old piano did.
jo, enjoy home.
jayygee, I hope it is something you can work out, especially if you will be seeing a lot of each other. greensad.gif

sparkle, did you get my pm? I included my cell number. I think Torrey Pines or the tide pools at Cabrillo could be fun if schedules and tides agree. Or we could hang out here, I think we live on the same side of town as the climbing center. Let me know.
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Thanks mamas. I did find one at Target that seems to work. She's wearing it now for a while to make sure it's comfortable for more than 5 minutes. 


A (former) nursling funny: Ds, this morning as he's getting dressed and I'm holding him: <puts his hands on my chest for his regularly scheduled feelup eyesroll.gif> "Mommy, I miss squishing your boobies whenever I want. I don't need the milk anymore but I like the way they squish."




(Me: "Those are private now, buddy." Ds: <sighs deeply>. "That's too bad."

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