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Our DD used to have purple/redish circles under her eyes.

We cut out all dairy and they did go away.

After 1.5 yrs off dairy we have added a bit of cheese and a bit of yogurt back into her diet and she is doing fine with it.

We give her almond milk when she has milk, like for cereal.


Good luck.

Cutting out dairy was hard at first, because she ate it all. the. time.

But after a couple of weeks it got much easier and se got used to eating other things. Found out she LOVED cubed avocado. It is soft and creamy.

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colsxjack    thanks for sharing! That helps support this process. I Am glad to know you had the same situation and cutting out dairy fixed it. I know he ate too much yogurt so it is nice to have confirmation to try a different approach.

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I wonder if that's the problem for my DD, too.  I've also always had the feeling that she had some low-key allergy or intolerance.  She was on Alimentum as a baby, but it didn't seem to help that much.  She had the purple under-eye rings from 6 - 11 months or so, skin problem, too, but seemed to grow out of it.  She didn't grow out of very troubled sleep, though.  We did lactose free for a while with no response.  So we started doing dairy-free with her a few weeks ago, and, unfortunately :), it seems to be working.  We're doing coconut milk, almond milk, more avocado and nuts than before...but still searching for better snacks, too.  I miss cheese....

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newmamalizzy- my natropath said it is specifically the cassein not the lactose that bothers my ds. for what it is worth. I think sometimes their little guts are ust too immature to handle it, so giving them even a few months off of it is a good idea to help their bodies catch up. I find that for te last 2 days I Am actually feeding ds better foods due to not fallling back on yogurt and milk. He was never into cheese but he had yogurt every day.

For two days in a row he has really enjoyed canned refired beans mixed wih rice and a little salt.

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Glad you guys posted your stories. DS (21m) just started having diaper rash issues, the doc suggested stopping cow's milk from his diet. We have been using lactose free milk. We've seen an improvement, but he seems to still have some problems. I really hope he doesn't have dairy issues. He loves cheese, yogurt and milk.


Any more suggestions for non-diary foods/snacks?

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