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Originally Posted by jr'smom View Post


While you can get progesterone cream without a prescription, it would be a good idea to have someone guide you in dosage and how long to use it.


I got mine without a prescription but had talked with my (naturally oriented) doctor who recommended it and he had me using a different amount of cream during different parts of my cycle.  I don't remember the specifics.


I know what you mean about realizing what you want.  It was just two months ago that a similar experience happened to me.  Then DH and I agreed we would TTC in a couple months.  Well within days I could tell I was ovulating and by then I was eager to try right away!  Now it's just coming up on the time we were going to start TTC and I'm already bummed I'm not already pregnant.  That's why I hang out on here.  I can't share my craziness with people in real life!  lol!

Thanks jr's mom!  Maybe I can talk to my naturopath about it at my follow-up appointment.  My MD, no way.  I had to fight to get the requisition from her to get the progesterone test in the first place (it was my naturopath that wanted it ordered).  She essentially implied that naturopaths are witch doctors.  dizzy.gif


This was the final straw with her (don't get me started on her breastfeeding advice!!) and I am looking for a new MD.  Trouble is, they are hard to come by where I live!  I have an interview with my sister's doctor in July and am hopeful she'll be more open minded about a complementary approach to healthcare (naturopathic, "modern medicine", acupunture, chiropractic, etc. all have a place in my books).

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Aunt Flo arrived for a visit today - a couple days earlier than I expected, so I had a 26-day cycle this time. That's unusual for me. Usually my cycle is 28+ days.


I ordered a 20-pack of OPKs to try using this next cycle - I've never used them before and am looking forward to trying them out. I also ordered a BBT - I'll see if I can get my head around charting.


I'm pretty disappointed but not really surprised, but I did think of a positive! Since I live in a cold climate, if I got a BFP during the next few months (as opposed to now) the later spring/summer birthdate would make for much warmer weather for birthday parties.


Can you move me to Waiting to Ovulate? And sending good thoughts out to everyone.....hoping some of you in the TWW get some exciting news soon!

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Hi all -


I'm in the 2WW and trying to not obsess. We were actually NOT trying to conceive for a couple more months but I just started charting things recently and got a little confused and, well, it turns out maybe we have conceived ???! But I don't know! I just feel lots of little symptoms but I've only had one cycle so far since I'm still nursing so then I tell myself maybe I'm just not used to these monthly fluctuations. Now, of course, I really really really want to know. I had (what maybe was?) implantation spotting this Tuesday (8 days post when I think I O'd) and have POAS two days in a row but no results. I'm still nursing my 16-mo DS but my breastmilk has really taken a dip the past week or so and he's been waking up more at night because of that.




Anyways, happy to join you ladies here!


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BFP!  I really wasn't expecting it either!  I've been crampy and bloated for the past couple of days so I was expecting AF on schedule today.  This morning I checked my cervix and it was high and very hard, when AF arrives it's super low and open so I tested with an internet cheapie and it had a faint line; I did a blue dye test and it's very faint too.  I'm still very crampy so I don't know what the deal is with that, hopefully I'm not about to miscarry.  I'll let you know when I want to be moved to success stories.

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Congrats wp135!!! Happy healthy 9 months to you!! belly.gif

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Thanks!  My cramping has pretty much disappeared and I'm pretty bloated.  As long as that's a sign of a sticky baby I'm happy!


I'm wondering if my thoughts of not having anymore kids is a bit of nursing aversion and my body trying to tell me something.  DS hasn't been nursing much lately and as much as I'm pushing the night weaning (which is going well) I don't want him to wean completely.


My friend got a BFP after a 4 rounds of clomid too so we're pretty excited!

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Congrats!!!!! That is so exciting wp135! Happy healthy 9 months!!!!!
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Congratualtions WP135!!


Does anyone have more than one day of positive OPK's??  I have never had this but Im on day 2 of positive OPK.  Does this mean my body is still trying to O? 


I think I had O pains for 3 days too, (ending yesterday) I'm not comepltely sure they were but I cant explain the twinges in one side with any other explanation.  I'm really hoping I O'd yesterday as we;ve been BD every day for 5 days.  If I havent O'd yet it means half of that wouldnt count!!  I have loads of wet cm today and yesterday.  Have also fed DS a LOT for the last two days as he has neded it.  Im thinking this has caused my hormones to prevent O :( 


Anyone ever had 2-3 positive OPK days in a row and then got a BFP that cycle???



Looking for inspration and hope!



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I can't remember where I read it but after you get one positive OPK I was told to stop testing and that ovulation would occur within 24 hours.  Have you tried poas.com?  There is lots of information there on HPTs and OPKs.


Thanks ladies!  I guess I can be moved to success stories!  Hopefully I'll see some of you in the March 2013 DDC!


Thanks for the support, it was great having people to obsess with and to learn from.  Good luck to all of you!  I'll probably drop in once and while to see how you are all doing!

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I so hope I can join you in the march 2013 club! 


My opk line has finally disappeared.  I did some research and answered varied but im feelig a bit more confident now as I think I must have O'd today like I first thought I would when I first saw the positive opk (cm is still a bit of ew but a bit whitish so am guessing it is transitional and drying up)  I have no way of knowing if I actually did O as I dont temp (keep meaning to but co-sleeping/teething/etc keeps getting in the way).  Cervix was SO high earlier then went down/hard but was open and now is way back up again and medium hardness.  I hope all this cervix examining isn't wiping sperm away:/  I hope they are all too far inside by now.  Will bd again tonight and once tomorrow night then will prob have a break as we've been at it every day.  I know this is supposed to lower sperm count but when DS was conceived we dtd every day and often two or three times a day around O. 


So from tomorrow I guess I'm in the tWo WeEk wAiT. 

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Woohoo, wp135!!!  Congratulations!   joy.gif


How about you, letileon... ready to go to success stories yet? 


Bummer, SandyLoam.  Better luck next month!


Welcome outerspacemama and sweetokb!


Good luck, Monday!



I think I'm all caught up with updates.  Please PM me if you can host July's thread.  It is easy, but I won't be home mid to end of July and it's too difficult to do it on my iphone.  shine.gif

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Yeah! Go ahead and switch me to success stories. I thought I would be in the May category but looks like it happened this month. Thanks!!

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Wow! Congratulations, wp135! Here's to a great nine months!


So much happening in this thread! I need to catch up.


Monday, I usually have two days of positive OPKs.


Just a quick update for me: I'm not sure if I O'd or what. If I did, it was CD19, wich is much earlier than it has been, and timing would be good. I had EWCM, but my OPK was a bit of a question mark. So, I guess move me to the 2WW.

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Congrats wp135 and letileon! Hooray!


I'm here on CD 29. My last 2 cycles were probably anovulatory, but I *think* I ovulated on CD14ish this time around, so that put me at 14-15DPO right now... if AF doesn't show up today, I'm testing tomorrow morning. Probably.


WHY am I so hesitant to POAS?? I think it's mostly the disappointment, combined with being cheap and knowing I only have one test in the house. :) I figure, I can test NOW, or I can wait a couple days and know for sure (when AF shows up). In the meantime, I stay hopeful.

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Congrats wp135! Wow this board is getting some good success lately.


Welcome to the new members...hopefully your stay will be short:)

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My body is doing things I dont understand again. I wish I hadnt bothered with opk's because after finally getting negative yesterday, this morning was blaring strong pos again and this eve was almost positive too.  I thought I o'd yesterday but also this morning had ABUNDANT egg white cm :/ after last night starting to dry up..  By this afternoon it had started to turn lotiony and was more difficult to bd this eve.   Well I have bd'd Wednesday, thurs, fri, sat, sun (twice) and mon and I hope it covers all o possibilities  Going to take another opk in a bit and hopefully it will be negative (never wanted to see anegativetest so much)..  Imbeginning to worry i have pcos as doesnt that involve lots of LH surges??

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CD 30, 16 DPO, no AF... I finally tested- and got a strong BFP! joy.gif


This TTC journey has been longer than I anticipated, but I'm glad I could continue DS's nursing relationship through it (He's 18 months today!)


Thanks for y'all's support through it all! It's been a great week for this group! 

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Congrats to WP135 and HopefulJo!!!  thumb.gif


I'm hanging out on CD26...waiting for AF and hoping to make it to the CD29 since I think I o'd on CD15...I was really moody and emotional last night.  A sure sign of AF for me, usually, so we'll see if she makes an arrival today or not.  Either that or I was just in a foul mood for no good reason.  lol. 

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Hi I'd like to join you ladies please :)

We're ttc baby #3 and I'm still nursing my 24 month old. I'm on cycle 5 and just got a + opk on Friday. Please put me in the 2ww......I have a good feeling about this month!

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Yay!!!  Congratulations HopefulJo!!!  joy.gif


Welcome Cormama!  Good luck! 

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