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Moving to the Mesa/Gilbert area

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Well, I think so, anyway. :) We have a sudden move coming up and we think we'll be there in August or September. We're actually from AZ, but not that part, and we haven't lived there for any length of time since I had my first baby. We live in VA right now, and have 3 kids 5-and-under. We cloth diaper (about 75% of the time), don't currently vaccinate, and try to limit our chemical exposure and practice non-interference in our health as much possible. My husband is a chiropractor (graduated about 1.5 years ago) and is going to be opening up a practice there. I'm part of a wonderful AP Facebook group here in Virginia (even though we're not extremely AP, I understand and admire all the principles involved) and it has been a great resource for me as we've lived here the last year. Is there anything similar in that area? Other resources? I'm somewhat familiar with AZ and the Valley, but not with kids and being naturally-minded... Thanks!

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Welcome to Mothering! Seems your post was missed so I thought I'd bump it up. :)

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Hi! Welcome back to Arizona! Here is a group that might be helpful for you...https://www.facebook.com/groups/121841164556435/


Safe travels,


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Thanks! I'll definitely join that group when we move! (About a month now! Getting geared up for that 40 hour drive...)

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I live in that area and have many likeminded friends. I'm not part of any formal groups but have found most people here to be openminded and lots of moms who either share my views or are openminded about our differences. It's definately a kid friendly area with lots of stay at home moms and moms groups that get together. So many people are from somewhere else and have moved here and are looking to meet other moms. I am a member of the East Valley peaceful parentijg facebook group but I don't know anyone personaly from there. I do agree with most of their stuff though and enjoy their posts. I would try some of your local moms groups ànd see if you click. If they are not quite as into the natural health thing you can share your knowledge with them and you may find you have more in common than you originally thought. I thought I was the only one of my friends who coslept and practiced extended breastfeeding but once we started talking about it I wasn't. Some of us cloth diaper some ec and some are no vax. I'm pleased with the variety of ideas I find and most people are really kind and open to new ideas even if they don't choose to do everything the same. Good luck with the move. Since you're from Arizona the heat won't be too much of a surprisse. Enjoy the pool until October when we are rewarded for enduring the summer heat with perfect weather until May.
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I run this AP Facebook group in the area! https://www.facebook.com/groups/383683488346513
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Hi! I just requested to join that Facebook group. My initials are G.Z.

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Ha, I just saw this myself and requested to join as well. My initials are S.K. We have moved back to Arizona, but aren't in the Mesa area yet. My husband is up there, mostly, trying to get his chiropractic up and running. We're hoping to join him soon, when we can afford to rent somewhere! (Staying with family 2.5 hours away right now)

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