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I'm still early on, almost 12 weeks, but I swear I've been feeling baby gymnastics for a couple of weeks! Not all the time, mostly when I'm sitting and my uterus is slightly squished, but it's definitely not gas smile.gif
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Originally Posted by kawa kamuri View Post

babyf.gifI've felt the baby move every day for the last few days. Someone is in there! Any fetal movement from other top of the month mamas?

Whoa!  That is pretty cool...a few times I thought I might have felt something, but I'm only 12 weeks so not so sure!  


BUT, big news here was the I got to hear the heartbeat today!  Now this is starting to feel REAL!

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I'm 13w so not far off from you. Amazing heartbeat!!! 

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I haven't felt anything yet (12 wks tomorrow) and still haven't gotten a doppler heartbeat...but had a free us two weeks ago and all was well...


edited to add: JUST HEARD THE HEARTBEAT!!! woohoo! the little one was swimming about and dodging but I finally heard it for a good minute!!!!! *whew* I feel better now :)

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There are some things you can only share with other pregnant women, you know? Like yesterday morning, I was doing housework and wasn't wearing a bar and my boobs started to leak a little. I was so happy! And yet I feel so silly saying that! But it's been almost 9 years since I nursed a baby, and I'm so looking forward to that again. biggrinbounce.gif

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I've definitely felt squiggles going on. I'm early yet to be feeling it. It feels like an octopus in there. :-) Lots of fun. I know it's not gas. Typically happens when I'm squishing my uterus or on my back. Everything is happening earlier. HUGE cravings today. Like I HAD to have croissoints this am and 5 guys for lunch. LOL

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Almost 12 weeks here and my appetite is coming back a little.  I HATE sweets, which I guess can be a good thing.  If I eat something sweet, my body tells me "don't do that!!!" almost instantly.  I have been enjoying fruit smoothies (no sweetener added) about once a week and frozen blueberries quite a bit.  Those are nice pick-me-ups that don't make my body hate me.  I've been trying to eat healthy for the last 2 weeks, as I was eating pretty poorly during the super nauseated weeks.  I ate what I could stomach, which meant egg mcmuffins and hash browns every morning, yuck!  I've definitely been more drawn to salty and savory this time.  Since cutting out the fast food, I am feeling much better and think I may have lost a pound or two.


I have no clue what the gender is.  With DS 1, I looooved sweets, and I wasn't sure about the gender.  With DS 2, I liked sweets okay but preferred healthy stuff, and I knew he was a boy!  Hoping for a girl but sort of daydreamed a while back that I would have three little boys!  I would be happy no matter what!


Still deciding about the placenta.  I have someone lined up that can do it, but it's pretty pricey!  I feel like it would be worth it.  We'll see!

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I know I shouldn't complain, given how many women here have been so sick and pukey, but I just need to whine a minute. I'm 12 weeks now and still feel yuck, spontaneously, throughout the day. Never horrible, never throwing up, just sudden out of the blue yuck. I know that food fixes it, and I'm guessing it's related to not having enough water, but still. I'm tired of it.

Ok, done whining, we now return you to your regularly scheduled chat.
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PatchChild I know what you mean! I'm usually okay, but sometimes throughout the day I just get hit with waves of feeling "blech" for lack of a better descriptor.

I feel kinda weird right now in general, since it's officially second trimester now, but we still won't see our midwife for another month most likely! Everything is fine, normal, no cramps or spotting, growing like I should...it's just so different from last time when we had already had 2 appointments, blood work, more coming up, etc. The fact that we still haven't told our families (all out of state) probably makes a difference too since they all knew at about 6 weeks last time! It's been nice and quiet, and I like it smile.gif
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At 14w I'm still a little gross feeling. Actually, I didn't start feeling very bad til almost out of the 1st trimester. It is getting better.  

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amazing how each pregnancy is different.

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I was feeling great for 3 days, eating wonderful and healthy, organized my daughters room, cleaned the house, was waking up really early. I thought i was out of the first trimester blues, Nope, i have been sitting on the couch for 2 days not doing anything, cant eat much at all, and so darn emotional. im either super happy, or crying, or ticked off. And my face was clearing up until yesterday too! Im ready for week 14 to hit so maybe some of this will go away.

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Mine has been going in waves like that, too. I'll feel really good for 2-3 days and start thinking that I'm getting passed all the nausea/fatigue and then it hits me hard and I spend the next few days feeling pretty bad. It's not as bad as it was in the early weeks, but can still get pretty bad sometimes.  


I've had some bizarre (for me) cravings. The other morning I was craving jelly donuts, jalapeño poppers and Corona. At the same time. These are things I haven't had in years. The next morning I was craving sauerkraut. There's a local company here who makes an awesome Ruby Red Kraut that I love so DH ran to the store to get it for me. I did not have cravings like these with my previous pregnancies and certainly not this early on. The only thing I really craved with those was red meat, and spicy salsa with DS2. 


My bloating has gone down a lot and I'm not looking nearly as "pregnant" as I did before. 

I might be feeling some little bumps every once in awhile (aways in the same spot just above and to the right of my pubic bone), but it's still early enough that I'm not entirely sure.  



MIL just informed me that she won't be missing the birth of this baby and said she was going to crash on my floor starting at 38 weeks. *sigh* I think she was sort of joking (at least about sleeping on my floor), but I also believe it was her passive aggressive way of saying that she "has to" be here for it. 

I had hoped that we had gotten passed this after the birth of DS2 when I did not call anyone when I went into labour. Besides my MW, the only person who received any sort of notice from me was a good friend who would have been DH's backup if need be. I do not want MIL, or anyone else, at the birth. So glad I've been through this before though so I don't feel bad at all about doing the same thing I did last time and just not letting anyone know. I am bracing myself for possibly having to deal with MIL asking me every day, several times a day, how things are going and I've already talked to DH about my desires not to have anyone here. Thankfully, DH has no problem with that and feels the same way that I do. 

My mom is similar in wanting to know updates every hour, but she at least respects my desire to not have anyone here and steps back when it comes down to it. 

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Ugh, I think I have a bladder infection! greensad.gif
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