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Looking for a new pediatrician

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Is there a forum or listing for pediatricians by state anywhere? I looked but could not find anything.
My 23 month old was having some crazy allergic reaction to something. Took her to our pediatrician this morning. After telling me to just continue just giving benadryl and not to worry....he told me there was no reason we could not start vaxes today and that we should give her a few so we could start getting her caught up.
He did not give me a hard time when I declined....but it made me realize once and for all that we NEED a new doctor!
I do not have many "crunchy" friends in this area and I don't even know how to begin finding a new doc.

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You could ask in your tribal area for recommendations:




IRL, I had good luck getting like-minded health care professionals by asking at LLL.  If you have one in your area, Attachment Parenting International may also be a good source.


Good luck!

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