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Since I'm a carseat safety lover, I'm interested in what you all are using for your baby's first carseat!


The new babe will get DS's Britax Diplomat. Since DS fit in it fine at 1 week old, we're hoping this babe will too. If not, I'll borrow an infant seat that my little niece recently stopped using. I would generally never accept a used carseat but we know this one is safe and no where near expired. smile.gif Nothing like getting free baby equipment from a trusted source!


We ordered DS this Radian RXT to replace his Diplomat and I can't wait for it to come! I love the Spring pattern and was very happy when DS pointed and said he wanted that one over the rest of the colors! orngbiggrin.gif


When I think about it, carseats are the ONE thing we really spend $ on and always buy new. Everything else our babies get is used, borrowed, or inexpensive. Plus buying the convertible seats means we spend less money overall! DS's new Radian will rear face until 45 lbs and then can be used as a forward facing booster. 


Wow, please tell me someone else out there is excited about carseats too! shy.gif

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We have a Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat. DD has been in a Britax Marathon since we switched her into a convertible. Both are very well rated for safety.

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J is still in her Safe-n-Sound (britax) ComPaq Deluxe which was the best one available here when she was born. We'll probably get the same again for this babe unless there is something better available now. I haven't looked yet though.
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tiphat.gif Carseat nut here too!


Our oldest started out in a Britax Marathon (2006). #2 started out in a Britax bucket (2008), then moved up to a Recaro Convertible. When I was expecting #3, I had some serious re-puzzling to do in our Subaru Outback. #1 & 2 ended up in Radian XLT's and baby was in a bucket (2010). Now #3 is in the Recaro.


For this new baby I will be getting a bucket again. When the baby outgrows the bucket and if the Recaro isn't expired, I'll put the baby in the Recaro and I'll buy DS2 a Radian. If the Recaro is expired by then (though it shouldn't be, I'll be buying two Radians for my two youngest.


The Radians are sooooooooooooooooooo heavy, but the advantages of how narrow they are and how long you can use them totally trump the weight.

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We're going with the Cybex Aton for a bucket, then will likely move to a Britax when we move on from the bucket.

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We have a Chicco Keyfit 30 that we used for my son that we'll use again. I just checked the expiration date and we have a few more years to use it, so we're set!

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My oldest is getting a new radian, his sister is getting his radian, and the baby is getting her graco myride. We can't afford a new car so this is what will fit in our backseat.
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I haven't done a lot of research, but I am considering the Graco Snugride 35. It is highly rated by Consumer Reports and I like that you can use it up to 35 pounds. Does anyone have experience with this model?

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Originally Posted by babychak View Post

I haven't done a lot of research, but I am considering the Graco Snugride 35. It is highly rated by Consumer Reports and I like that you can use it up to 35 pounds. Does anyone have experience with this model?

I was thinking about this one too.  With both dds we had a britax bucket seat.  We went to the baby store a few weeks ago and I actually like the snugride better- the 35 better than the 30.  I like the handle design and the way it feels carrying it.  Of course I know the safety ratings are excellent.  So I think I'm going to go with the snugride 35- not sure what style though- there are too many to choose from.

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In the Parenting section of MDC there's an area called Family Safety. They've got the real carseat experts in there if you have questions. Also, a good FB group I found is "Support For Parents With Children in Extended Rearfacing Carseats". Long name but very helpful group. 

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The things I've read about the Graco 35 snugride is that although it goes up to 35# the baby might outgrow the height limit before that.

The height limit is 32".  My 15 month old is 32" as of yesterday at 26#.  Granted he's tall for his age but not off the charts.

The AAP now recommends rear facing to 2 year old, so you may still need to buy a rear facing bigger seat anyways.


We've thought about getting that, we have the original snugride now which I think goes up to 22#/27" but I think my son outgrew the height before weight...

and he was a BIG baby (10.5# at birth)...we outgrew that by 6 months.


Do note that carrying a 35# baby in a bucket seat would be very heavy....my son was about 20# when he outgrew it and I had callouses on my hands from carrying it.

Obviously it's much easier than lifting a sleeping baby out of a convertible and into a carrier or shopping cart or whatever.


We have a Britax Decathlon which is RFing to 33# and can use from birth, but we'll start with the original snugride since we already have it and upgrade.

I just bought the Radian XT for my infant now, 15 months as he's in the Decathlon currently. 

I might get another one for the new baby so they can RF as long as possible.  I think that goes to 40 or 45#?

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I currently have a Britax Frontier 85 for my 3 yr old nephew, so once my kid is old enough/big enough/etc for that, it will be moved on up. In the meanwhile we're going to get a Chicco Keyfit 30 and hope our kid isn't so tall it outgrows the rearfacing capabilities of the seat before it can move up to the Britax.


I also just bought a new car JUST for the carseat to fit properly! (okay, I lie, my old car died and we needed a new one anyway so we kept the seat in mind ;)  )

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Is Babies R Us a good place to buy carseats?  Do they do the carseat fittings?  I haven't had to shop for one of them in years!  

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I find babies r us to be expensive IMO.  We bought one carseat from them, and we paid too much for it.  They didn't do a fitting for us. 

I have found great deals online, but you do have to do your research since you can't see them in person.

If you need help trying to figure out what would fit in your car, try the car seat forum on here or I think it's carseatsafety.org

There's a big one that is super helpful.

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For this babe, we'll reuse our Graco Safeseat 35 that is still within use. I like a bucket with a newborn even though we rarely use a stroller. When it outgrows it will buy a new Radian so we can rearface forever. I love those things.


We have been rear-ended twice in the last two years meaning that our carseats were replaced for free by insurance. So, our carseats always look beautiful. DD (almost 3) is in the new Radian rear-facing (cupholder! cupholder!) which we love. I love it compared to a the Graco one. So much more comfortable for rear-facing.  DS (5) has a Graco Nautilus that we like but we replaced it with the new Britax because the weight/height limits are higher and I want him in a five point harness for a long time still.


*** warning****

The last time I went to reuse a car seat we couldn't get the straps to tighten properly and it had to be replaced. Sometimes they just get old/unusable while in storage. So just be aware that it doesn't always work and have a backup plan.

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We are borrowing a bucket/newborn seat from a friend (trusted source, not expired, no accidents) for the first 6 months or so. I just did research yesterday and have been liking the recommendations on Lucie's List (and her blog where she went to a baby expo), based on that I added two to the registry (need to fine tune it still just brainstorming)  -  RECARO Proride Convertible and Maxi-Cosi Pria 70 Convertible Car Seat  both are highly rated for side impact and follow more stringent regulations like the EU regs.

I may be sticking my husband on the task of doing more research and making the final choice lol... oh and carseatsafety.org doesn't exist - could you be talking about http://www.car-safety.org/ ?

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For all of you experienced moms - what are your opinions/experiences with an all-in-one, convertible and infant/bucket seats? I'm all confused about which direction to go. I really hate to purchase more car seats than I need... have you found that the bucket was useful? I know some people say it is helpful if the baby is sleeping, but I've heard plenty of moms say that they really didn't find them that useful. The most compelling thing for me right now is that having a winter baby, we can bundle him/her up in the house then bring the whole seat out... Also, we may try to install a car seat in a bike trailer and having two bases - one in the car and one in the bike trailer would be convenient. But otherwise, I'm leaning towards a convertible or all in one. I like the idea of only buying one or maybe 2 car seats during this child's life. DH had a good point about AIO though, he said would a car seat even last that long? 8-10 years? Good point!


Can you remove the fabric and wash it?



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What is an all in one car seat?

Not all convertibles can handle newborns, they don't all recline enough.

Check the weight and specs on the ones you are interested in.


I really like the infant bucket seat.  We have used one with our last 3 and am reusing one again for this baby.

Once they outgrow it, which for us is around 6 months max (due to height) the baby will move to a convertible (I have a britax I'll give to the new baby and upgrade my bigger baby/toddler by that point to the Radian).

My other 2 had Graco Nautilus which have a 5pt harness for maybe up to 65#?  and also turns into a backless booster.

They also have in my husband's car 2 britax (a regent and a decathlon FFing).


So we use infant bucket - then convertible RFing - then larger 5pt harness car seat which converts to booster.


3 car seats for 6-8+ years?  Not bad IMO.  I'm a fanatic about car seats, if there was a way I could get my gets in car seat RFIng to 50 or 60# I'd do it.

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Originally Posted by leafylady View Post

Is Babies R Us a good place to buy carseats?  Do they do the carseat fittings?  I haven't had to shop for one of them in years!  


Go to AlbeeBaby.com. They are AWESOME, always have sales, and shipping is free on any order over $100. Score!

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If you are buying a Chicco Keyfit 30, Albeebaby.com has a code for 15% off that you can use or if you live near a Buy Buy Baby you can you the Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupons on Chicco which brings the seat down to $155.

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