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I'm not paleo, exactly, but I've had a lot of digestive problems over the last year (unexplained weight loss and anemia -every test under the sun revealed nothing so they just say that I have IBS). Anyway, I've eliminated grains from my diet, so I'm almost paleo, although I'm still eating dairy. I had terrible morning sickness with my first pregnancy up until the 7th month or so, and I haven't had anything too bad yet. I was wondering if it could be because I'm eating a lot more veggies and nuts, instead of bread and crackers and stuff like that.

I totally think so. I'm not even 4 weeks yet, so not much happening as far as symptoms go for me. But I feel really good so far and I usually feel tired and queasy in the beginning. I really hoping that this diet helps with the exhaustion. I seriously slept nearly 17 hours a day the 2nd and 3rd trimester last time- I had no energy and I hated it!

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What's going on?


My husband just finished his first year of medical school two weeks ago and starts his summer job next week. I'm filling my day nannying and enjoying long evening walks, baking up a storm, watching too many episodes of SVU, and playing with my cat. We found out last Friday that we're expecting our first baby sometime in February and are elated. 

When is your first appointment, if you are seeing a doctor or midwife?


First "appointment" was an ER trip last Monday for cramping and spotting. The spotting seems to have stopped and my HCG levels have been doubling, so I've just been taking it extra easy and trying not to worry. Since I never switched health insurance when we moved to the Philadelphia area, I'm out of network and not eligible for prenatal care through my insurance. Which has been awesome. *sarcasm* I'm surveying the options, from state medical funding to finagling my husband's school insurance to cover me to temporarily moving back to California for the birth/postpartum months to going completely rogue and just doing an at-home birth. We shall see. For now, I'm seeing a friend of my husband's mentor and he's been able to heavily discount prenatal visits/labs.

What are you scared or anxious about?


Everything! It's sad, but stress has overshadowed my joy at this stage of the game. I'm nervous about miscarrying, nervous to tell my family (they think I should be more focused on building a career), nervous about how to pay for healthcare. 

What are you most excited about?


Getting to know this new little soul. Helping him or her to experience life. Seeing my husband as a dad. Seeing myself as a mom.

Have you bought anything yet? (dont be shy...)


We bought the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy just for practicality's sake. And a tiny copy of Guess How Much I Love You. We hope to stay pretty minimal with this babe- we live in a one bedroom and don't plan on moving because we love it here so much, so we don't have a lot of extra space. We plan on buying or registering for a cloth diaper stash, an Ergo, a Moby, a convertible carseat, a handful of sleepers/sweaters/onesies, and maybe a pack n play. That's about it. :) I love that as a nanny I've built up a knowledge of what I truly need as a mother and what I can do without.

What is one aspect of your health that you are trying to change for the better during this pregnancy?


I'm really happy with my health as-is, actually. I've had to take a step back from hardcore exercise as I've dealt with the whole threatened miscarriage debacle. But I'm a very active lady and I like to eat well, so that works in my favor. Obviously, I've had to give up my love: coffee, and I've also given up green tea for the time being.


What's your favorite color?


In general? Green. On babies? Yellow.


Any hobbies that keep you busy?


Working, staying active, cooking, snagging as much time as possible with my med school husband.

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What's going on?


Not a whole lot, I'm sick with a cold and of course exhausted from being pregnant. We went to a community garage sale in a development today and I scored! I found a Medela Pump in Style Advanced for $20. I am pumping as much as I can after my little one nurses to build up a little stash and try to keep my supply up. I am so excited! I'm also going to pump after this baby so I can build up a stash for him/her in case I get pregnant quickly again.

When is your first appointment, if you are seeing a doctor or midwife?


I will see my midwife at around 12 weeks.

What are you scared or anxious about?


Losing this baby. And not having enough milk for my nursling.

What are you most excited about?


Currently, I can't wait to feel movement and get a little bump!

Have you bought anything yet? (dont be shy...)


Other than the pump, which is ultimately for this baby too, no. I have pretty much everything and we don't find out the gender, so there isn't much that needs to be bought.

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What's going on?

We are spending the weekend in the Cincinnati area and due to drive home (to Indiana) tomorrow.

When is your first appointment, if you are seeing a doctor or midwife?

My first appointment is 23, July. I'm seeing a CNM from the same practice that caught our youngest.

What are you scared or anxious about?

A miscarriage. I have had a few.

What are you most excited about?

Everything right now! LOL

Have you bought anything yet?

No. And there's not a lot I'll have to buy, especially if it's a boy.



What's your favorite color?


Dark blues and purples


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Hi everyone! This is my first pregnancy smile.gif Is it your too, Teles? Anyone else?

I am slightly ashamed to admit I already have most of my newborn cloth diaper stash... I started months before we started TTC! redface.gif I figured I should spread out the cost, right??

Haven't made my first appointment yet... Just got my bfp this morning! I'll take another test in the next couple days to confirm, and hopefully call after that.
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Welcome all the new ladies!


Yesterday was DD1's 4th Bday party.  She wanted a dinosaur/princess bday party.... she is a funny kid!  We did a dino dig that was so much fun!  DH did a great job with the dig sites I think the kids loved it.  I was feeling super sick yesterday, so that was not fun... and no one knows (except my parents and DHs parents) so I was trying to hide my nausea.


Today is Father's day!  What is everyone doing with DH?  He wants to go see a movie with his bro and FIL, so that is what they are doing.  Then we are all getting together for a bbq.


Hope you have a great day~!

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OH sorry about the nausea for the party! Princess dino dig sounds fun! We did a dig for my oldest son's 4th birthday (daddy did all the planning for the dig and everyone had a great time....I had a 4 day old for that birthday so I was sorta out of party planning mode!) Gosh, that was a long time ago! My oldest turned 15 on the 2nd.

Our Father's day has been a bit of a bummer. Hubby is working out of town for 10 days. We were supposed to go to my Aunts to celebrate my dad's father's day with grilling and swimming. Our little boys have a cold though....so we are staying home and are watching tv!

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What's going on? 


HOLY CRAP Im knocked up!  I uhm.. well... Oops?  I just threw out most of my baby crap.


Im too old to do this :P  I feel like it is way way way too early to say anything to anyone.  My immediate family knows and a few super close people know.. my 2 little girls.. do NOT know.

When is your first appointment, if you are seeing a doctor or midwife?


Oh boy.. I have already had 3.   One with an OB, one with an OB nurse, and one with a high risk specialist.  Labs are being drawn thursday.  Next appts are July 2 (regular ob) and  July 26th (another scan and high risk OB).


What are you scared or anxious about?


Oh boy,,, what am I not scared about? 


I have an auto immune disorder and am sensitive to physical pressure.  (Think bra straps, underwear, using hand tools, walking on hard surfaces, etc) and chronic swelling.   As a result I have an altered immune system due to high dose IVIG infusions.  It is all okay in the end, I have had this issue for years but uhm this pregnancy wasn't planned so I didn't have care in place for pregnancy.  It has been a huge scramble but I think everything is in place.  My birthing options are limited and emotionally it is really really hard for me to come to terms with.  I have had one vag birth that was extremely traumatic and a c-section that was midwife attended.. and the midwife  agreed when it was time to section -it was time.    My c-section sucked for many reasons everything from I am not a candidate for using morphiene (it is allergenic) so my pain was ridiculous to the actual mechanics of the c-section and the whole process... it was just bad.    Im really starting to wonder if a planned section is the way to go, where a team is in place, and I can have some emotional support in place.  I wont know for awhile yet... they are still reviewing OR notes and trying to figure out everything.


Breastfeeding.  I have insufficient glandular tissue.   I actually had *less* milk with my second than my first.  I produce 6-8 ounces in a 24 hour period using a medical grade pump, domperidone, herbs, etc.    I will stunt hunting donor milk once I am close to 6 months along or so...  I have to be careful with the breastfeeding crisis.. it almost destroyed my marriage.  I was SO very blessed.. my second was completely fed with donor milk.   Thank you God.  Seriously -the best blessing in the world.. so many people fed my baby and it was just wonderful.. the village came to us.  It was scary at times when we got to our last few ounces but we always found more.

Weight gain. 


I was on ADD meds for 3 1/2 years and I had to stop taking them and Im packing on weight.  I am already very very overweight and the excess weight (13 lbs in 3 weeks) has got to be controlled... 


What are you most excited about?



My husband was dead set against more kids.. but OOPS?  I started to get rid of all of my junk in the fall.  I am excited.  I worked with both of my girls but due to a serious of unfortunate events I am not working.  Although I miss teaching, we are going to try and have me stay home with this one.  Wow! Like I never saw my babies firsts before, nannies told me or day care told me.. I am going to get to be with my baby.   :) :)



Have you bought anything yet? (dont be shy...)



I have a wishlist on amazon that has some staples on it.. a new baby bucket and matching stroller (dude ergo's rock but Im getting old and I will be shuttling 2 kids to preschool/first grade in winter time.. Imma need me a bucket and some wheels to wheels us in to school),    I need new baby monitors...  I have no baby clothes anymore.  I kept my cloth diapers...  I am going to wait until I am further along.  I am so happy but also really scared.. this wasn't planned and it feels too good to be true.  Must be positive.


Ok ok ok momma's.. I think my hormones are going nuts and im babbling on.

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What's going on?

Just seems surreal. Haven't told anyone yet except two good friends. Not looking forward to telling my family.

When is your first appointment, if you are seeing a doctor or midwife?
No appt. yet, I'm only 5/6 weeks so no rush:)

What are you scared or anxious about?
A miscarriage. I have read there is a 30% chance at my age. (43)

What are you most excited about?
Enjoying the whole pregnancy and telling my kids!

Have you bought anything yet?
No. We have a 2 yer old and 8-month old so we are pretty set with baby gear. The more kids I have the less I find I need/want.
What's your favorite color?
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Hello to everyone new to the club! Today was a really chill father's day for us. We saw my parents for an indian buffet brunch which was nice. I was SO nervous my kids would spill the beans about the pregnancy (I am apprehensive about telling my dad and stepmom) but they didn't say a thing! Then DH took a post-buffet nap while the kids played and I did a crossword. Then we took the kids for their first ever mini golf experience! As predicted, DS1 was way into it while DS2 ran around like a mad man. We finished the day with icecream.

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What's going on?

My boyfriend and I just moved into this great new (23 year old) house. We are LOVING it. In fact, our moving date is probably also our date of conception :) (May 25) give or take a few days probably. We are both really excited. We have two daughters already - I have a 6yo and he has a 7yo. They get along famously, I don't know how adding a baby into the mix will work, but I suspect that once they get over any jealousy aspects they will love having a new sibling.  They were both only children prior to us getting together.

We're "older" I'm 37 and he is 41 and I've always wanted to have another baby, but we were enjoying our "alone time" since my his daughter is with him only every other weekend and every Tuesday, and my daughter is here only 50% of the time. In the end though the lure of having a baby together was too much and we will just have to wait until we're REALLY old to have more alone time :) 


When is your first appointment, if you are seeing a doctor or midwife? I hope to see a midwife. I just found out saturday that I was pregnant, so I called first thing this morning. They will call me back in 2-3 weeks with my appointment information if they're "not too full" in February. I'm like 3 weeks pregnant so I figure there shouldn't have been toooo many people in line before me.

What are you scared or anxious about? Not being able to have a VBAC. My first birth never progressed, and I was 14 days overdue when they induced so I worry the same thing will happen. Also I constantly worry about having a miscarriage even though I never have. Before that I worried that at my "advanced maternage age" I wouldn't be able to conceive... and I got pregnant on the first try. I just need to relax I guess.

What are you most excited about? Holding our tiny little baby

Have you bought anything yet? (dont be shy...) Nope but I've been looking at cloth diapers already... and I still have DD's... and DH is totally against cloth diapering so who knows how that will pan out.

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What's going on?

The midseason peaches are ripening, the black raspberries are almost done, the blackberries are just starting to ripen, the spring chickens are starting to lay and we're selling the older hens, the cows are grazing in waist-high grass, DD is loving her sandbox.

When is your first appointment, if you are seeing a doctor or midwife?

I have an appointment with my family doctor on July 12th, I'll be 7w5d.  I'm going to explore options with a couple midwives too, but haven't started looking into that yet.

What are you scared or anxious about?
another miscarriage.  morning sickness.  the fact that I don't have MS yet... 

What are you most excited about?

DD having a little sibling, sewing wool sleepers, those long wrinkly newborn fingers and toes...

Have you bought anything yet? (dont be shy...)

No, but I've already started browsing ebay for cheap fitted diapers.  

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Thread Starter 
Seems like our chat is dying down a bit. Bump!

Has anyone thought of their birthing plans or does anyone have to change their lives in some gigantic way because of this baby?

Ive had two ncb's in a hospital, and have plans to do the same this time if at all possible. My life is already set up for two kids, so other than buying a carseat and a crib I dont really have anything to do. I know lots of people have to move into a bigger living situation, get a bigger car, ect. I'm grateful that I just have to keep things pretty much the way they are to have this kid.
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We just finished building DD's room!  I loved co-sleeping but DD, DH and I are all happy to have our own spaces now.  




Here's another view: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=386819571378071&set=a.314277365298959.72727.154268924633138&type=1&theater


She's doing really well sleeping on her own (last night was just the second night in the new room), but she wakes up really early and then I have to climb into bed with her.  Getting her into her own room was one of my goals for before the baby comes, and I'm so pleased that we got it done this early in the pregnancy!  We had actually started moving toward this goal during my last (missed) pregnancy, but we got it done before that baby would have been due too.  I'm hoping she'll self-wean in the next 8 months too, but it won't be the end of the world if she doesn't. 

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I love your house. Seriously, fantastic. So so nice. Your dds room is so cute!
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What's going on?


Working full-time, coming home and taking care of my 4 month old puppy. Feeling tired 24/7 and trying to maintain some semblance of "normalcy" as most people in my life do not know I'm pregnant yet! 


When is your first appointment, if you are seeing a doctor or midwife?


Midwife - saw her at 6w5 and will again at 11w.

What are you scared or anxious about?


Losing this baby. There is nothing I want more. 

What are you most excited about?


Feeling my baby move inside of me! 

Have you bought anything yet? (dont be shy...)


Yes! A couple of gender neutral hats I couldn't resist from etsy.com, and a baby bath tub. 

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Oh what a sweet picture! Glad the transition went well.

Holy Moly! Do you happen to live in Oklahoma? I used to have a cradle JUST like that, it was a homemade "heirloom" that I bought at a garage sale then ended up selling in ours last year! It looks like the exact same one!

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the only major change for us, is not a mandatory one....but we could use a new van. Ours seats 8, but we will have a family of 9 when everyone is here...which is only 1-2 days each week. There are not very many instances when we ALL have to be in one vehicle, and hubby does have a 2nd vehicle. But he told me when we pay off our debt we can start saving for a new van. I want to get a sprinter, but hubby was TOTALLY against them, he HATES the way they look...but I'm more about convenience. He finally said we could look at them....so maybe ina year or so we will be able to get it.

Otherwise, all we need is a carseat and a packnplay. Hopefully some GIRL clothes :)

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No real changes here.  both girls sleep with DH and I in our king.... that is not going to work with a new baby.  I am trying to convince DH to allow DD1 to sleep in a twin pulled up to our bed.  He has moved a twin into our room, but not touching our bed..... DD1 slept there a few nights ago, but didn't like it enough to continue.  I want her to be the one who moves out of our bed, rather than being pushed out..... So, hopefully I can convince DH to just pull them together.


We don't do cribs or anything, so really the only thing we need is another dresser, and we are getting that from my parents.  I have SO much girls clothes, and my SIL and sister just gave me tons of baby boy stuff as they are going through and getting rid of theirs.  So, I am pretty set.  I have tons of cloth diapers (which I am not using with DD2 right now, too stinky for my sensitive stomach). We have the infant carseat still from DD1 (and DD2) and our van is big enough.  We are pretty much set with everything.


Hoping it all goes smoothly!  I am night weaning DD2, she was down to 1-2 times a night, so it has not been too hard.  She isn't putting up much of a fight, most likely since my milk supply tanks right away.....


I have my first appt. with the midwife on Tuesday.  I guess at 7 +5, there is a SMALL small small chance to hear baby.  I am hoping.  We are going to share the news with my sister and her family this weekend as we will be with them the whole weekend and there is no way she will miss the signs.  I would love to have confirmation that all is well.


I think we may do a elective US at 15 weeks to find out the gender..... I am still trying to decide.  DH really wants to find out this time (we did with DD1, but not DD2).  I want to get rid of anything we are not going to need, so purging all of the clothes that we won't need as this will be our last baby.


Anyways, that is all from me.

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Since this is #3 for us we'll have to figure out the car situation. I am pretty dead seat against a minivan (only because I hate large cars) so we have to find a sedan that has a wider backseat. We have a Nissan Versa and whereas we love it, it's just not gonna work. I would love a car with a third row seat, but the only one I know of that's still pretty compact is the Mazda 5 (I think?) but two friends have it and they hate it/it's always in the shop/etc. We're moving into a new house in August that has three bedrooms and a lot more space in general than what we're used to. So at least that's set!


One of my things to do this week is to get a midwife. I have some solid recs and just need to make calls. 


And we are definitely having an ultrasound to find out gender because I'm too curious! We found out with our boys, too. Can you really do it at 15 weeks? I thought it was more like 20.

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