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CVS test in NJ

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Anyone have a CVS done in NJ? Where & what was your experience?

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Bumping up to see if anyone has anything to share. :)

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I am 10 weeks and wish to get CVS done but can't find anyone who does it?  can you please advise on where and who i can get in touch with to schedule a cvs done.

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where i go near central jersey to get CVS test done ?

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St Peters Hospital is where I was going to go. I would imagine Robert Wood Hosp. also does them. In my case the OBGYN has to send you there with a referral. Have you spoken to your OBGYN about having it done? I'm sure they have a place they like to send their patients to. This is not something that a regular OBGYN does, but a specialist in the field. Good Luck.

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