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Medical Transcriptionists?

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Hi there!

New here. :)

I am looking at taking a Medical Transcriptionist course. It is a Career Step course, but it is offered through our local medical school.

Does anyone here have experience with Career Step type courses and is it really possible to DO this type of thing and find a job at home ?

Thanks for your response !

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what did you decide to do??

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Let me tell you my experience as an MT grad. I graduated last year with a certificate in Medical Transcription. I found a job within a month so it is possible to find a work at home job. I did it for 2 months and the reason I quit: I did not have time for DS, DBF, or to take care of the house.  DS was technically neglected for those two months because I thought I could work at home just to have time with my child. I had to work 12+ hours a day and got only about $120 every two weeks. Not worth it! I was even the fastest typist in my class.


I hear a lot of complaints from other MTs that wished they could of done something else instead. I had a dream to be an MT since I was 17. Dream became reality and... reality hit hard. I am now pursuing a nursing degree. 

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Because I already work in the medical field, I have been given a pretty good scholarship to attend the school, so I think I am going to go for it.

I have heard a lot of varried response from people on the future of MT. I've also looked at general trascription and 'scoping' if this doesn't work.

But I think  I want to try . . . .


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As someone who has written checks to scopists for much more than $120, I would recommend that field.

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Hmmm . . . . . where would I go to find more info on that and reputable places to train?
There doesn't seem to be a lot of standardized info on that . . . ?

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I went through the Career Step course and was employed 1 month after graduating.  I have been working for over 2 years now.  In terms of staying home, my kids spend time with other family members when I work because it is not something I could do with them home.  the bonus to working at home is that I can work in my PJS and my commute time is 1 minute.  I think it really depends on why you want to be a transciptionist.  I find that I work as I would anyother job.  Since we are paid per line all I do is work and not tend to anything else in the house in order to improve my earnings.  For me the best part is that we are paid per line and can earn my by improving our speed and accuracy. 

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Career Step is supposedly one of the best schools for medical transcription training. The medical transcription online course at Career Step is self-paced, which means you can work at your own pace and finish your program anytime within the 4-12 months’ time period.  What’s more, they also help graduates find employment once they finish their program. Why don’t you look for some online reviews and testimonials to get a sense of their reputation?

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I'm doing the Career Step MTE program right now. I obviously don't have the job testimonial yet but I have heard good things about it, like I see here. I'm finishing up the first half of it right now and getting closer to starting the actual transcription practice, which I've read is the most challenging aspect of it.
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I should add, I got a commitment from my kids (10 and 12) and from my boyfriend that they would understand and respect that I will need real uninterrupted work hours in a home office. They will need to take turns (and help each other) doing baby duty. I'm pregnant and have a baby due in late November. My 12 yr old took a safe sitter class and my boyfriend seems to understand that this will be a real job, even if at home.

I think with any wahm job, the family needs to understand that it's a real job and mom can't be interrupted at any moment, other than for emergencies. It's a real job at home, not just a side hobby to make extra cash.
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I am a MT, I did the Career Step program in 2007 and had a job within a month of graduating.  I have been working for the same company ever since, although the company has gone through some changes and been bought/sold and is now on the 3rd new name since I was hired, but I had the same boss and same accounts up until a week ago, when my account that I worked on for over 5 years left my company for another one.  Anyway, there are good things and bad.  It's nice to be able to make $$ at home in my pajamas or swimsuit, no question.  However, the money we make leaves a lot to be desired.  I work part-time, 24 hours per week, and I am lucky if I take home $400 every 2 weeks.  Now that I have just been switched to a new account where I have to learn the docs and the account specs all over again, my pay will be very low for a while because I won't be producing lines as quickly as I could before in my account that I knew well. 


Also, I have a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old and although my MIL comes over to watch them while I work, she doesn't do a good job of keeping them from bothering me and it is very frustrating.  sometimes I really want to quit because it is so hard to get anything done, but I know that in 2 years when my youngest is in school, things will be so much easier, so I don't want to take myself out of it because it will be hard to get back in.  Also, depending on who you work for, it may not be very flexible.  My former account was very flexible and although we had a set schedule, my boss didn't care what hours we worked every day as long as we got our total # of hours in for the week.  With my new account, we have to stick strictly to our schedules and any deviation from them has to be preapproved by our boss, which is going to be a struggle for me because of my kids. 

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