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Poll Results: If you find out the gender, what are you having

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    Not finding out
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Name - Lesley

EDD - Feb 11, 2013

Other children - Mason (20 mos)

Team - Feeling it might be pink? But happy with either!

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Looks like I'm out. I started bleeding this morning, and there are clots. I'm fairly hyperthyroid right now, and the doc warned me this might happen. I wish you all a happy and healthy 9 months. grouphug.gif
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I'm sorry to hear that



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So sorry writinglove.  I hope you have an amazing, healthy pregnancy soon.

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My name is Michelle and i just rejoined mothering as it has been so long that i forgot my old user name. I have two kids, Lily (5), and Samuel(not quite 14 months), and am due around 2-14(i think). I was part of an online group of mommies with my dd that has proven to be wonderful and lasting (missed that boat for ds) and found this...so hello!
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Name- Sarah / Dakota1235

EDD- February 11

Other children - 2 furry ones if you're counting dogs

Team - Green I have no idea. =0)

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So sorry WritingLove to hear that. greensad.gif

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Name- Jess

EDD- looks like 2/5

Other Children- Caelan 4.5, Westley and Atticus 3

Team- reeaaaallly hoping for pink

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Name- Jo

EDD- 2/17

Other Children- A 4 year old boy, 3 year old girl, 2 year old girl, and almost 7 month old boy

Team- Green

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Name- beth
edd- 2/16
other children - 2yo daughter
Team - pink for now, but we'll see!
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I am so sorry Writinglove.


I have added a section at the bottom for those who are leaving us too early.  Please let me know if it is OK to include your name.  I am so very sorry for your loss.

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Name-Gray's Mommy/Mary


Other Children- 3 boys, 11, 5 & 2

Team- Green

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Name - Alison

EDD - Feb. 13

First pregnancy :)

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Margie ~ Wyatt(18months), edd 2/14, team green smile.gif
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Marjie, my Wyatt will be 18 months tomorrow! :)

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Originally Posted by mamabear023 View Post

Marjie, my Wyatt will be 18 months tomorrow! smile.gif


Your kidding!! Is your lil Wyatt a wild man too? He has kept me on my toes these last 18months, I'm praying #2 is a tad more relaxed:)
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Name- Marie

EDD- 02-07-2013

Other Children- None. Married for 10 years and kids haven't ever been a priority.

Team- Husband is pushing for a girl. I'm pretty meh.

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thanks for adding!

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Name, Chelsea

EDD, 2/8

Other Children, Landon who is 7 months old. Yes, this was a complete surprise pregnancy!! lol

Team, Healthy is all I care about!

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Name: Angie
EDD: 2/23
Other children: Anna (11) Mia (8) Leif (4)
Team green
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