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Wow, she was a small one Cindy! I was closer to 10lb at birth, and dh was exactly ds's birth weight, so we were actually expecting a 9lb or bigger baby with ds. lol The midwives thought I was carrying a 7lber and were SHOCKED when ds arrived, but I actually remember being a bit disappointed that he wasn't this super chunky baby. lol Weird I know. 

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I think being apart helps and hurts our relationship at the same time. Its really hard being married to someone and spending most of the time apart. I don't remember when hes been home for more than 2 months without leaving again. We do value our time together a lot more than most people I know BUT its hard to raise a family solo. I do everything for the children and household which puts a lot of stress on me. On the other hand I do feel fortunate when hes home and he feels blessed to have what time he does get with us. Its one of those things that you have to balance and keep in prospective. I told him the other night that I don't know what Id do if he got a regular job where he was home every night. It would be so weird not to constently pack and unpack his bags. In our 6 1/2 year marriage hes probably left somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 times.


Baby sizes, I don't trust ultrasounds or guesses. With my oldest I was only she would be tiny tiny, not over 6 lbs.. She came out 8lbs 9ozs.. With my youngest I was told he was going to be HUGE, almost 10 lbs. He was 8lbs 1 oz. My oldest was born on her due date, my son the day after his. I take "guesses" with a grain of salt orngbiggrin.gif


I just looked up the average temperatures for our new "hometown" for October.. Im going to have to replace almost all my baby clothing. All my kids were "fall/winter" babies (Jan, Nov, Feb) but we lived in California and Okinawa.. Not exactly known for cold temperatures. The lows over there are pretty much the average highs over here during that time frame. Im going to actually need some long sleeve outfits and jackets. This should be interesting.

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Oki - that must be really tough carrying all the weight while he's gone. I carry most of the weight around here even though DH is home every night (except occasional trips) and I find that tough - so I can only imagine what it's like with your DH being physically gone all the time.


I'm also not sure what to do about baby clothes. DS was a spring baby, but small for his age, so I'm hoping for lot's of layers I guess. I just realized that DS's snowsuit will be way to big for a newborn too...hmmm.


I should also add that both the OB and myself were only off by an ounce or two when guessing DS's size ( and we didn't do any late ultrasounds - it was purely guessing for curiosity sake) I guessed DS would be 7lb 14 and he guess 7 lb 11oz....so although I take ultrasound measurements and guesses with a grain of salt....I fear my intuition may be more accurate with this - ha ha! 

Either way - this isn't something I'm worried about at all - just one of those things my crazy brain was thinking about :)


Is anyone else extremely frustrated by the underwear situation? I mean seriously, no two companies are the same size - and I'm not into trying on underwear in the store to see if they fit (ew!) I'm clearly underestimating my butt size, and things are turning into unwanted thongs more often than I would like. I just want some comfortable cheap underwear!

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I'm 22 weeks as of Wednesday and I think I finally hit 5 lbs of weight gain.  My fundus seems to be measuring right on, and babe is active everyday.  I'm okay growing another smallish one.  Ds was 6 lb 9 oz on his due date, and it took me what felt like forever to push him out!  None of his clothes really fit at first, but that wasn't a big deal since it was July and we had no air conditioning.  I guess if this babe is looking small at the end I'll have to make sure to have some real newborn sized things around.

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Anybody else have a rowdy toddler?  My ds has been pretty much refusing to nap for the last several months.  He still really needs it though, because he gets really wired every day and incessantly flails all over me!  It's making me crankier with him than I want to be, but dang it those elbows in my sore breasts and tummy hurt!  He's just being silly, and I know he wants the attention, and I don't mind having him sit on my lap or cuddle up next to me on the couch if he would just stop jumping around.  He also full out jumps/falls on my belly while I'm laying down a couple times a week.  That really hurts, and I know that it would take a lot to actually hurt the baby, but it does make me worry a little.  I end up locking myself in the bedroom so I can have a time out with nobody touching me!

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Yes!  DS is so so rough with me these days though he seems closer to pre-schooler than toddler now.  He's been waking me up by jumping on me in the AM and then it just seems to continue anytime I sit down throughout the day.  If not sitting, he has this habit of running at me and hitting me with his very hard head.  I hear you on being crankier than you'd like to be because of it.  I'm sorry, it I'm woken up by being jumped on it just sets a bad tone for the whole day.  I'm not a morning person to begin with and if you wake me up by hurting me, I'm just not going to be such a pleasant mama, though I do try really hard.  He's not mean-spirited about it...he just really loves joyful rough play sometimes and I do think it's a way of testing his boundaries (physical and in terms of what we as parents will tolerate) right now too.  


When I'm pregnant I also have a really intense need for large amounts of quiet and alone time (this was actually my first symptom with this pregnancy).  We've started having "Mama breaks" a few times a day where we set a timer (I think we started at 5 minutes and worked up to 15), he's to play quietly in his room and I go into my room and he's not permitted to come get me till the timer goes off.  A few of those little breaks during the day help us to get along so much better than we otherwise do these days....just time to collect my thoughts and not feel like he's either hanging all over me or hurting me or chattering non-stop in my ear. 


DS does still nap thank goodness. He acts out beyond just being rough when he gets over tired, but usually if I don't suggest a nap for him, he tells me he needs it.

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lol...I have a rowdy 3.5 yr old. He's insane, but is careful around my belly so long as I remind him like a 100 times a day. Which makes me feel like a total nag!


His latest trick is to climb as high as possible flap his arms like wings and then 'fly'. Which depending on what he's flying from can be a bit terrifying. He also repeats back to us anything we ask him to do...Like, you say, don't do whatever because of these reasons, and He'll answer right back "Yes do whatever because of these reasons" Bah, he's a bit much right now, but I'm trying to spend a lot of extra time on him right now because it actually calms him down and makes him much 'nicer'. Oh, yeah, and no napping over here...ds gave that up at like 18 months, which was sort of awful. Now I'm just used to it though.

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I have a 3 yr old. She was hitting my belly A LOT. Sometimes on accident or just not knowing what she was dong and something on purpose. We (DH and I both) have been really on her about not doing it. And also my midwife explained to her why she can't do it. Not she is MUCH better. I still get the odd poke when she doesn't realize she is doing it, but that's not too bad. And she stopped napping at 2. But while my mom was here over mother's day, she got my daughter to start doing quiet time. I had always tried and failed - I would end up more stressed than not doing it. But my mom really explained to her that mommy needs to rest now. So we spend 1/2 hour in the afternoon being quiet. She sits or lays on the couch or shares the glider wiht me while I put my feet up and close my eyes. If she is good and quiet, she gets a trader joe's lollypop. But lately she keeps asking me if quiet time is over every 30 seconds. That does not lead to a lolly! 



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My mom has all of DS's old clothes at her house since we live in a small apartment and just don't have the storage space.  Today I got a box in the mail from her with most of the Newborn and 0-3 month clothes.  I am having so much fun going through them all.  So many memories of DS wearing them!  I almost got a little weepy over the whole thing (love those hormones).  Now I just need to wait for DS to wake up from his nap so I can get them put away in his room......he's going to love seeing all of this and helping to put it away for "his baby".love.gif

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