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I'm the first---Had my baby

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What do I win?  Just kidding.


As a lot of you read along with me, I was having a lot of problems with my bp. And things just getting worse and worse.  Went in YESTERDAY (seems like a lot longer) and ended up with the steroid shot for baby's lungs.


Last  night, quite unexpectedly, he came.  Thirty weeks, right Eulethia? LOL. 


He's doing great though.  He's 3 lbs, breathing on his own, stats staying up.  We are so blessed.  It's super hard not leaving the hosptial with him but we HAVE our baby. 


I know he's early and doesnt look "normal" but he's beautiful to us. Here's a pic:



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I was just thinking of you. How are you doing? How was the delivery?



I think he looks very healthy and normal esp for 30 weeks. And he is breathing on his own, great!


So happy and relieved you are both well.


Sending warmth and light your way.

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Congrats intime0!

I think he's beautiful and looks very healthy for a preemie. I hope that means a short NICU stay for this guy, but they usually keep them until their due date, right?

I hope you are feeling well and the birth was okay.


Welcome, little guy! joy.gif

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He is beautiful period, not just to you.  Seriously, he looks AMAZING for being 10 weeks premature, he looks very normal. Congratulations to you and your family.  Making me tear up. 

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Aw, what a sweet little peanut!  I'm glad he's doing so well, and I hope he gets to come home soon.

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Congratulations!! Such a sweet little face! I'm so gald you're both doing well. I hope you get to bring him home soon. stillheart.gif

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CONGRATULATIONS!!! He looks perfect and adorable. I'm so happy for you that all signs look good, and that he's healthy and safe! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

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Congrats!  He looks awesome, just tiny.  I hope his NICU stay is short and that your recovery is easy.  Makes me anxious for mine to get here and also paranoid to finish getting stuff ready for our own.

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Congratulations on your lovely baby!!! I hope that you are feeling well and that he gets stronger and stronger every day so you can take him home soon.


Take care and keep us updated!!

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Congratulations!! Your boy is totally darling.  Wow - I'm very happy for you and so glad all is well.  Yes, please keep us posted!!! 

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Congratulations! You did incredible - he looks like a strong little dude. Rest up and feel good!

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Congratulations! I hope that both of you are able to heal quickly! He's beautiful!

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I've been wondering when the first baby would come - but I've been glad not to see any micropreemies in this group!


Congrats, intime0! He is cute, and doesn't look like a preemie at all, except that he's little. (And you can't even tell that too well in the picture!) So glad that he's breathing and is so big. I hope all continues to go well for both of you! Seeing him makes me feel better about my little guy, too. He'll be 30 weeks tomorrow, so it's reassuring to see that he could be all right if he gets it into his head to come early. Fill us in with more details when you're up for it!

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Oh Intime, he looks awesome! Maybe older then 30 weeks! He looks so healthy! 

Hope you both heal fast and he can leave the NICU soon. 


Blessings to your family! 


And welcome to this side of the world baby boy!

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Congrats!  He is adorable.  I am sorry there were complications.  Glad he is OK, how are you doing?  I hope he can come home very soon.

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He has a sweet little face!  Congratulations!  So glad to hear he's doing well despite being early.  I hope you have a short NICU stay and he continues to get stronger each day.

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intime0, he's beautiful!  Seriously, I would not guess he was 10 weeks premature.  He's just a beautiful little dude.  Congrats!  Let us know when you think he'll be able to come home.  It must be so hard to leave him behind.  Can you do skin to skin yet?  Do they make you wait to nurse?  Wow, I'm just so overwhelmed at what a gorgeous little guy you have. 



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Wow, he's beautiful!! My girls were 35.5 weeks and they were only a little bigger. He looks great for a 30 weeker, and breathing on his own is amazing!

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Oh, tear, he is so handsome!  I'm so glad that he is doing well.  Congratulations, mama, and I hope he continues doing well and that you're doing well too.  love.gif

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Congratulations!! He is adorable. 


Do you all have a name for him yet?  


I hope you are able to bring him home soon.  

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