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JayGee - I'm sorry your friend isn't being more mature.  I say take a deep breath and ask.  It can't make things worse than they are.  I feel your pain though. I've begun questioning seriously my desirabilty as a friend.  I have basically no friends, lots of acquaintances.  But I keep telling myself, which would I rather be...popular but not true to my values and beliefs, or true to my values and beliefs and lonely.  I truly believe in standing up for myself and my children and if that's too hard for someone, well I guess that's just the way it is.  I don't believe in being a jerk about it and have never been rude or inappropriate, but I will as compassionately as possible state my view.  That part doesn't fit your situation and is more of my own baggage.  But I guess what I'm saying is, if this is someone you genuinely cared for and you feel hurt by the distance, then you owe it to yourself and the friendship to ask.  If she does a dance and doesn't answer, you still have your answer.  Hugs mama.


Still waiting for warrior pictures to come online.  I'm curious to see what they got.  

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Hi from a newbie...I just did a search for "jogging" in the forum and found this thread.

Quick bit about me...from the US but live in Austria. Just gave birth to my first last June. I ran regularly before I was pregnant and then was ordered to stop at about 2 months (placenta problems). I tried to pick it up again 2 months after the c-section (breech) but gave up after the next surgery (mastitis abscess). 2 weeks ago I saw an advert for an upcoming 5k and the running bug bit me hard. I went out the next day with low expectations but was much faster and felt much stronger than I ever imagined I could after so much time off. Hoping to get out 2 times before work during the week and at least once on weekends now.

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Welcome Danube! Wow, you've been through the ringer in the last couple of years. Take it slow and have a blast with your race!

RR: my legs staged a protest last night after Sundatpy's bike+run. We walked the route instead. I extracted a promise from my legs to run tonight.

It looks like DD is the only 5th grader on her U10 team. At least she's excited about the one rising 4th grader she knows. Her best friend still hasn't worked up the guts to tell her friends she's tranfering next year. DD will be crushed. At some point,
I think I'll just have to tell her.

Anyone who's dealt with bullying on either end might enjoy reading Wonder by
Palacio together. It's very well written, and includes every single aspect of bullying that DD experienced this year as a result of being different.

The Venus transit looks like it will be clouded out. OH sucks for astro buffs.

LOL Nic.
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Welcome, Danube!


Ok, stupid question...what does 'rising 4th grader' mean? Does that mean the child WILL be in 4th grade next year, or just finished 4th grade? You'd think as an educator I would know this but I can't get my brain around it.


Having full scale anxiety attacks and they are keeping me up at night. Sigh. One step forward, one step sideways, one step back. Some dance I'm doing.


Great 7 miles this morning -- 1.5 mile warmup to meet my running group ladies (almost missed them! ran shouting and waving down the street lol.gif), 4 miles with them at a conversational pace, 1 mile tempo after we split off, and .5 cooldown. It's a lovely cool morning. 


Have to go have my annual today. Bleh. On the up side, I'm going to a CNM even though I am well past needing a midwife. I figure for well-woman care, I'd rather start there and if I need something more medical she'll let me know and I'll do that. 


Good day mamas!

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Rising = grade in the fall.

3 more days of school. I have a lot of grading to do, but a paper just got kicked back to me the third time for stupid stuff, as if the journal doesn't have a copy editor. I'm working hard to stay polite with the editor. I do wonder if he's got anything better to do. So,I'll spend my day doing copy editing to do the work the most journals have software for. I guess I don't need to publish there anymore. Plenty of fish in the sea, and some cope with copy editors and scientific editors that focus on the science. Grrrrrr.
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Good morning everyone!


Thanks for the new thread Dmitrizmom. Wow, you have a ton of stuff on schedule - sounds great! Let me know if you want the other stuff added to the race list.


Welcome danube! And your plan of 3x per week sounds great.


Nick, Ha! Your DS's comment is so funny. Write that down for future embarrassment opportunities.



JG: I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I hate that kind of thing. Even if you did ask her (which I probably would, the curiosity would just eat me up), there's a chance that she might be so averse to any kind of confrontation that she would not be honest with you. It's too bad to lose her friendship, but maybe she is just not able to handle things like differences of opinion. Could she be carrying a chip on her shoulder since you didn't agree with her on the swim coach? That's pretty thin skin...


Also, I like your plan to get your workout in at the track with all the kids. thumb.gif


BBM, Warrior Dash sounds like lots of fun!


Geo, I agree with you completely about the school project issue, and just the whole concept of letting kids have responsibility for things in their life. What an excellent mom she sounds like! Kudos to her, and just pinktongue.gif to all the mean-spirited people out there criticizing her.


And that book sounds incredible. I just teared up reading the reviews on Amazon. Perfect for my DD.


RR: Great weekend! 28 mile bike ride over all of our area bridges (lots of "hills") and nice group of people. Then Sunday, my 11 miler, which turned into a 12.7 miler, was also excellent.

Since then, though, nothing. Monday was a total wash-out of hours at the computer followed by a heated argument with my 16 yo DD. It just totally depresses me to hear the kids bicker at each other as they are wont to do in the first days of their summer break. I basically blamed her for setting a poor example. So, I feel like an ass. Talk about poor examples greensad.gif

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Left ankle and right hip were complaining loudly during the run this morning. Now as I sit at my desk it's settled in my left knee and I have my feet propped up on 2 diaper packages I've been meaning to take home. Guess that means more stretching. Otherwise, beautiful moring run along the (you guessed it) Danube.

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Danube - that sounds like a lovely place to run. I hope your hip and knee feel better. Sounds like some kind of imbalance (I have the same issue myself, caused by SI joint dysfunction).

Geo - thank you for the book recommendation. I will pick it up at the library if it is available. As for your DD playing U10, when is her birthday? My friend's son has a July birthday and always plays a year down from his grade level peers. My DS will be playing U11 this year, but he is turning 11 (eek!) in October.

Nic - hope your annual went well

RR - biked with the kids over to the school, did C25K week 1 day 2 on the track, biked home. Yay me!

NRR - well, my friend was normal yesterday, and even offered to bring my kids to her house after swim team today so I can go to Pillates. She is under a lot of stress because her DH is in Afghanistan for a year, so maybe her aloofness is more related to that. Whatever.... After Day 2 of swim team practice and soccer camp, my kids collapsed into bed an hour earlier than usual. I crashed at 8:30 too, but woke up at 4:00 eyesroll.gif. Oh well, at least I am getting a litttle quiet time ThI s morning.
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DD has an August birthday, one of 3 in her grade (out of 120) born in the last two months before the kindergarten start cutoff. Probability would give you that there should be 20 of them. So she turns 10 in two more months.

Venus got clouded out last night, and RP canceled because she the football coach's lawyer for his benefits and the football coach wanted something redone. Dude, let your lawyer keep her priorities straight.

And gee, wouldn't you like to have your own lawyer to negotiate your health benefits and retirement plan.

2 more days school. I had the kids write thank you notes. DD misspelled the name of her spelling/reading IS. lol.gif
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Oh JayGee, wish I could tell you it doesn't matter about the friend stuff, but I know how it is to not have a single good one, and that's just not a good way to be. I hope things settle back out for the long haul. And that all goes well for her dh. That's a scary place.


Geo, my congrats and also a sympathetic pat on the back about the soccer team. I hope it goes great. And that dd takes the friend news well. Those are hard changes sometimes.


And Mel38, that bickering makes me crazy too. Of course, my ds is not a poor example, but dd just...needs more self-restraint. Sigh. It makes me tired. When we're tired, we grasp at things we might otherwise have left alone. 


Welcome, Danube! Maybe some ice, too.


bbm, I got an invite for an adventure run nearby, later this month...but thinking it might be a little more excitement and challenge than I can handle. Which is too bad, because it looks fun.


Nic, you are great, and that is all. It comes together, and one day the sick anxiety will lift away and you will not believe how amazing you feel.


I'm having coffee and sulking over my candidate's loss yesterday. I just wish that full majority of the people of this state understood the potential long-term implications of starving public programming to fund tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. Sigh. And also wish they understood that their decision now paves the way for more of the same in other states. Makes me feel like we are giving up of the civil part of society. I live in a place without income tax, where everything is privatized and the super-rich are left to their devices and I can tell you, it is my personal vision of hell. I want everyone to have to live in a place like Dubai for a year without enough money before making a decision like this one. soapbox.gif Totally off topic and not even marginally appropriate, and I apologize for any offense. This pains me deeply.


Getting ready for a run by myself this morning. Then my sister is bringing over a couple of kids and I am taking them walking to the park, then playing at the park, then more walking. I am losing my balance a little, need some solitude. Have begun paying ds for staying alone with his sister (she doesn't know he gets money, but she does know he is in charge). He now sends me off with a "take your time, Mom." I better live it up before he discovers how cheap Mom is. My little brother needs some help with his babies over the next few days, so we will be doing early mornings with him (sleeping over) on workdays. He has an almost 2 and a 7mo, and getting out the door on time for work is a challenge, so he asks for help. This is the baby I hadn't met. I got to feed him at the graduation over the weekend. Amazing how they just understand that we're family. No weirdness or freakouts. 


OK. This mama needs a run and a half hour of yoga afterward...

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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post


I'm having coffee and sulking over my candidate's loss yesterday. I just wish that full majority of the people of this state understood the potential long-term implications of starving public programming to fund tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations. Sigh. And also wish they understood that their decision now paves the way for more of the same in other states. Makes me feel like we are giving up of the civil part of society. I live in a place without income tax, where everything is privatized and the super-rich are left to their devices and I can tell you, it is my personal vision of hell. I want everyone to have to live in a place like Dubai for a year without enough money before making a decision like this one. soapbox.gif Totally off topic and not even marginally appropriate, and I apologize for any offense. This pains me deeply.


I assume you are in WI?  I was just crushed last night.


I have started jogging again after over a year off.  I have been going for short (3m) walk/jogs, but still trying to push myself.  Not looking for super long distance running, but I would like to get back up to 3-5 miles, at least 3x per week.


I did pull a muscle in on the outside of my left hip that is still bothering me 5 days later, so I have been just walking.  Hoping it feels better tomorrow!



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Did you all see this article about a future Dingo?


Quiet day here in Dingoland. I hope everyone's out enjoying themselves.

Tomorrow is the last day of school. I'm going through all the stuff they brought home. I'm once again impressed by the quality of the creative aspects of their educations. That's everything from art to creative writing. It's fascinating to now compare the K to 4th grade curricula, where you can see how they've built uo some of these skills. If you can look past the spelling and mechanics, DD is an amazingly good writer. She's got some fantastically creative pieces.
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Finally signed up for half marathon in November, and registered for marathon relay in October.  So I'm officially in training and I love it!

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Hi all!


Jo, right there with you mama. On all of it.


Lisa, way to go signing up for a race. I also just signed up for the Providence (RI) Rock n Roll Half Marathon on August 19th (that can be added to the race list), since I bagged my half last weekend. I'm going to run it with one of my dearest college friends who now lives in the Boston area. We're going to do a girl's weekend. love.gif  I think with that on the schedule, if I do a full marathon it will be closer to the end of 2012/beginning of 2013, unless I decide to do Philly. I'm thinking either disney again (with Paige...HomeBirthMommy) or possibly Miami. Heck, I might as well go south for some beachy sunshine weather in the dead of winter. Maybe. It all depends on everything, I guess...(I know that's cryptic but you know what I mean).


One more week of school for the kids. I also have a lot of obligations the next couple weeks -- graduations, dinners. So, guess what? The scholarship dinner for the school where I'll be working is in a couple weeks...and the speaker is.....MAYIM BIALIK!!!! I am going to meet her. I am SO excited. 


RR: 7 tempo miles this morning in the fog. My athsma is really bothering me at the end of the days, but in the early morning it seems ok. I don't know why this is but I guess I'll take it, running wise. I tell you -- if I didn't have running, I would seriously go insane. If I didn't have the Dingoes, I would long ago have turned into a shriveled raisin of a person. So. Thanks. luxlove.gif

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Whew, finally catching up on things in June. Race list and results are up!


Real, what are your upcoming races in Oct/Nov? I can put those in there, too.

Nick, I got the RnR Providence in there. (How cool that you get to meet Mayim B? She is so neat.)


Any missing results?

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Nic - so glad you aren't a raisin luxlove.gif


Jo - I had to laugh at your comments because I completely get where you are coming from politically and that is how I came home to Canada feeling after our year of living in NJ lol.gif


Geo - glad the school year is done!


The cafe is going well. Great atmosphere, smells amazing all day long, nice people, I am moving all day long which is good. I am up and down stairs all day, walking, carrying things, mopping, reaching for things - I figure I get a decent workout the 4 or 5 days I work there every week. The weather was beautiful yesterday so I took an extra half hour on my way home and walked home along the beach. My feet were killing me but walking barefoot in the sand and the edge of the water for the first time this year helped. I need to remember to do that as much as possible this month before the tourists come and take over. I am not getting a lot of business with my other part time ventures but do have some slow but steady work which helps a lot too. My concern right now is the realization that when I put it all together I am easily working 40 hours a week now but still relied on to do everything at home I have always done. I get a ton done by waking up at 5 every morning (not by choice, I just wake up then) and cleaning, tidying, baking, meal prepping for dinner, organizing. Two of my kids are teens and so stay up late so the days are very long. The kids get off school at the end of the month and we'll see if things ease a little then. I am not sure how to handle all of this, especially the underlying dynamics of what is the root of all this. I am so tired. That said, after I get supper ready for tonight I am going to take some time, even if it just 20 minutes, to play my flute. I think my hand has healed enough and I miss it too much.

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Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
 And also wish they understood that their decision now paves the way for more of the same in other states.

So true, unfortunately. Let's hope that this also has the effect of mobilizing the other side, right?

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Hey Mamas,

WI - So many bitter thoughts rolling around in my head today. 


Shanti - I am so glad that you're finding good value in your work.  I'm not surprised that no one has picked up any slack at home, who would?  Kids are kids and dh is dh.  But nonetheless it sounds like a step in the right direction for you.


June's Mom - Welcome!


RR: I've been trying to keep up the activity this week despite the hiatus in boxing classes.  Yesterday Ali G helped time my rounds while I banged on the heavy bag at the gym.  I figure if I try make it a habit while it's quiet in that room eventually I'll get bold enough to just go whenever I want to.


NRR: I've been in a funk for a while, everything was bothering me, everything seemed overwhelming, hopeless, pointless, tragic. I felt like I was totally disconnected from everyone important to me and couldn't see any way to reestablish normalcy.  Finally it hit me yesterday while I was sitting in the theatre (normally my happy place) fighting back tears because the 4th graders' were rehearsing their prepackaged end-of-year song medley that I've been depressed.  Every so often this has happened in my life, I take this long slow spiral down into despair without realizing how bad I feel until something triggers the recognition.  And then I usually feel better almost immediately.  I'm not sure it's instant healing today but I do feel a lot less awful than I had been and when I told dh how I was feeling we had a nice long talk and tried to come up with solutions to some things that weren't so amorphous (or like Wisconsin) and one thing we've decided is to take the kids on a road trip to Yellowstone this summer.  We'll just camp along the way and see whatever sights there are to see and then spend about a week between Yellowstone and Grand Teton NPs.  Anyone want to come out and meet up there?  I know it's hardly local to anyone but I'd be thrilled to add a Dingo encounter to the adventure.

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I posted this in fb, but here it is:  Good lord, a group of 9 year old kids just ran me into the ground. 4 miles low 8 mm pace, 7 100s fast, 800 cool down. I should sleep well tonight.  Granted I don't know what the pace was, but I did 3.5 the day before at 8:55 and this felt A LOT faster.

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