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Done for the year? Homeschooling year round? Planning for camps?

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So where are you in your homeschool year now that it's June?

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We have 8 days of school left, which will still put us done a little over a week before public schools in the area, and at the same time as a few of the privates. The other private schools go until the last week of June, as do the public schools. At this point, we're mostly compiling portfolios of work, doing independent reading, and having fun with science. 


We'll start right up again in July with summer curriculum, which does go on our IHIP (Individualized Home Instruction Plan) that we turn in every year, and starts our clock for the year counting again (we have to do 180 days). But, it'll be lighter fare than Sept-May are for us. Reading novels and writing about them, museums, zoos, experiments, and some Math review. 


The kids have camps too, some of which "count" toward their 180 days, and some of which don't. I guess we have 3 weeks worth of camps and 3 weeks worth of family trips. The rest of the summer will be pool, playground, and games!

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I think the public schools here let out last week. Our umbrella school calnder runs from aug 1 to the end of the next july and we have to do 172 days during that period. 


Personally we are pretty relaxed/eclectic/unschoolish, so I give them a tenative plan at the begining of the year but we don't always follow it. 


Summers just depend on where we are at at the moment and what needs to be done. I have a baby due in 4 weeks so not a lot of field trips over the next few months. We did our vacation a few weeks ago. Spent a big chunk of our tax refund getting them lots of hands-on stuff they can work on while I am resting, logic puzzles, activity books, etc.. They have their online reading and spelling to do once a week plus lots of practice with their Bob books. Also have their handwriting books to do when they want. 


Need to have my son evaluated sometime before August. We own our business so he helps my husband a lot there and also spends time at home working on different engineering and construction projects with legos and other building kits. 


My oldest daughter goes to all my prenatals and will be at the birth, so I count that toward her science.


The other three aren't under any requirements this year, we just work on the basics with them.

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We homeschool year round. No camp here.

We will start mostly new curriculum/grade level in late August or early September.

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We are just starting our homeschool journey (dd is 5) but we plan on continuing the same schedule throughout the summer and officially starting our K year in September, so year round for us!

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Unschoolers, ages 5.5 and 7.  So, due to age and style, homeschooling is year-round, every day.  And though we are taking gymnastics off this summer, it seems like other kinds of learning accelerates during the awesome summer weather.

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HS a 9 year old 4th grader and hav ea toddler running around. Classical homeschoolers. homeschooling year round.. We pretty much finished with what grade level we were doing in May some late April so were going on to the next level.

Were taking this week off for traveling and visiting family then schooling from my parents place the remainder of the summer. We will take a week off sometime in July and a few weeks in late August Early September as well.



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We start our homeschooling when the pool closes and stop when the pool opens, LOL.  I have no intention of formally homeschooling year-round because I think we all need breaks and have lots of time to just have fun and relax, plus I think dd would dislike doing our homeschool while all her friends are on summer break, even though she loves what we do.  The public school here just ended yesterday and it starts back at the end of August.  We ended the Friday before Memorial Day and start back the Tuesday after Labor Day, so that lacks about 2 weeks on the public school system.

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Unschoolers here. Summer changes things because certain out-of-home activities either finish or start up, and our recreational opportunities (for alpine hikes, mountain-biking, swimming in the lake, gardening and so on) kick in. Otherwise things carry on as usual. 


Gymnastics and violin lessons will be over in the next couple of weeks. Violin group class and choir are also done.


There's a mountain-bike camp for one week in July, a kids' theatre experience after that, some swim lessons, and then a music camp in August. 


Academically dd is hoping to continue to do some science bookwork and a nature study in secondary succession at an avalanche chute during the summer. She continues to dabble in math regularly no matter what. And we'll continue reading from our big Canadian history book and hopefully get the chance to explore a couple of historic sites near us that we've been too busy to get to this year. We have a totally awesome monthly Law & Government class for homeschoolers that will continue through the summer. There's a mock trial due in September that the kids will be working up to in July and August. 



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We officially take summers off.  Our "last" day of school was Friday.  On Monday, my 9 yo grabbed the dissection kit and said that she want to do that.  So we did.  We really do learn year round, but I like thinking of summer as being "off" because I don't feel the obligation to plan/motivate/etc as much.  I support the learning, but I make more time for myself too.  I guess we just drop grammar, handwriting, and history because we don't like them that much. . . unless we happen to stumble into a great history experience (museum exhibit or something).



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6yo DD.  We are finishing up.  Had a sort of "evaluation day" to see what we need to brush up on, or cover over the summer.  We do a curriculum, but are really laid back about it at this point, since we have only done K.  We will be taking July and August mostly off, and have scheduled two day camps for DD in July. August is going to be all about the new baby, and then we will pick up with our OM curriculum when Fall starts.

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Plugging along for now. We've always homeschooled year round, with breaks when we want them. There will be two weeks this summer when we have grandparents visiting, so the kids will be "off" then, and we might do a local VBS.

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We homeschool year round, and take a month off in the winter for travel and then take May off for the end-of-the-year.  We are on the 2nd day of school for the year now. :)

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We will continue, but move from eclectic style to unschooling this week with my six year old and three year old. Hoping to see if we can continue that way through next school year. I do have to send in a portfolio to the state and a curriculum for review for the next school year....

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we do year round -ish . as in we move to a fun lighter curriculum during the summer that we might not otherwise get to cover. (last year was a 'trip around the world' this year is Moving beyond the page.) But I don't stress as much about getting it down and we are a LOT lighter only doing 1 or 2 'school' things. about 10am the neighbor kids knock on the door and that's pretty much the last time I see my kids unless they are hungry hurt or tired. Who am I to argue with hours and hours of outside fun and mischief making.


This year will be a first camp for my 2 older kids. A Waldorf style week long camp. DSD will love it... DS1 I hope will do well as he has issues with any sort of group structure but I suppose we shall see. :)

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I have one kiddo, DS 11.  We have always HS year round with breaks as needed.  We took most of May off as we were moving.  Kiddo takes some online classes so right now its computer programming and just free reading.  We are in a totally new climate zone for DS and he is getting adjusted to the concept of 'weather' and such silly things.  I also moved from a yellow state, that functioned like a green state to a very orange state.  OMG!

Plans for 2012-2013 won't change much.  Still will be doing online classes for STEM needs and free reading for everything else.  Also have Rosetta Stone for French.


Camps scheduled this summer for robotics, programming and Art.   Hoping to have my own apt by the end of summer so kiddo can join a swim team for fall season!

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We homeschool all year. We take random breaks throughout the year. We are on one now, since public school is still in and I've been taking my brother's kids to/from school. Next week, we'll get back into our routines of gym/school/swim. I can't wait. Life is just smoother when the routines are in place. :) In July we have vacation bible school, but other than that, no camps or other activities. 

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We homeschool year round, with no regular schedule at all.  There are plenty of days when we don't do anything that could go in the homeschooling portfolio, and maybe there are more of those in summer, but I don't really thinks of them as "breaks," since there is no regular routine to take a break from.

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Things are definitely shifting as summer gets into swing.  My daughter is picking up dance classes and my son is working on a soap box derby car. We are taking naps during the day so we can stay up late, and ds and I are learning some of the constellations together.  We still read and watch documentaries and do other little projects, but it has been more art and music and computer focused time for him.  Lots of playing outside in the mornings, and then he goes off to do his own thing, so I have more time for preschooly activities with dd and the other little girl I watch during the week.  It's just as productive, though; I guess you could call it our summer curriculum.

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