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Getting my water birth after all!

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I had given up on the idea of having a water birth, because I'm stuck going to a hospital and the only one that allows it isn't covered by my insurance.  Or so I thought.  I recently discovered that another local hospital, in my system, allows water birth.  They also have a great reputation for being natural birth friendly, and are mostly staffed by midwives.  I have officially dumped my old, awful midwives and made an appointment at the new place.  I don't get to see them for the first time until next week (the 14th) but I am hopeful.  This really calms a lot of my fears about the birth (tearing, mostly), and I am happy to get away from the midwives who have been so awful to me so far.


Who else will be having a water baby?

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I'm hoping for a VBAC water baby! I labored a little in the tub with my son and didn't like it as much as the shower, but I'm hoping I'll be comfortable in the tub this time around!

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So glad for you.  Have you had a waterbirth before? I LOVE waterbirths.  SO comfortable. It literally feels like you've been given a dose of something. (Of course, what do I know, I have never had pain meds in labor...LOL)  But it really does soften labor.  Glad you found them!

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Sallyrae, I'm glad you have found someone who will let you vbac in a tub.  Are you staying home?  The hospitals around here insist on keeping vbacs strapped to a bed for monitoring.


No, I've never had a water birth.  My last birth was conventional and traumatic, so this will (hopefully!) be my "healing birth".  I have been feeling like staying in water is the only way I'd be able to do it, so I am so relieved to have found a way to make it happen.

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I'm also hoping that this will be my "healing birth." I'm actually birthing in a hospital. Weird, huh? The doctor is super hands off (I honestly have no time restraint at all for when I go into labor and when I have to come in - I can be two weeks overdue or more) and believes that a woman's body knows how to birth. He won't induce or even think about a c-section unless it's a serious complication. Strangely enough, I went with midwives last time and it felt more like birthing in a hospital. They didn't communicate with me during my labor at all and just came in to check on me every once in a while. I felt like I was not informed about anything. This time around, though, I feel like I'm more supported. I also decided to hire a doula this time, which is the best decision I could have made. :)

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I'm hoping to have a water baby.  I've seen two live births (my sister and a friend) and both of them were water births.  The mothers seemed so relaxed (given the circumstances) the process was peaceful and calm and beautiful.  I've heard, but not seen my sister give birth out of water as well, and it sounded much more difficult.  I'm really looking forward to being able to have a water birth.

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I'm hoping to have a water baby too. My midwife thinks it's something that I will enjoy, and I feel that way too. But I'm also open to birthing "on land" in case it turns out that I don't like the water! FeralFox--so glad you're getting the water birth that you wanted, and that you're far away from midwives who don't support you or make you feel comfortable.

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Congratulations! Such wonderful news and something you can surely look forward to as being a part of your labor experience. 

Planning on having a waterbaby too! joy.gif

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So glad you're getting the water birth you want!


I'm having a water baby too, at a midwife-run birth center.  So excited!

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Yay for finding a better option all around! joy.gif


I'm hoping/planning for a waterbith (God willing, we are birthing at a freestanding birth center, so definitely won't have to fight for it!), but I'm open to the fact that it may not be the most comfortable thing for me/my labor. But given how I adore soaking in the bathtub in a non-pregnant state, I'm betting I'm going to like it!

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I didn't birth in water last time, but for the first two days at home, before transferring, I was in the pool a lot.  It was pretty much the only thing that offered relief.  I was surprised at how much relief, actually.  I'm looking forward to doing it again, and hoping it'll make the process easier on Husband, too.

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I may be having a water birth too!  We have purchased a (used) birthing pool and I'm looking forward to having it as an option for our homebirth.  Having never done this before I have no idea if I will feel like being in the pool, but it looks like such a wonderful thing.  My Hypnobirthing class showed a lot of videos of women birthing in water and they seemed very peaceful. 

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Loved my waterbirth! If I have a longer labor this time, I'd totally do it again. (My midwives let you use their pool for free, you just pay for the liner and hose.)

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I'll be at a freestanding birth center, but last I heard they can't allow water births because their supervising physicians won't approve it (and even if they start allowing it, most of the midwives there would not have recent water birth experience so they might not be comfortable with it). I get to labor in water, though, and the jacuzzi tubs look really nice. I'm slightly worried that it will be a pain to get out of the water to push, and that I might be kind of resistant to it in the moment, but hopefully the midwife/nurse/my partner/my mom will be able to convince me to get out. 

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