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June Chat Thread

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We needed one, right?

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I was just coming here to see if there was a June thread and start one if not. Thanks, lbkw! smile.gif


My best friend just had her baby this morning at about 4:30 a.m. (This blows my mind... after all these years they are parents, and if all goes well, we will be soon too. Baby is doing great and Mom and Dad are exhausted but doing well.) My nephew who was hospitalized for bowel surgery is now home and doing really well. We are super blessed with babies around here! love.gif

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My classmate, who was due a few days before me, gave birth to her baby on 5/26 at 32 weeks, after developing HELLP. She seems to be doing great, although she's still in the NICU.


I'm so glad she's okay, although I have to admit it's freaking me out a little to see one that's about the size of mine.

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Every time I see anything about the 4th of July it gives me a little lump in my throat knowing that I''ll definitely have a baby by the end of that week if not sooner. Eeee!
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Shinyredstar - When I see stuff about the 4th, I just hope I'll have my baby by then!  I'm due the 28th of June, but expecting a July baby, my last baby was 5 days past her "due date". 


That is weird to think about scarykarrey.  I'm glad your friend and baby are doing okay!  Not really related, but your post made me think of it.  When I was 12 weeks pregnant, I was passing an anti-abortion booth and they had little plastic fetuses (feti?) that were the exact size of my baby.  And also tiny foot pins that were the size of my baby's foot.  I pinned one to my shirt, in front of my uterus.

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Hope Mom & baby continue to do well ScaryKarrey! I had mine at about 33 1/2 weeks and I know it can be very scary to go through. Hopefully she continues to thrive and can be out of the NICU in a couple weeks ::hugs::

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I haven't been posting much lately - but it looks like a lot of our members haven't been around!  Summertime gets busy!!


I feel like this baby has gained ~10 lbs in the last week or so - I just feel so much heavier.  DS likes me to sit on the floor to play with him & if I need to get up, it is quite the chore - I usually end up out of breath.  One thing I did notice, though, it's not quite so bad since we turned on our air conditioner!  I feel guilty having it on when, technically, it's not even summer yet - but it is hot here!  We don't even set it that low, but it does help.


My pre-baby to-do list is slowly getting done.  I've been stocking up on stuff we'll need so we won't have to run out to the store.  I'm planning to get out all the baby clothes & accessories this week - that will be fun & make baby's arrival seem much closer!


I hope everyone is doing well! :)

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My friend's baby is still gaining weight, and just got her PICC line out, so she is totally IV-free! Hooray! She's still tiny, and she still has a feeding tube in, but it seems like she's getting stronger every day.


I'm now 34w as of today. Is it weird that I'm actually losing weight? I was obese already when I started my pregnancy, and especially within the last month or two I've really upped my activity level, and that combined with eating less because I've got less room for my stomach (and just making better choices overall) means that I've either held steady or lost weight for my past few midwife appointments. I'm at 19lbs gained since I found out I was pregnant, or about 14lbs gained since I started seeing the midwife, and that's well within the guidelines they gave me.


I'm still feeling pretty great! My gut keeps growing, but the rest of me looks the same as it did pre-pregnancy (if a little lighter, like my arms, legs, and butt). From straight-on, my belly hides itself really well, so you sometimes can't even tell I'm pregnant until I turn to profile. The swelling in my feet and ankles stinks, my hips are pretty achey, and I'm not enjoying the butt-sweat, but otherwise pregnancy is treating me pretty well so far.

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I haven't really been gaining weight the past few weeks either.  It's hard to eat so much when my stomach is squashed into my ribs, and it's so hot that I mostly want to eat salads and fruit.


I'm full term today - 37 weeks.  Hoping the baby stays in for a while yet because my insurance will switch on July first, and the new insurance will cover a home birth and the baby (current insurance is for me only, and only covers the birth center).  I'm nearly done gathering supplies for the birth - just need a flashlight and a shower curtain liner for the bed.  I've washed the cloth diapers and newborn clothes, and they're all so itty bitty and cute love.gif


Working down my checklist of things to get done before the baby comes.  I feel like I keep adding more to it instead of crossing it off.  


My husband left last week for Air Force Officer Training School.  I barely get to talk to him.  He'll probably hear about his daughter's arrival by text message.  greensad.gif  I can't wait to see him again in September.

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Inkandpaper I wish I didn't feel like eating. All I want is bread and cookies. Then I feel totally stuffed. I can't imagine being away from DH till Sept!

My DH just left for a business trip for 3 weeks. He will come home for one day at the end of this week. He is only 3 hrs away by car & relatively reachable. Hopeful that I won't need to call him home early. I am 36 wks today. He is due home at 38w4d. With baby still breech, unlikely that I will go into labor or anything. Trying to keep up energy for kids. He is a huge help! Unfortunately, I don't have family close by enough to help with the day-to-day, but all of our neighbors are offering to be available, if needed.
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Anyone else so full of baby it hurts to cough or sneeze? Yikes. I don't remember this from my other 2 pregnancies.

Baby also makes some crazy movements, its cool but this is also a first. I can actually see it moving around in there. My other kids get a real kick out of it.

Could be my placenta is in a different place and baby is pushed more up front.


Can't believe how close its getting.

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I am so happy to have made it to almost 34 w. And other than needing more food, drink, and sleep than usual, I don't feel too different.. except when I try to roll over in bed.
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I will be 38 weeks tomorrow.  I am sometimes really eager for baby to be here and others times just want to relax and wait it out for another 3 weeks.  I am starting to feel like I need to cram in the fun stuff with the older two before it is too lae.  which is silly, because the only thing I won't be able to do is swim with them.  Pretty much everything makes me want to cry too.  I can't believe my other two babies are 4 and 2.  They are both super excited for baby to get here though.  My four year old son wants to catch the baby!

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Aww, your 4 y/o catching just seems so sweet (and at the same time, funny lol).

I am 36w4d, 37 on Saturday. I would like baby to be at least 38 weeks, so trying to stave off preterm labor symptoms for the time being.

DH just got back from 3 weeks away and has to leave again about 2 weeks after due date for another 2 weeks. Although he only got back Friday he has kinda been pissing me off. He keeps saying he wants to get the house spotless and several things done that dreadfully need done around here. Then he just goes out and exercises 3 times a day, comes home,reads a book about exercising while watching tv, waiting for his dinner from me, even though I'm supposed to be off my feet as much as possible. I feel like my work load has tripled since he's been back because I had to clean out our car that he drove to and fro, wash/fold/put away all of his clothes. Sort through military papers,clean more dishes, pick up his crapfrom off the floor several times a day, etc etc etc. and when I ask him to put the now empty suitcase into the garage and put the door back on our children's room, he looks at me like I'm asking him to clean the whole house with a toothbrush.

Im sorry for the vent but I just had to get it out...
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Ugh triple07, that sound awful.  sucks he can't just step up and do a lot of that stuff himself.  guys can be so clueless.  


Yeah, DS is so cute when he talks about catching baby, if he is awake and wants to be part of the action, I will totally let him.  we are having a photographer too and those photos would be so awesome and precious.

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I wish I weren't gaining weight.  I started out soooo good.  I didn't gain one single pound until 14 weeks.  Then it seems to come on in chunks.  I too am overweight to start out with and the doctor wanted me to gain only 11 - 15 lbs for the entire pregnancy.  Well, I passed that.  I gained another 3 lbs this past week after gaining 3 lbs last week, so I'm +23 and just 34 weeks.  I don't have any swelling, so I'm not sure why so much weight so fast.  I also can't eat a whole lot because baby is taking up so much space.  And I hate to cough - my ab muscles are so stretched they don't want anything to do with coughing. 


It's weird thinking I have to go on a diet while I have six more weeks to go.  I've increased my walking, and veggies. 


I feel for you who are missing your hubbies.  It must be extra lonely without them. 


Baby's room is still being worked on and we still need to get some furniture - however, it is coming along each week. 


Next doctor appt is Friday and I'm not looking forward to it or to getting on the scale anymore. 

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Hate that you are hassled about your weight. Please try not to worry about it. Gaining weight is normal even when you are over weight.

I hate that docs will tell ladies to limit their weight, like that's even possible.

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I know this is easier said than done - but I would try not to worry a lot about your weight!  Just be as healthy as you can & don't think about the numbers too much.  A lot of it will come off after baby is born anyway. 


I wish the best to all the Mamas with traveling husbands - it must be hard to have them away at this time!  Take care of yourselves!


I am shocked by how fast these weeks seem to be going!  It seems like our babies will be here so soon.  And, I still have lots to do!



Kind of off topic:  Does anyone remember (or maybe some places still have them) when stores had special parking spaces for expecting mothers?  I remember seeing them before I was ever pregnant & thinking how awesome that would be to use them.  Well, they don't exist around here anymore - I think I'd use them if they did!

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Blumooned, my partner has definitely noticed that lately! I hadn't even thought about it, but he mentions it nearly every time we are parking somewhere. I think our local grocery stores and K-Mart used to have them, but they must have gotten rid of them within the last few years. What a bummer! Oh well, I can use the extra walking anyway.


As for weight gain, I started this pregnancy significantly overweight, so I've been careful about my habits, but I've still obviously gained. My midwife basically just told me that as long as I'm conscientious about it, and as long as things like my BP stay at normal levels, that she thinks I'm doing great. My own perspective is that the better shape I get into now, by exercising more, building muscle strength, and eating better, the better able I'm going to be at taking care of the baby when it comes.

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The only places around here that have expectant mother parking is on base (military) and base hospital AND Babies R Us, but I don't shop there...

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