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Preschool hours with baby on the way?

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We are contemplating a half day (afternoons) or whole day preschool for our 4 yr old. Expecting #2 beginning of Nov. would it be better for her to have school longer day or to be home with us in the mornings and then go in afternoon? I homeschooled her this year - but she has had school experience and I'm not worried about separation. My husband works from home so I won't be alone with the 2 either.


Any wise mama thoughts?

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my personal feeling is that 4 is too young for full day anything that is away from family 5 days a week...unless you work and have to put them in due to your circumstances, but I wouldn't choose it.


I have a four year old and our new baby came last Oct.. In Jan I put 4 yr old in afternoon preschool so that she could go have some fun, sing, play, create artwork,to  have someone else telling her what to do.  I taught her all  academic stuff so I didn't need preschool to teach her letters or numbers, but I thought she needed and outlet.  Worked out great and she loved it.  Worked out well for naps, too.

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Just my experience, but it was very positive for us to put dd1 in a 2 days a week full day program while dd2 was a baby. She loved it and it gave me a much needed break to breathe a bit with baby only without having to drive in the middle of a nap, since she was there for 6 hours, I could squeeze baby's 2 naps in the middle. Yet since it was only 2 days I still had plenty of other time to have fun with her on other days. Can you do certain days only or would it be everyday?

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When ds was born, dd (then 3.5) did a preschool program that was a couple mornings a week. In hindsight, something like what CanBoo described would have worked out better. She loved it and I think it was good for her, but maybe not so good for ds and I. It ended up being a little bit more hassle than it was worth.... loading up the newborn and the preschooler to drive her there, go home and spend maybe 1.5-2 hrs with just ds, then load him back up to go pick up dd. If the preschool is very close, the afternoon option might work out great. Sounds like she would do just fine in a full-day program as well, though.

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My dd is also a 3/08 baby and would thrive in an all day program. My ds went 4 half days at that age and he is an introvert and also did fine. My dd will be going 2 whole days and 1 half day next year. I would probably send her more but the time/money compromise, ywim? What I liked about afternoon preschool when I was in a similar situation is that it did give me a chance to rest in the afternoon after being my best in the morning. It did cut nap time short many times.

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Thanks for all the input. It's such a hard decision. Dd doesn't nap anymore and the school is literally across the street. Dh and I were discussing possibility of starting half day and then Switching to full as an option later but then she'd be switching classes and teachers - I think it's too much change. I don't know if I'll have a job either. Arg where's a crystal ball when you need one?
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You could always enroll her in the full day program and just not take her every day if that seems like a little bit too much for her. Especially since it's just across the street (how nice that it's so close!!!) I know some preschools don't like parents picking up and dropping off at all hours of the day and have times that the kids have to be there by, etc. but the preschool ds is in now pretty much lets you use the time however you need to, as long as you're paying the full-time rate anyway. Obviously some sort of routine is good but we have the option of coming home early/going in late which is nice.

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I found that my then 3-year-old (now 4) son started napping again after he did preschool three mornings a week.  The nice thing of it was he and my baby would nap at about the same time on those afternoons. I liked the morning preschool I did with him because he seemed to enjoy school in the morning and having the afternoon around the house. My daughter did afternoon preschool three days a week, and it wasn't my favorite. She also had given up naps before attending preschool, but she would come home tired and often slept close to the dinner hour. Then she'd be up too late at night because of such a late nap. I'm not the biggest fan of full day preschool because even many kindergarten-age children still get very tired from full day school (kindy is full day around here), and my personal concern is that it would be harder on an even younger child. It wouldn't be my choice, though I understand if it is other's preference or what their situation demands.

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I'd lean towards doing it in the afternoons so you don't have to worry about getting out of the house in the morning,

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I'd choose the afternoon option for now. At four, if she wants to go full time she will let you know. =)

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