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what do you buy on amazon?

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What are some good deals that you get on food or paper goods or other household stuff on amazon?
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I don't get food on Amazon, mainly because they don't take EBT benefits.  I have ordered dog treats (wheat free, chicken free - expensive store treats) that are much less $$ on amazon with out a problem.  I know people on here get laundry detergent etc.

I mainly use amazon for electronics/ video games for DS, holiday shopping, other 'stuff' we need but I won't get at a store since amazon is sales tax free for this area and I get free shipping.  I also love the free streaming!

I also know the amazon mom program offers discounts for diapers and kiddie stuff.  The buy more/save more, frequent shipping program is also good. AND you can cancel at anytime and still get the cheaper price!

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I get cheeses during cooler months (shipping is attrocious for it in the summer), castile soap, herbal mouthwash, specialty foods/Keats. We live in a very rural area in a very conservative state, so I get a lot of rice, etc. where here, we are stuck with white or brown... I like wild, purple, red, etc. Generally bulk items, as well... the nearest bulk store is a Sam's club an hour and a half away. I've always had REALLLY good experiences with ordering foods on amazon. We got a fresh rabbit once and the shipping company left it in a warehouse over the weekend YUCK! But the seller refunded the entire amount, no questions asked. I also get some electronics and other supplies. Again, good experiences. And books, of course. We have four devices with kindle and we use them for often.
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Coconut oil, maple syrup, gluten free flour mix.  I haven't shopped for much, but sometimes there are some really great prices.

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everything! Cloth diapers, coffee, toothpaste, laundry powder, gifts for others. Anything that I otherwise might go to a Target/Walmart type of store for, or even a specialty website. Always the best prices and free shipping.

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Seventh Generation diapers

organic beef jerky

all of the books I need for school

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Anything I want that's "American". We live in Europe and there are some things I just like better/are cheaper through Amazon than in local stores. I am using Amazon less than when we lived in Japan though--crazy expensive over there

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We don't buy paper goods/TP on there (but I should look into it and price compare) but we do buy food in bulk from there.


Bobs Red Mill GF oats

Bobs Red Mill GF flours

ThinkThin GF protein bars (we're not trying to lose weight. we get them bc they're excellent protein and taste good)

Berrys Farm guar gum


Bobs Red Mill ground flax seed mill

GrainBrain light buckwheat flour


I think that's it. It's cheaper to buy these things in bulk (for us) than in person.

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Nature Babycare diapers. We cloth diaper most of the time, but I have these for back up. I get these through their Subscribe and Save program and there is an addition % off from the Amazon Moms program. I get a case every few months. My other Subscribe and Save items are:


Preserve Toothbrushes

Seventh Generation Dishsoap

Scotchbrite Natural Fiber sponges

Biokleen Oxygen Bleach

Kiss My Face Shampoo


I used to get Seventh Generation wipes via Subscribe and Save, but I've moved to using cloth wipes 99.9% of the time. I don't find the cloth diaper prices on that site to be competitive for what I use.

Sometimes Subscribe and Save saves you a lot of money, but it can also cost you more than what you would pay in a regular store. I don't get toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, or tissues on Amazon because it is less expensive at my local stores.


I also use Amazon for videos, books, toys and occasionally clothing.

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Tons of stuff actually, a lot of natural household goods. Our local Whole Foods is actually pretty competitive with a case discount of 10% but if amazon drops below that or our local store stops carrying what we need I'd rather get it shipped in bulk. We always buy unscented and it can be tricky to track down that version or the 4x version of 7th gen laundry soap we need.

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