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Has anyone used Hypnobabies with your birth? I'm interested in it, and just would like some real feedback on it! Thank you :)

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Hypnobabies is amazing! I recommend it to everyone. It doesn't work out the same for everyone, but I do think it helps everyone in some way, especially if you start earlier in the pregnancy and do it every day. I have memories of sleeping SO well during my pregnancy after listening to the tracks. My birth was awesome too. Hypnobabies visualizations really helped me especially while pushing.

Don't have time now to type out a long response, but you'll probably enjoy reading these birth stories: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hypnobabies-Birth-Stories/181761669460?ref=ts
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Re: At what point can I start to use training pants?

Subbing interested too

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I'd suggest searching because there are many, many threads.


Yes, I find it helpful. It helped me be really peacful during pregnancy. And during my short and very intense labor I didn't panic at ALL that I was alone and/or had an unplanned, unassisted birth. It was not, at all, pain free but I didn't really expect it to be.

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Hypnobabies was awesome for me in a couple of ways. First, it really helped me rid of all my fears and anxieties during my pregnancy. I slept great listening to the tracks and relaxing. And it is so key to rid of fears and anxieties! I used it for my second birth; for my first, I didn't prepare hardly at all, and felt that I had made a mistake. After laboring about 10 hrs at the birth center and in horrible pain, I requested a transfer to the hospital for an epidural, and at the moment, would have consented to a csection, but thankfully my midwife remained my provider, and once I had the epidural, I was okay. DS was posterior, and all I heard about after that was how hard it is to birth a posterior baby. So, I did everything in my power to avoid that the second time around (spinningbabies.com, chiro). So, in short, I started out with a lot of anxiety, and hypnobabies was awesome. I was convinced I would have the fast and easy birth I wanted. As part of the program, you visualize your birth. Well, mine turned out almost exactly like I had visualized it -- to the detail of it happening on a particular day in the week, with ample time to prepare for care for my DS1 (water broke in the am), but once contractions kicked in, it was 3h15min until baby was in my arms.


All of that said, it only worked for me during the birth up to a point. I'm not sure how far into it that was, but I remember thinking, "oh sh*t, this is the same thing I felt last time. I made a mistake. I want an epidural." And then, I stopped thinking, went inward, moaned and then roared, and then the baby was there. The relief when he came out was incredible. So yeah, it "worked" as a pain coping mechanism only up to a point, and then it stopped working, but I was prepared with other "techniques" and the birth was pretty awesome (not pain free by any means).


I totally recommend it -- even if it only gets you through the first part of the birth and pregnancy, it's totally worth it, and who knows, maybe it will work as a pain free method for you. :)

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I've used it three times and will be doing so again. 

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I am so excited to try the Hypnobabies at home program with this pregnancy! I have had 2 previous hospital births (not my choice) and I really want a home water birth this time. I am hoping that Hypnobabies will allow me to have the birth of my dreams :)

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