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Poll Results: If you find out the gender, what are you having

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 36% (9)
  • 32% (8)
  • 32% (8)
    Not finding out
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Name- Kristin

EDD- mid-February

Other Children- Elodie (22 months)

Team- Either, I'm so impartial this time around :)

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Hi ladies! So many of you already! I'm excited to join you!


Name: letileon

EDD: Feb 21

Other Children: E.J.(2)

Team: Green!!

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I posted in the intro section but thought I would post here too, hello again!


Name - Gillmoro/ Noel

EDD - Feb 16, 2013

Other children - Aurora 4 1/2

Team - Green

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Name:  Michelle (me)

EDD: Feb 3/4

Other Children :  Randy (34)  (just kidding -he is DH)  Violet (6), Ophelia (4)  -hoping hoping for team blue!

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Name: Jackie

EDD: February 22, 2013

Other children: Elijah (5) Gabriel (2)

Team: Really hoping it's pink this time around!

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Name: Espri

EDD: February 23

Other children: DD 2.5 yrs.

Team: Pink

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Name- Amanda

EDD- Either 2/18 or 2/21

Other Children- Ceili Fey (9), Elias (forever 3), Noah (3), and Henry (16 months)

Team- I have no idea. Not sure I want to although I'm sure my husband will.

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Had a US today and have a sticky baby! I'm a week earlier than I thought (oh well-- guess it was long implantation?) so my new due date is 2/10.

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Hi mamas! I had some trouble logging in with my laptop but looks ok from my iPad so here I am finally!
I am mama to Jasper (3 1/2) & Tallulah (2) so we would be happy w either boy or girl this time...feeling its a girl though due to timing of ovulation. We conceived on Mother's Day and I am due Feb. 6.
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Name: Jennifer

EDD: Feb 18

Other Children: Naomi (6)

Team: Blue

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Name: Lizz

EDD: 02/02/13

Other Children: n/a

Team: either! but we will be finding out as soon as we can.

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Hello all!  First night on mothering.com  :)




Name-  Jess

EDD-  2/14-2/18/2013... not exactly sure.

Other Children-  E-boy-10yo, B-boy-8yo, M-girl-6yo, S-boy-4yo, M-boy-2yo... yes this will make 6!  :)

Team- PINK, for my daughter's sake... but I'm truly OK with either.

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Name - SophieAnn

EDD - Feb. 16

Other children - None

Team - Green

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Name - Catherine
EDD - Not entirely sure,but I think around the 11th
Other children - Dd (10), DS (8) DS (2) DfosterD(8 months)
Team - pink
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Name - Sarah
EDD - Feb 25, 2013
Other children - Emily (8), Toby (5)
Team - green
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What does team green mean?

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Team green means not finding out the sex of the baby till delivery. :)

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I guess we are pinky-green then.  DH and I would both prefer a girl, but we won't be finding out the sex ahead of time.  Like to respect the mystery :)

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I thought team green meant that you didnt care/ didnt have any inclination of what the sex is. I wonder if everyone who put "team green" intends to not find out of they just dont have a feeling yet.
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OH gosh, you may be right. I guess that is just what I assumed. 

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