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Let's talk about it - JUNE!

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Thought it was time for a new thread, since it is June! How's everyone feeling these days?  For me, somewhere between 7 and 8 weeks, extremely sore breasts and going to bed as early as possible.  I don't seem to get MS, thank goodness.  Been trying to keep the constipation under control with lots of fruit and a few prunes every day.

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Food has been all about protein for me.  Peanut butter, cheese, nuts, meat, eggs. I can't seem to get enough of it which is funny because normally I'm a fairly low protein person.  Sour is also fantastic.  Grapefruit juice in the morning is helping a lot.  


It's a good thing I only have a week left of teaching.  I'd rather not let everyone I work with know yet but it's getting really challenging to hide the belly since I'm fairly small framed to begin with.  The weather around here has been cool so I've been able to add layers.  Fortunately, everyone is so busy with the end of the school year, I think they are less observant than usual.  I'm dreaming of the yoga top skirts I got from Old Navy.  Those are going to be my go to bottoms for the summer.  Super soft, can wear them over or under the belly...


What am I going to do about a bathing suit this summer?   We normally spend most mornings at the local lake and I'm not sure my current suit is going to cut it.  Maternity suits are so expensive! 

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Last year I picked up a suit from motherhood maternity online clearance for under $20. It seems about the same as a regular tankini style suit in a slightly bigger size, so I'd just visit Target and find a tankini with a free fitting torso (and good bust support if you need it). I imagine it would work since the uber bellies shouldn't arrive until fall and winter anyway. smile.gif
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The cat is out of the bag so to speak already. We had wanted to wait for the entire world to know but my belly is so obvious! My friends all called me out on it last night. Even my stretchy pants aren't cutting it. I'm also in a cleaning mode today and can't get enough done. Also can't stop eating GF Pizzelles. LOL Weird I know. That and feta cheese...yummm...Other than that, getting angry/teary at the DUMBEST stuff which is SO unlike me and needing to take quick mini-breaks between tasks just so I don't overdo it and tire myself out completely.

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I went for a viability scan yesterday (not my usual thing, but after blighted ovums in September and February, my fear was overriding my instinct this time around) and saw & heard a wonderful heartbeat.  Such a relief!  Now I feel like I can put the fear on the back burner and trust my instinct again, and go forth whole-heartedly with this pregnancy.  

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I've started feeling better the past few days, really only feeling nauseous in the evenings before bed.  I'm hoping it's real and not just a fluke.  lol

I am amazed that I've made it to 9 weeks and haven't thrown up yet.  Despite the month of all day nausea, and the random bouts of it now, it's hard to believe the pregnancy is real because I'm not sick like I was with my other two.  


I ended up needing an ultrasound yesterday.  I was having extremely sharp pain on my right side for a few days (nothing like round ligament pain as I'm experiencing that as well) and I couldn't ignore it anymore even though I haven't had any spotting.  It was extremely painful.  The little bean is measuring perfect based on my LMP, the heartbeat was 167, and everything looks good.  

The ultrasound tech seems convinced the pain I'm experiencing is because I ovulated on that side, which is the same side I had a dermoid cyst removed and there's a possibility I have a lesion.  I'll find out more, hopefully, when I talk to my midwife next week.

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Broodymama - joy.gif so happy for the good news!

Showing so soon is not familiar to me. In my last pregnancy we hardly told anyone until I was past 19 weeks and even then I wore my regular jeans. I felt a little pudgy and thought it showed but no one mentioned it or said they knew better. It was almost sad having to wait so long to look how I felt. This time is looking like a repeat. greensad.gif
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yay broodymama and itsajenism! Sorry autumngrey that you want to be showing already! Funny how with each subsequent pregnancy our bodies show and tell earlier than the previous. I was the same as you, autumngrey until this one.

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Originally Posted by PatchChild View Post

What am I going to do about a bathing suit this summer?   We normally spend most mornings at the local lake and I'm not sure my current suit is going to cut it.  Maternity suits are so expensive! 


bikini biggrinbounce.gif

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Originally Posted by kawa kamuri View Post


bikini biggrinbounce.gif

I concur! That's what I'm doing! Don't have to worry about the belly and how enormous it is. 

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Last time, I didn't need maternity pants until I was 6 months!  Now I can't button my work pants at 8w.  I suspect it's due to the 15 lbs I gained before I got PG, but I was really not thinking I would need to pull out the maternity stuff yet!

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Mmmm, grapefruit juice sounds good!


I'm almost 10 weeks now and feeling pretty good.  Not as tired, not as bloated, not as weepy, and my breasts are barely tender anymore.  Mostly I'm hungry!  But yeah, we're putting off telling people for as long as possible and so I'm putting effort into wearing any of my loose dresses or ruffle-y tops that don't completely give me away.  I've been cramming everything that's too tight to be comfortable for my belly now into my bottom drawer - and the stuff I can actually wear is becoming scanty.  I definitely need to keep hitting the thrift store - I'm not doing maternity any time soon - I just need some looser stuff in the boobs and belly region.  I definitely have a tummy - but lots of non-pregnant women do, too - so I don't think anyone will say anything just yet!  I've been laying kind of low, too, for the same reason.  It's a good time to be introspective anyway.;)  I'm enjoying it.

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I am so not showing at ALL :(  I think I have a strange shape or something, my belly is naturally 'teardrop' shaped and in the mornings I look just as flat as ever, maybe a little wider and by the scales I've gained 8 pounds.  Only real difference is how big my boobs are.  I'm about 9.5 weeks right now and still queasy at times and tired at timed but not as often.  I seem to have more energy.  Only after a huge meal or when I'm really gassy at the end of the day do I look 'pregnant', but after a night of getting up to pee four times/ripping the most obscene farts ever I look the same and can wear all my clothes except for jeans that were always a little too tight.  I can't wait until there's something actually there to take a picture of~  just doesn't feel 'real' until there's something to see.  

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I'm in the same boat as you.....  :)

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Originally Posted by Gr8fulMama View Post

Last time, I didn't need maternity pants until I was 6 months!  Now I can't button my work pants at 8w.  I suspect it's due to the 15 lbs I gained before I got PG, but I was really not thinking I would need to pull out the maternity stuff yet!

I'm in the same boat as you!

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Hmm, bikini. If I can find one with a top that I won't feel like I'm falling out of. I've never been good at that kind of thing. I can just imagine building sandcastles with my son and having a friend lean over to tell me I've fallen out of the too again. That would be soooo me.
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So fun to read everyone's posts and laugh!


I'm officially eight weeks and feeling quite well. My biggest issue seems to be figuring out what sounds good to eat. I get the most bizarre cravings and usually when I take a few bites of what I was craving, I lose my appetite for it. And most of the things that I usually love to eat seem to have no appeal. Oh well. I'll survive.


At this point, I still don't feel like I'm showing at all but I know I've gained a bit of weight. Thank heavens for summer dresses. I'm going to keep this a secret—as much as possible—until I've past twelve weeks.


I'm really thankful that I can write and talk about things here. smile.gif

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I'll be at 10 weeks on Sunday, and my stomach is definitely pooching out more.  I've only gained maybe 3-4 pounds, so it's bloating or baby or something! 


We are waiting to tell people as long as possible, we're just not ready to share the news yet.  We're meeting with a couple of midwives next week, and I told our chiropractor, but other than that nobody else knows!  We're going to visit family in Arizona in August, around 18 1/2 weeks actually, maybe we can wait until then and surprise everyone with my obviously pregnant belly :)  I was definitely showing by about 15 weeks last time, and seeing as my belly is already "assuming the position" I can only imagine I'll be looking like a pregnant lady at 18 weeks!  That would actually be pretty hilarious...and it would cut down the time that people have to ask stupid questions!


We are planning a homebirth this time, which I can only assume would be met with a ton of resistance from the majority of both our families, so I really just don't want to talk to anyone about it.  I even told DH that I don't want to tell people about it.  He seems to think I was being too sensitive about the pushback we got for making "different" decisions for DD (baby led solids for one thing...why was that a big deal anyway?), but sensitive or not I don't feel like being a crusader for homebirth right now, I just want to have one of my own in peace and quiet!! 

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Clarasmama, I completely understand what you mean by things being easier when you just show up obviously pregnant.  Assuming that I can keep things under wraps for another week I can get away without telling my co-workers.  Then I can just show back up to teach in September 20 week pregnant.  

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Clarasmama, I would just keep it under wraps for a while then!  I got a lot of comments from my family (mainly my dad) when I was pregnant with #2 and planning my first homebirth.  Luckily nobody says anything anymore.  After #4 was born (total labor <30 min), my dad finally admitted it was a good thing I have homebirths, or else I would have given birth in the car.

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