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2 year olds & sleep: Help!!!

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We have twins irls that just turned 2 years in May.  They had been in 2 sperate cribs until they were about 19 months.  We had to ditch those because they were climbing out of them and not just that, but also pushing them around the room to use as ladders to climb on the bureau and reach the shelves around the room.  So, they are just on their toddler mattresses on the floor.  Our big issue is that they will not stay on their beds. 

We made the room as bare as possible and would attempt to let them be.  Sometimes they would fall asleep or sometimes they would be awake for more than an hour and climb up their bureau and do other destructive things.  After a week of that not working for us, we began to lie down with them, something we have never done before.  EAch time they got out of bed we would put them back into bed with minimal interaction stating things like, "lie down, time to go to sleep."  Now at 2 months of doing this, I am going crazy.  Also, the one that stayed in bed most of the time now requires one of us to be there or there is drastic crazy screaming and crying.  Its like she now needs us there to fall asleep.  Like I said, this was never an issue, ever.  Hope I'm not coming off as some heartless mom, but they, in cribs were super good good sleepers who would fall asleep with minimal to no crying and after 5-30 min of chatter. 

It takes one of us about 30 min to an hour of being in their room to get them settled in their beds (after the bedtime routine is done) and asleep each night and it is not working for me.  It is worth it to note that we are expecting another set of twins in the fall and I am well aware that there is no way this routine is going to work with two infants to care for as well.  We've got at least (fingers crossed for all healthy things) the summer to get this worked out.  Please help!  Any advice or stories of what you have done would be appreciated.   

I'm ready to buy some gigantic metal dog crates to have them sleep in.   

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I don't have any experience with twins at bed time (yet), but the first thing that came to mind was putting them back in their cribs with crib tents so they can't get out?!?  I haven't used them before, but if they were doing well in the cribs it might be enough to just have them "stuck" in there again.  I know my DD loved her crib and probably would have stayed in there forever, but we needed to use it to set up the babies room and didn't want to make the transition too close to their arrival.  We also have black out roller blinds and a sound machine that I think has always helped my DD fall asleep quickly.


Good luck mama, it sounds like a very frustrating and exhausting situation.  Especially with 2 more on the way!!!

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Do you have the space to separate them? My boys were awful at bedtime once I stopped nursing to sleep. We finally put one on a matress on the floor in our room, and moved him back to his own room after he was asleep. They seem to keep each other up much longer than they would stay awake alone.


Other things we did was put those glow in the dark stars on the ceiling to give something to look at, have a routine of teeth/books/bed, and have good sleepy music playing.

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I can sympathize!  With our second set of twins on the way we were also feeling the pressure to get things more managable with bedtime.  For us, it was transitioning the girls to their cribs and out of our bed, and so far, so good....so I'm not much help to you.  We also do the white noise (a fan and an ipod playing nature sounds), and ours settle after some chat time.  The only thing I can really think of is to baby proof (or toddler proof) the room as much as possible and let them settle but it sounds like you've tried that without success.  Would they be happier sharing a big mattress together? 

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Today's nap was a bit of a fail.  Not an epic fail, as one of them did fall asleep, but not a success either. 

We aready have the black out blinds and use the same sleepy music we have since birth and white noise and the same star light up in the corner of their room.  I really feel like we have a great routine. 

So today, their room looked like a tornado had hit.  Q was angry that I left and M was probably just thrilled with the freedom.  Their closet has no door...hasn't since it was built in 1910.  So, it has a baby gate on it.  Well, they tore that down and and got into the breast pumping parts and clothes and CDs and DVDs placed in there for safe keeping.  Then, they were up on their bureau because they could not have reached stuff that was thrown around the room unless they were up there.  A little more work to be done on child proofing.  Perhaps moving the bureau out?!  Oh and they ripped down a paper blind.  Awesome.  Have I mentioned we intend to put our house on the market this weekend?! 

So, I kept checking back and Q just kept on a cycle of howling and quiet.  I tried to go in when she was queit to reinforce the quiet.  Finally after an hour and a half I called it quits and figured she'd had enough.  When I went in she was peaceful, but not asleep.  She looked at me and said, "uh, oh!" 

My husband is in with them right now.  Guess he's decided to lay down with them.  We're going to have to choose a method and both of us stick to it. 

Thank goodness we have the summer to get this done...I think we will need it.  Really not believing the folks who say my kid just never got out of their bed.  :( 

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Sorry to hear today hasn't gone very well either :(  I just thought of another thing that a IRL friend told me (her twins are 3 now).  They used to seperate the twins in different rooms during naps...I wonder if that would help...of course the other room would have to be toddler proofed too.  Since the situation is pretty desperate, I would still consider the crib tents (if you still have cribs).  I know it probably isn't a very popular option, but it sounds like it could be a real safety issue with them climbing up high and getting into areas/things that are not for babes.

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My boys are the exact same age as yours, hooray! I sympathize with your sleep struggles. It seems like they are always in some sleep transition... needing more, needing less, sleep interrupted with learning new things, it never ends. I can never leave my boys alone in a room while they are awake because, yes, they will wreak havoc. Sorry I don't have any good advice! I have to nurse them to sleep and co sleep because they never have been able to sleep on their own. Just offering ((hugs))

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