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Hello ladies! It's been a while since I've posted. Welcome, Monday!


Thanks, jrsmom, for hosting this month! Like you, my schedule is too nutty to really chart, so I keep track of CM and use OPKs. That combination seems to work for me.


wp135, I hope your timing worked out! Maybe this is your month for a BFP.


letileon, so sorry to hear about your challenges. Hopefully, the tests are just slow to pick up the BFP. Not knowing what is going on with your body can be so frustrating.


Sorry to hear about AF, livingsky. Let's hope your body is just gearing up!


AFM: Last month, AF lasted an unprecedented eight days. This month, here and gone in three. I'm not complaining! Now I'm on CD6, just waiting to O and crossing my fingers that my LP will be long enough this month. Each month, it's been getting one day longer (from 7, then 8, then 9 days). I'm hoping that we stay the course and a 10 day LP will do the trick!


You can update me to waiting to O, DD 21 months, 4PPAF. Thanks!


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Hi, I am new to the forum. Hoping I can join you all.
I am in my 2WW and 8DPO with the flu. So far I have had a rise in smell, bad lower back pain, little cramps started yesterday and a little bit this morning.

I tested this morning as soon as I woke up and got a BFN, I am thinking its to early to test. I have a 34 day cycle and AF is due in 5 days.
Oh and I am also breastfeeding my 17 month old.

Can't wait to get to know you all and wishing you the best of luck on your TTC journey.
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I'm so excited!  I usually O around day 21 and I just had my first +OPK and ovulation pains on day 17!  I was really worried that I'd ovulate late since DS has been nursing like crazy and I'm pretty sure he's getting his 12mo molars right now.  My best friend is going through IF treatments and it looks like our O dates line up exactlly this month!  I have always wanted to be pregnant with a close friend, hopefully things work out!

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My best friend and I randomly got pregnant within a week of each other (both surprise babies!). It was great having someone who was just as pregnant as I was. Then we both had our sons on the same day!! (Strangely enough she and I are born on the same day too)

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Welcome Jas87! 


Congrats on the early O wp135.  Good luck to you and your friend this month!  That would be really be something!

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So I joining in here. I am TTC#3 at 33 years old, and tandem nursing a 4yr and a 22mth boys. My cycle is 40days long, nut sure what is was before with other time ttc. We are on our 5 cycle of trying. The last two cycles and this one I have had spotting starting on day 12 for 2 day and the O on day 28, this is with 2 weeks of EWCM. Then the spotting starts on day 10DPO, until AF on day 40. Anyone else get this spotting like this? I'm taking vitex, could this cause the spotting? I've never spotted like this before, could it just be age?

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I'd like to join this group in the waiting to be ready section.  I am nursing/pumping for a 14mo old boy.  I have a dr. appt July 3rd to discuss painful BD.  I have not gotten my cycled back yet.  I'm hoping to start trying around the end of July and We hope to catch the first PP egg.  We dealt with unexplained infertility last time and are hoping to get pregs the natural way this time.

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Sorry I've been MIA for so long.


I'm coming off of 2 cycles that I suspect were anovulatory, but I think I (finally) may have ovulated. Nursing became painful promptly on CD15, after a couple days of kind-of watery CM. So, I'm not 100% sure I'm in the TWW, but it's possible (and I hope I am! I'm ready for my cycle to get back to normal!) 


Can you move me to 2WW, 8 PPAF, 8mo TTC, DS 17mo? Thanks!

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Welcome/welcome back everybody!  I'll get everyone updated as soon as possible.


I'm 5dpo today and had a touch of spotting.  REALLY crossing my fingers that it could be from implantation since spotting is extremely unusual for me.  Even though I know it's ridiculous I'll probably start testing with my cheap strips at 7dpo.  What?  I've gotten positives at 9dpo a couple of times before. 

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Welcome, Jas87, stretch358 and umma79! May your stay here be short.


Good news, wp135! That's a big (and promising) jump. Maybe this is your month!


Sounds promising, jrsmom! Crossing fingers for you!


AFM: Nothing new to report. CD9, will start OPKs tomorrow and hope for O a little earlier in my cycle this month. 

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Welcome!  And good job on tandem nursing so long!  I've been nursing babies for 7 1/2 years straight and counting (between 4 kids).  I guess I tandemed that long once but once I got pregnant with my 4th the oldest nursling gave up (at 3 1/2 yo.) 


Age alone would not be a good enough reason for spotting.  You're only 33!  At 39 I resent that!  (lol!)  And I don't have any experience with vitex so I'm no help.


Would you like me to add you to the list on page 1?  If so, where?

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Thanks, please add me on.

6months ttc, 5 PPAF, DS 22months and DS 4, waiting to ovulate.

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Hi all,


Welcome to Umma79 and Stretch358


CD14 here, some EWM today but definetely no O yet.  It's been a bad few weeks for me in terms of sleep.  DS has been transitioned to a toddler bed as he was climbing out of his crib.  He's also got a cold and is just not sleeping well, so neither is mamma.  I think this is going to delay O, and am also thinking it's hopefully why I had such a short luteal phase last cycle (8 days-ish). Poor sleep is an ongoing issue in our household.


I went to my naturopath yesterday and he is going to send me to get my hormones checked as he is pretty sure they are all out of sorts (he decided this after checking me with the biofeedback machine before I even told him anything about my cycles). He thinks my progesterone is probably quite low but in the meantime I've been given some supps to take that should boost it a bit (its a bunch of B vitamins).  Anyway, hopefully it is just DSs sleep issues which are causing my sleep issues which are the real problem.  DH and I wanted to start TTC next cycle, but he made the point about me having to keep up my own progesterone for the first 12 weeks after conceiving and now I'm paranoid that if I do conceive I'm more likely to have a  miscarriage if my progesterone isn't up to snuff.  I'd rather hold off another month or two than deal with that, but I am really wanting to start TTC (and in fact have had to work very hard not to pull the goalie early this cycle).


What else should I be doing?  Cutting back on, getting more of?  My main vice is coffee.  I should probably cut back but not sleeping is not helping me do that (I do avoid it after 11am or so though, and don't drink pop or caffinated beverages other than coffee, except once in a blue moon).  My other vice is red wine.  I love having a glass after DS is in bed while DH and I catch up on our day.  I feel like the real issue though, is DS's sleep affecting mine.  The naturopath saw him yesterday as well and we are going to do a food sensitivity test to see if this is what is affecting DS's immune system (he has swollen lymphnoids all the time and often gets colds) which is what the ND thinks is causing his poor sleep).


Does anyone have any advice, experience, thoughts?  confused.gif I'm feeling  a bit bummed out.

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AF arrived on Sunday, so I'm back to waiting to O (CD5)


I planned to start charting temps this cycle, but we've had Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease here for the past week. DS1 was really ill over the weekend with it and then DS2 has been ill for the last few days, so getting even an hour in bed at a time is doing good. As a result I haven't been able to take my bbt yet.


Hopefully we'll start getting back to normal by the end of this week and I can get back to figuring out what exactly is happening with my cycles.

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Hi, I'm new here. I'm ttc#2. My daughter is 23 months, night-weaned since March smile.gif, currently nursing 2-3 times/day and I finally feel ready for another baby. I'm not charting, but vaguely aware of when I might be ovulating and trying to ttc during that time. My cycles aren't always regular and I've had early miscarriages in the past, so I'm hoping that we have a smooth ride this time!


I'm in the 2WW, and not sure when to test if AF doesn't arrive...I'm expecting it around June 23rd (at the earliest) and June 30th (at the latest). So I'm thinking I'll test on June 23rd if I can't wait any longer, or if I have a feeling. Or I might just wait until June 30. Sometimes I'd rather nature says no, rather than a HPT.


Can you add me to the 2ww, dd23m

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Welcome SandyLoam.  Our DC are the same age and my DS also nurses 2-3 times per day.  I hope you have a short stay!

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Hi everyone!


Letileon - how cool with the birthdays! 


I'm back in the run for this month. We didn't try hard at all to ttc since the last miscarriage a few months ago (but still tried) and am starting to believe that I may not be able to get pregnant unless I wean dd (IF that's the problem, maybe there is another). Although she is 2.5 and would surely be fine without nursing, I'm not going to wean her 'just to see'. I may still not get pregnant anyway and would regret weaning her just for this reason. She has only been nursing at night for the past 3 months or so (maybe more). I don't even know where's the problem, I seem to be ovulating early (around day 10 ), my cycles are usually 24 days with a once in a while exception of 28 days (and a later ovulation). This month has to be the last month I'm going to pay attention to my cycle (this time I bought OPKs). If it doesn't happen I'm moving on....for now. I have to, in order to keep my sanity. :)


And baby dust to everyone!!! 

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Wow! I feel like this thread just exploded!! Hello to all new people and welcome back to those of you returning. May you all have short stays!


Sooooo....this (early) morning I had a weird, vivid dream that I got a positive test. I hadn't tested in about a week so I figured I might as well. My period hasn't arrived but I chalked that up to a weird 2nd ppaf cycle. I took my test, washed my face, looked at it and concluded it was negative...but a minute later...it wasn't negative. And the three other tests I took were all...not negative. This all led me to the conclusion that I'm pregnant!! I got three BFP's on internet cheapies and one FRER! Totally positive, not even squinters!! I'm guessing I'm 4 weeks based on when we've BD'd. Wow, I was totally convinced that it was going to be months based on this "long cycle" I was having. I'm super surprised.


I feel really weird telling my story since it's so early. Of course, I'm nervous about a non-sticky bean.....but I guess all you can do is smile, take your prenatal and hope! Don't move me to success stories yet (I would actually have gotten pregnant in May)....I'm superstitious! Good luck to all you ladies. The TTC part is hard, it's been really nice to have you all to vent to.

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Congratulations Letileon!  I find it so amazing that our bodies tell us things through dreams.


Welcome to all the newbies as well!


I'm at 4DPO although I think it might be 5.  My positive OPK was the same day as O pains so I'm counting from that day, FF is counting from the next day.  It was my first OPK this cycle and the next day it was negative.  Any who...

I'm patiently waiting, just scarffed down a bag of chips and had some horrible lower back pain yesterday that felt similar to labour.  I think our timing was alright this time around, but only time will tell!


I've decided to start night weaning next week.  We had started the process about a month ago and things improved so much very quickly that we were happy with one or two quick nips each night.  Things regressed though and I'm starting to resent the night nursing and I really don't want to have it hanging over me while TTC.  Once the end of June comes I'll be home with DS for two months and I'm just not up to nursing around the clock anymore.  I'm also seriously considering letting DS stay with my parents for a night so that DH and I can have a night to ourselves and sleep more than a few consecutive hours with a baby between us.  I wouldn't send him though if he's dependant on nursing to fall asleep.


All that just to say please move me to TWW, and DS is 13mo.

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Wow, Letilion!  Congratulations!!!  So exciting!


Welcome everyone new!  I'll get the front page updated sometime tomorrow.  I just got home from work and have a crazy day tomorrow. So it will be tomorrow night.  Even though it's super early (8dpo) I plan to test in the morning.  I have these 10miu tests that I don't like so I may as well use them up. 

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