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My second baby was an emergency c-sec due to placental abruption. I have had 3 normal VBAC in the hospital since then, but since this is my first planned UC I wonder if there is anything I should consider that I wouldn't of at the hospital before? What are some of the risks of an unassisted VBAC if any? I'm not anticipating anything, just want to cover all aspects that I may face.

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Off the top of my head, you'll need to look out for transfer time and action plans in case of uterine rupture, another placental abruption, or the placenta refusing to budge after the birth. All rather low risks but increased some as a VBAC. Wishing you a peaceful and wonderful birth!

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I have fantasized about a UBAC but its not for me.  I hope it goes perfectly for you.   Alot of midwives around my town have free 1-hr meet-n-greets, you could ask any questions in person that way.  Before I was seriously considering home birth, I talked to two, and was up front that I just wanted information, I didn't think I'd hire anyone outside the hospital, just looking around.  Neither had a problem with meeting me anyway, I doubt they would have an issue with UC either.  Granted, I live in Portland, Oregon, which is kinda fringe-central...

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After 3 VBAC's, your risk of rupture is extremely low, nearly the same as a woman with your number of children who didn't have a cesarean.


I've had 3 UBAC. My only concern was placental implantation in the scar. I do know of 1 woman who is certain she had this issue. Since she wasn't bleeding excessively, she simply waited for the placenta. It took 2 days.

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