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Honest Diapers

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has anyone tried these? I use cloth for the most part, but will use disposables when travelling. Apparently they have wipes that are healthier too - I make my own for home use but again, travel is a different story. Wondering what experiences anyone has had. Thanks!

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I'm going to move this over to the Diapering forum!  I bet you will get some input there. :)

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Are you talking about Jessica Alba's Honest Co.? I've looked into it and I must admit I love the idea. If I could afford it I would definately try it out. I know there are some free sample offers and package deals on the website. I inquired about the affordability on another website and someone told me that it's about $10-20 more a month than the website she orders diapers from. But the woman that said that didn't mention anything about the diapers she gets being eco-friendly or anything. I would love to hear more about these diapers as well! Hope what I know about them helps..

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A good IRL friend of mine uses them with her 3 month old newborn and LOVES them.  The designs are super-cute, which is what prompted me to ask her about them.  She said she LOVES everything about them.

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I've never bought disposables but I see these on zulily I'm not sure what a good price is but its a sale site so maybe a good price?
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