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Hey Dove, good to hear you are feeling better!  Wow I dont understand why your DD would only weigh 13.5lbs either, that seems really low.  Since you are on the TF forum I am guessing that you eat a pretty good TF diet (therefor you have nutrient rich breasmilk) and feed her the same?  Is she (and you) getting lots of GF meat, FCLO, eggs, avocados, butter, etc?  My DS was 9.5lbs at birth and is almost 20lbs at 7 months now.  I know that boys weigh a little bit more than girls normally but I would be concerned too.  Let me know what the LC says.  WHen I was pregnant with DS I was still nursing DD, but I didnt get preg until she was 1, so she was already on a lot of solids and not really NEEDING the BM.   I was worried that the fetus wouldnt get what it needed so was asking around and researching and was told that the mothers body will supply the fetus first, then the nursling, then itself if there are nutrients left.  So, if your not taking in enough nutrients then your DD could be deprived, because your body feeds the fetus first.  Sorry I am not trying to lecture you on nutrition, I'm sure you have it covered.  Oh and if your taking a prenatal vit, be sure its whole foods based!  I posted a link in a previous post, if you are looking for a good prenatal. 

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Thanks, yes I think I am eating well, I have eggs, FCLO, raw milk, butter, coconut oil, GF meat etc every day... I don't think it really has anything to do with the pregnancy as she stopped gaining about 2 months before I became pg... we are seeing the LC this afternoon so I hope she has some ideas, will let you know what she says...


Still feeling nauseous and DD was up three times last night, feel like I was hit by a truck lol, the gloomy awful weather doesn't help either.

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Dove, that's very exciting about your beef order! I am already drooling over the thought of picking up some pastured lamb this summer, though our freezer is pretty stocked with beef roasts. Lamb has to be my favorite meat! We can order a pastured animal through our farmer's market, and last year I barely made it on the tail end of their list--this year I will jump right on it asap! eat.gif

You might google "dad's sneaky pudding recipe" it is a tasty recipe to pack the pounds on skinny minnies--my lo was pretty slight and we had to work pretty hard to keep the lbs on her. Her doc advised putting butter on EVERYTHING too, haha. Ds really slimmed down after he started walking, and I was concerned, but then when I got pg, he discovered our raw milk supply and has bulked up a lot since. He still nurses a lot, too, but I def feel my supply has dipped and I'm hungry all the time. We have to eat like we are carrying twins with those little nurslings!

So I have had a big shift away from the food aversions and can eat rich breakfast foods again, yay! Also have had a big burst of kitchen energy and have gotten back on track with soaking and sprouting, mixing kombucha, etc. It takes a lot of work to eat this way, esp with grains and beans in the mix! Trying to get up the nerve to start my sourdough culture . . . and I've got a big harvest of greens coming in the garden--want to make kimchi but dang, that's a lot of work! I ordered these pickle pro lids so my LFs will be more potent smile.gif I wish I had a batch cooking buddy!

Here's the worrisome: we went on mini vacation for 3-4 days and totally ate crappy the whole time--chips, organic cookies lol, lemonade, continental breakfast, cooler sandwiches, etc. LOTS more bread and sugar than I am accustomed to (pre pg I had been mostly paleo for several months). Well, we got home, the fridge was bare, we had nothing ready to go, and I was sun beat and wore out. I laid down while dh went to get chickn strips (I know, I know), and TOTALLY had the freaky vision loss thing associated with gestational diabetes! 3 days of eating SAD is all it took? Scared the CRAP out of me, and I ate a bite of everything I could find in the house while waiting for dh to get home with PROTEIN lol.gif

So it was a huge wake up call, and I got really serious about getting back on the tf wagon and nourishing my body and babies right. It's no joke, pregnancy and nursing together is a real challenge. It's got to be my most important job to keep the good food accessible for us. I am so frustrated, though, why does my body crave sweets and bread so much and detest the things I know are good for me? Like eggs and fatty meat, it doesn't make sense.

I'm listening to the wake up call and spent pretty much all the next day menu planning and getting beans/grains soaking, bone broth bubbling, etc. Hit the grocery store today and got us stocked up on supplies. I had been letting the breads/unsoaked grains creep in on the justification that pg ladies need to be getting the b vitamins through whole grains, right? But obviously my body is not tolerating all these carbs greensad.gif so I am going to stick with properly prepared beans/grains at one meal or snack per day, keep taking my prenatals (I've been able to add in the fclo, too!), and generously sprinkling the nutritional yeast on salads, etc. Going to try taking the Organ Delight tonight, too. I don't think I can handle more than six caps a day, tho, so it's goingto be 2 RL, 2FCLO, 2 DR RONS at bedtime and the rest has to be through diet.

Also, saw a blog post abt making eating tf easier and decided to follow their advice of cooking up a lb or two of ground beef (will add in a bit of liver) and boiling a dozen eggs at the beginning of the week--just for snacking, topping salads, etc.
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craft_media_hero, would you please share how you make your bone broth?  I have a hard time making it redface.gif

What are pickle pro lids?

How do you cook/serve lamb when you have it?

What blog post did you read?   I need more ideas on eating TF!  I recently made this awesome salad dressing tho that I'm really excited about!  It is EVOO, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper mixed up and poured over spinach!  Hope it tastes good on collard, I have  a bunch growing in my garden this year!  I got my garden planted late (and I live in the north so shorter growing season!) so I am really hoping it hurries up and grows big and starts producing lol, I'm getting sick of picking through whatever organic veggies the store decides to carry, and having to settle for not organic because they are out of organic!

That is scarey about the GD thing, I didnt know that vision loss was associated with GD, but a friend of mine (who eats SAD), had that happen to her when she was in early pregnancy, dont think she ever had GD tho.  Her new baby is not healthy tho, that is for sure.

I just was reading on westonaprice.org about pregnancy diet and it got me inspired!  If you guys are needing more inspiration lol

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This is how I make the bone broth:
Take clean picked bones, joints, any leftover fat and skin of 1-2 chickens (I freeze the bones in big ziploc bags until I have 2), add generous splash of acid (I use at least 1/4 C. Lemon juice or apple cider vin), add abt 3Tb+ of fav herbs (sage, thyme, oregano), halve an onion and throw it in and a few cloves garlic (no need to peel), 1-2 celery ribs and carrots are good but not required. In fact, all of the veggies are optional. Sprinkle in some pepper and sea salt, tho you may later add more. You can add peppers and tomatoes, too, but skip the cabbage family andbroc family because long cooking of those can make the broth taste bitter. Cover with water (some swear it must be filtered, but I use tap because we buy our drinking water and dont use it for cooking). Bring to a boil. I boil on high for abt 1/2 hr to an hr, then reduce heat to low or simmer, but make sure it keeps bubbling. Cook 24 hrs or til you can fish out a larger bone (leg bone) and it crumbles when squeezed in your fingers. I notice it cooks faster on the stove than the crockpot, but I prefer 24 hrs in the crockpot--the flavor seems richer to me and I don't have to leave the stove on. Then you can strain it into jars or (if in the crockpot) simmer on low all week and replace the liquid with water as you take it out with a ladle (this is called perpetual bone broth, and I like the method, google it!). I find we are more likely to drink it as a beverage daily if I do the perpetual crockpot method whereas I more use it for cooking if I have strained it into jars. Unfortunately my crockpot died just as I started this batch and I had to switch it to the stove greensad.gif

Lamb--love yummy lamb chops, breaded with lots of herbs and pan seared, lamb roasts with lots of vegetables, cut into bits and marinated then kebabs, or my fav is a marnated lamb steak cooked med rare on the grill eat.gif

Here is a video from gnowfglins using the pickle pro lids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFYkBKxt5vI&feature=youtube_gdata_player I am excited about them because they fit on regular wide mouth jars! So you don't have to buy special jars for lacto fermenting. They keep the oxygen from creeping in, making a super happy environment for the beneficial bacteria.

Yeah, the vision loss thing happened to me twice toward the end of my pg with ds--my mw toldme to eat a big meal, drink a lot of water, and lay on my side til it cleared. I guess it happens a lot during pg and youre not supposed to freak out unless it lasts more than 2 hrs. I was vegetarian through the pregnancy and ate healthy whole foods but really dependent on the beans and grains. I now feel guilty for sticking veg thru my pg, but I just want ready then greensad.gif It really freaked me out this time, though, because I thought I had been doing pretty good until our mini vacay. I think I am underestimating the nutritional load needed for pg/nursing together, but I am taking it mucho seriously now!

Have been making the rrl/nettle infusion nightly and drinking a quart a day and did fine w/ taking the Dr Rons organ delight last night. I feel a little nausea this mornng, but thats par for the course. Reading up on the wapf guidelines for pg or nursing mamas was a good reminder for me--I really am doing most of that except seafood 2+ /wk (more like once a wk here) and all the eggs--prob only eat 2/day. I'm making it my job to become a giant eater, though lol.gif

This is my last pregnancy and opportunity to grow a tf fetus! The first tri has ben rough and I've def eaten way more bread stuff than I think isideal, but I'm coming around the bend now orngbiggrin.gif
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Oh, I forgot to mention, after I strain the broth, there is still marrow in the soft bones, skin, bits of meat, and fat left. I put it in my blender then freeze in ice cube trays and feed em to my cat smile.gif
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Oh thank you thank you thank you for all of that awesome info!!!  WOW!!  I am so grateful I cant even express it!  Lol, seriously!

Pregnancy + nursing is a huge load, and I was unable to do it through my last pregnancy.  My first trimester, I lost 12lbs, and by 20 weeks I had gained only a few of those lost pounds back, but was still under my pre-pregnancy weight.  My pants were constantly falling down, and were really loose everywhere.  I weaned DD (16.5 months old) when I was 21wks pregnant, and gained 10lbs in 1 week!!  I didnt know about TF at the time.  I did eat meat, cheese, eggs,butter,  drink raw milk, but I also ate a lot of unsoaked grains, breads, etc.  Mostly organic everything.  I needed to eat more veggies, ferments, fat with the meat (I would drain my hamburger and cut off every tiny speck of fat from my steaks), liver, bone broths, FCLO, etc, and way less to none of the grains and sugars that I was eating.  I think that if I had been following a TF diet that I could have done much better!  I would eat boxed cereal every morning, preconception, pregnancy, and first part of lactation I did that, then realized how bad it was!  I used to be the person who thought that as long as something is organic, it is healthy, but that is not the case.  If its an emergency or something, than organic boxed cereal, mac n cheese, etc is ok with me, but its not something I think shoud be consumed all the time like I used to.  I also think I might have a problem with my blood sugar from years of overloading my body with sugar and white grain products and not eating healthy food.  I want to get a glucose meter actually :)   I know that I get hypoglycemic sometimes.   Anyway, thats totaly off topic sorry :)

I am thinking to myself what I can do to improve my body/health for another pregnancy, and I'm also wanting to get good at fermenting, canning, and bone broths.   Purslane is finally growing in my garden so I've been eating that every day, horray!!  lol

Oh, are you guys subscribed to the mercola.com newsletter?  There was this totally shocking article today, I didnt know this!!  Please read, totally freaked me out.  I do try to limit my use of plastic, but this is insane, and one of the comments also said that paper products like toilet paper, napkins, ETC contain BPA!!  Seriously!!?  And I didnt know that paper money contained BPA!!  RRGH!  I wonder what credit/debit cards are made of?  I always use my debit card rather than cash thankfully.  http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/06/20/bpa-free-plastic-still-toxic.aspx

I just started taking chlorella tablets today!  Starting verrry slow so as not to detox much because of breastfeeding.

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craft_media _hero- glad to hear you are feeling so much better! I know what you mean about the vacation, DH wanted to eat out twice last weekend and I felt so bad about it. I'm careful about what I order but still... I have a tendancy to be obsessive and controlling about things and I don't want to be that way about what we eat, so I try to follow the 80/20 rule (we usually eat more than 80 good, but that's the guideline).


Hope you had a good trip though! The vision loss thing is freaky, I've never heard to that! I've been craving sweets and carbs too, I was at the store today looking for chips that don't have MSG and ice cream that's not full of additives. Good thing I didn't find any lol! DH was mad and doesn't want us eating ice cream after I told him whats in it :p I do also crave sauerkraut (!) and meats and soups, just not keen on veggies and smoothies that sort of thing.


I made a rich beef broth yesterday in the slow cooker for 24+ hrs- yum! I hate the smell but it tastes good. DD loves it too. I like the sound of the perpetual broth! I usually do a whole pastured chicken, remove the breasts before cooking, simmer 2 hrs, remove the rest of the meat, and simmer a day or two.


We weren't able to get the GF beef delievered last weekend but hopefully this! Any tips on cooking it?


The consult with the LC went very well. She says DD has a posterior tongue tie and a lip tie, can't suck or latch properly and gets too tired to get the full milk etc. We are looking into getting it snipped, mean time I'm nursing as much as possible and might get a SNS just not sure if DD will like it as she hates anything plastic! It's just a relief to know that's it not my fault for having 'bad' milk or not caring for her right or feeding her enough etc...


Saw my MW today and everything is well, my BP is quite low as usual (100/60, last time was 80/60). I haven't gained any weight, but at least I haven't lost 11 lb like I did with DD. MW doesn't want me to have another huge baby like DD so said I need to exercise, but I think it's genetics as most of my family has big babies (10 or 11 lb- and us woman are all slender!) I just feel so tired most of the time, up with DD 2x a night and then she wakes up at 5:30 and DH watches her but I still don't sleep much after that... I want to start the RRL tea but and worried it will decrease my supply even further.


1love4ever I am scared to read that article! I am already paranoid about toxins etc I don't think I need more info lol. Ok, maybe I'll read it ;o) is the chlorella for detox?


Ok I am going to review the WAPF guidelines for preg moms and get a bit of motivation :o)

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Ok so I just read the article, it says Canada has declared BPA to be toxic, but I guess the rest of the stuff still applies?  I bought DD some sippy cups, I am not a huge fan of them but I thought it might be a way to get some raw milk into her.  She hates them though.  I guess I can't use them for her anymore.  We don't really use plastic otherwise thankfully.  We use recycled TP, wonder if that still has it...

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Hey Dove, just so you know, Ben and Jerrys ice cream doesnt have additives or hormones, but some of the flavors have corn syrup (not HFCS) and/or soy oil so dont get those, for sure!  There are organic ice creams too.  Chips, get tortilla chips made with organic corn, even Tostitos makes some of those.  Lundberg makes some really good organic rice chips too!

I have  a glass sippy cup for DD.  The glass one is from Amazon, its called Life Factory.  There are stainless steel ones too.  I have a Pura Kiki stainless sippy too, its not insulated and doesnt have handles tho but it works!!  What do you mean Canada has declared BPA toxic so that doesnt apply?  I think that just means that Canada recognizes it as toxic, but it doesnt mean its not used.  Just last yr the US FINALLY declared formaldehyde and styrene as carcinogens, which we've all known that for years, but they are still being used!!  I think it just means that they put that chemical on a list of "toxic chemicals". 

I crave carbs, pregnant or not!  RRGGH.

RRL tea will not make your supply drop.  It simply helps with every female function!

I'm glad you got stuff figured out with your DD.  I never thought it was your fault when I was asking you those questions earlier, I just wanted to be sure.  I am sure you are doing an excellent job!

Chorella is kinda for detox yes, here is what I got, there is info about them/their benefits and such underneath   http://livesuperfoods.com/live-superfoods-chlorella-tablets.html  And, this has more info here, and these actually look a little better than what I bought lol  http://www.luckyvitamin.com/p-262264-sunfood-superfoods-chlorella-tablets-250-mg-8-oz

I lost weight in my first tri with both babies.  But my second was worse because I couldnt gain even well into my second tri until I stopped BFing :(  But I like to think it was because of not following a TF diet!  But, I know I need to wait until DS is about 2 to TTC again, these 2 are way too close together, and I cant have 3 that are all really close!  lol

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Nevermind, after researching alittle, looks like both species of chlorella are actually the same thing, so I guess just go with the cheaper one lol.  I order my FCLO from livesuperfoods too.  I signed up for their newsletters, and twice a month they send you emails about sales.  Once in awhile its a 20% off site-wide sale!!  Love that!!  Usually its just 20% off one brand or group of items.  I also wantto try their maca powder, I wish I would hav ordered that last time.  I wait until there is a sale, and until I have $99+ worth of stuff I need so I can get free shipping!   So unfortunatly I will have to wait for my maca powder :(   My plan is to add it to tea, it says its good in tea.  And its my plan for my next pregnancy, to put it in my pregnancy tea!!  Oh I'm so jealous of you pregnant ladies!  I want to be pregnant, it is so fun and exciting!!  Lol.  I hope you guys dont mind me crashing your pregnant thread :/   I kinda feel like I am still pregnant, I was 7 months ago, seems like 3 days ago tho.  lol.  Anyway, night, I gotta get off of here.  I saw a beautiful pregnant lady today so being pregnant has really been on my mind!  Plus I'll be ovulating here in a few days.... rrgh lol.  So much for ecological breastfeeding, didnt work for me :/  haha

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Hi everyone! I am 17 weeks pg today with our first and it is nice to find some other people trying to eat this way while pregnant, especially when there is so much advice out there like, "Nibble on satlines to help morning sickness" and "avoid fish liver oils because too much vitamin a can harm your baby." Really!? I find myself shouting at the book/pregnancy app/computer screen sometimes :)

I know I'm late to the party but just wanted to throw my bit in about some of things y'all already talked about.

  • Don't feel bad, with travelling/working through my first trimester and mild-moderate nausea there were lots of times I fell of the TF bandwagon. I think even when we're eating things that aren't as good we still know what's best for us in the back of our mind, so that even if we're eating out we can figure out the healthiest thing on the menu, etc.
  • The cod liver oil you take is better than the cod liver oil you don't take! Before TTC I bought relatively cheap CLO capsules at whole foods, but once we knew we were going to try to get pregnant I spent the extra and ordered the green pastures liquid oil (their capsules are SOO expensive, especially with how much you're supposed to take with pregnancy). This worked fine during the TTC phase and the first few weeks, but once the morning sickness kicked in I just could not do it (I saw some of you had the same problem). It took me coming down with a really bad stomach virus to realize that I should at least keep taking the cheap ones from whole foods until I could tolerate the liquid again. Now I haven't had morning sickness for a while, but my gag reflex is still really heightened, so I'm trying to save up for the green pastures capsules (ouch).
  • I totally ignore the food warnings. In the booklet I received in my first appointment at the birth center there was a warning about lysteriosis. I flat out told my midwife that I would continue to consume raw dairy just as I had prior to conceiving. She told me that she had to advise me not to (legally) but that if she were me she would probably do the same thing. Now I am just trying to figure out how to pick up my weekly sushi order (while obviously pregnant) without anyone calling the health department on me ;)
  • I took New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal during prepregnancy and 1st trimester. It's food based and I think it's really good. I stopped taking it now though for a few reasons. Organogenesis is over and that is where there is the most risk from being deficient in one trace mineral/vitamin or another. It's summer and there is so much good food! I should be able to get that nutrition from my diet. Also, if I stop taking the prenatal it will help me afford the FCLO capsules which I think are a better investment nutritionally.
  • I have been trying to drink pregnancy tea, but I really don't enjoy cold teas and I can't bring myself to drink a hot beverage in Orlando in June. Any suggestions?
  • I too have been having trouble gaining weight (and I'm not even nursing another child!). I'm not 100% on what my prepregnancy wieght was, and I feel gigantic, but according to the scales at the birthing center I haven't even gained 10 lbs. And I also may have lost wieght between the first and second appts! I'm trying to eat 5 times a day but I'm a little worried too.

Anyway, I know this is a really long post but I couldn't wait to join the conversation. I don't live in a particularly "crunchy" area (I actually am starting to really like that term) either, and even when I do find people who are alternative apparently I am way more out there than them :/ It's nice to find some kindred spirits <3

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Aw, sorry you're feeling worse hug.gif
This morning was retch-tastic for me, but I do feel like overall I have more energy. I am still barely moving, though eyesroll.gif Is anyone else seriously struggling with housework? lol.gif I need that nesting instinct to kick in!
I've got to get a french press again so I can make herbal infusions, thanks for reminding me of that method for making the tea, Dove.
Today I spent driving all over town getting in and out of the car with the kids, running errands. And maaaaan, am I cranky! I feel myself getting super irritated over things that normally wouldn't get to me too much. I need to work on some mama meditation and chilling out.
Felt a little bit of crampiness today and took my cal/mag floradix. I don't think it's anything to worry about, but I feel a litle extra careful this time, maybe because I know it's my last pg? I've had two pretty un-notable pregnancies, and I hope we can get through this one with no hangups, too.
I cannot flippin wait to feel baby moving! That's so reassuring to me that all is well.


I have been soooo struggling with housework.  I'm 15 weeks now and starting to catch up.  But I'm pretty sure it's going to take me most of the summer to get thr house really cleared out and cleaned up. I have a lot of closets to declutter and too much stuff in general. (this isn't all from 1st trimester, it's from the past 2 years of building up, but the deep clearing out thats needed is just exacerbated by the total lack of housekeeping from the first three months!


I lost our last baby and also have some freak outs this time. 3 uneventful, healthy pregnancies left me pretty fearless until last time.  Now, even though I have amazing bloodwork, bp, 1st early sono, hear the heartbeat every time, etc. its taken me til now to really feel like I am actually going to get a baby out of the deal. (I mc at 14 weeks so that's expected I guess, to get past that point) 

I'm just starting to maybe feel flutters but when my mw was checking hb on wed she said omg, do you hear all the "fuzzy" noises on occasion?  That's kicking. You are going to have to get this baby running shoes as soon as it's born. " So that made me feel better too.






Like I said, I'm 15 weeks.  1st trimester was stupid when it came to food, I really just had to eat what sounded good.  I'm about 2 weeks in to feeling better and cooking, and starting to clean (the deep clearning out is rough on my allergies so I have to go in spurts.) But I'll get there.

I'm a yoga teacher (finishing school in August!  yay!), run a food coop, and am moving my way towards being a TF/Real food style health coach and teacher.  No official training in that actually, but I do it anyway for everyone. I'd like to incorporate that into my career.


This thread has got me thinking I can kick my butt into gear with the rrl/nettle iinfusions and taking my vits again.  I totally slacked off 1st tri. sigh.

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Glad to find this thread! I am either very newly pregnant (faint positive, AF not due yet) or if sadly this one doesn't stick I will be TTC again... so I guess either way this would be a good place for support for me.


I go back and forth with the whole Paleo/Primal/grain-free/Nourishing Foods perspective. In order to lose weight, which I've been working on for a while, I feel that I need to be grain free. But my goals in pregnancy would be to nourish myself and my baby, and I'm not sure what that's going to look like. I'm already feeling *gaggy* though it doesn't seem to be food related (just a general gagginess overcomes me at times.)


What do folks here think of Nina Planck's suggestions vs Nourishing Traditions? I'm a little wary of specific recommendations (i.e. eat certain quantities of things) but I am going to commit to a whole foods approach, and I hope to minimize grain because I really don't need to be gaining a lot of weight in pregnancy since I am already overweight. Hoping that since I will be in first trimester during the summer that I can take advantage of the light & fresh foods that are in season...

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I don't think that there is an inherant contradiction in the advice from Nourishing Traditions and Real Food for Mother and Baby. I have both books and I think they are both excellent resources. Like Nina Planck I found that while the recomendations put out by the WAPF for pregnant and nursing mothers are very good nutritionally, I just can't eat that much food in a day. So I just try to take it from a broader perspective of trying to include those foods in my diet as much as possible. I really like Nina Planck's perspective regarding the 3 trimesters: vitamins, calcium & protein, and fat. I know we should be getting all of these the whole time, but I like how it correlates to baby's development. It helps me connect with my baby thinking, I should focus on calcium right now because baby is busy turning all of that cartiledge into bone. Someone else I have found to be a good resource for eating traditional foods while pregnant is the blogger Modern Alternative Mama. She has an ebook that talks about pregnancy superfoods and ways to incorporate them into the diet. And because it's a cookbook there are also lots of recipes for putting those dietary principles into action. BetsyPage, she also has a whole ebook of grain-free recipes if you're interested.

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This thread has got me thinking I can kick my butt into gear with the rrl/nettle iinfusions and taking my vits again.  I totally slacked off 1st tri. sigh.

Me too, Millie Ivy. I am choosing not to beat myself up over it. We can support each other in our decluttering quest, too! We moved in here just weeks before ds was born so we still have boxes in the garage eyesroll.gif plus we have to set up our basement as a master suite (at least it's finished) since the two youngest will eventually be sharing the room we have now, and I now know dh, a baby, and I will not fit into this bed together. He spent months sleeping on the floor or couch after ds was born greensad.gif so this time we're goingto have a third bedroom set up from the get go. I'm feeling sentimental and want to make a little co-sleeping nursery in our closet--it's just within reach from the bed and could easily fit a little changing table and hanging bassinet--I didnt do a nursery with my others but having all kinds of "its my last chance!" feelings with this one redface.gif

I am thinking maybe I'm a little anemic? Which is ironic because I eat a ton of green leafies as well as red meat and beans, too. I just did the eyelid test (where you pull down lower lid and if it's not red you may be lacking iron). We cook everything in cast iron, too! I am light headed a lot which is what made me start wondering. So I think I'll start taking the floradix, too.

No way could I handle the liquid fclo! Probably not even without pregnancy as a gag factor. Even taking the caps makes me gag pretty often. I remember reading about a mama filling her own caps with a syringe and bottle of liquid fclo--that might make a huge cost savings. I just bit the bullet and bought the blue ice caps--I'm only taking 2/day but still feel like that's better than none.

I think the ginseng in the RL prenatals is bugging me--I was very restless and couldnt sleep after taking my vites last night, even tho I was really tired :/ so maybe time to switch.

I am not actually seeing a midwife yet. I'm not really happy with my options here at this time and debating doing prenatal care w/ a hosp mw then staying home in labor and doing fetal heart monitoring, only going in if heart tones get worrisome OR paying a lot out of pocket to choose out of two hb midwives, neither of which I really feel comfortable with. Sigh. Actually, I already know the second choicce s not an option---the one mw is super controlling, cold, and brusque andthe other is male (which is totally fine but I'm a sexul assault survivor and realistically I know I will have sphincter law keeping me from relaxing with any man except my hub lookng at my lady parts). My mw from ds' birth was soooo perfect for our fam, but she is many hrs away, and the drive is just not realistic at this time greensad.gif We'll figure it out, tho, I'm not too concerned but do thinkmI'll get the 20 wk anatomy u/s this time just because I feel a little nervous with this being our last baby. And dd and dh INSIST on finding out the sex this time eyesroll.gif dh actually seems pretty open to birthing at home without a mw, so that's comforting. He caught ds tho the mw was there love.gif

I'm so glad to see new folks on this thread! LOVE hearing about all your thoughts and experiences joy.gif

I'm almost 12 weeks today! I cannot WAIT to feel this little one fluttering around orngbiggrin.gif I felt my others around 14 wks, so trying to stay patient and sit tight.
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Hi Katie, Millie and Betsy, nice to have some more Mamas here! 

1love4ever, you're not crashing the thread, you'll be TTC at some point! joy.gif   I hear you on the EBF not working, well, I didn't totally do it w DD b/c we had such trouble nursing, it would take her an hour just to latch on, and then I couldn't wake her up to feed more than 6 times a day... and couldn't get the hang of my wrap or sling so didn't BW, and we only had a double bed so it was waaaaay to squishy for three!  (I can't sleep without DH, so DD slept in a bassinet next to me, which worked fine)  Anyway, we conceived #2 when DD was 6 months blush.gif which is great, we wanted them that close, but we don't use any BC just BF and NFP, so I'm really hoping to space our next few babies out a bit further!  Just for sanity's sake ROTFLMAO.gif


Real Food for Mother and Baby was my first intro to any way of eating rather than the usual SAD/mainstream 'healthy' eating.  It was mind boggling lol!  I read it partway through my second tri and found it helpful, but it took me a while to really get into a TF way of eating.  I can't eat everything, everyday, on the WAPF recommendations either, but I use it as a guideline and try to incorperate everything throughout the week. 


Ok, you have all inspired me, I'm going to start my pregnancy infusion.  going to add in some alfalfa this time as I've found some looseleaf and we don't do vitamin K after birth... I've heard confliting reports as to whether RRL reduces or increases milk so I'll see what happens.


craft_media_hero, hope you get the MW situation sorted out... I've felt flutters the past few days!  I didn't feel DD until at least 19 weeks, so this is pretty exciting (14 wks)!


I'm wondering what's going on with Green Pastures...I put in an order and FedEx said it was shipped and then that it had been cancelled by the sender!  Looking at my account online it says the order has been charged to my visa!  I've called them twice and emailed and heard nothing back... anyone else had this happen???  I need my CLO, I'm all out.  At least DD has hers left.  I don't think I can stomach the plain right now though. 

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I've found that I can not eat enough food in a day to get in all of the WAPF guidelines for eating lol.  I am definitely checking out those names/blogs that Katie mentioned!!  Do you have any links you could share?  You ladies have made me decide to buy Nina's book :)

Dove, my son hated the sling and other carriers, so I just carried him constatly, wish I could have done baby wearing tho.  And let me tell you, unless you have help, you are in for it :)  I conceived when mine was a year old and they are too close.  Doesnt help that my DH is a truck driver and is gone the majority of the time, and when he is here, he expects me to still take care of both kids because he doesnt know what to do because he's never here, and he always has projects to do anyway, so even when he's here he's not here!  And all of my family lives elsewhere except dad and brother, both of who work full time and dont come over just to hang out and help for hours like I'd like lol!  Anyway, as long as you have help and your DH gives the kids one on one time as well, then youll be ok.  We do NFP too, but its a lot easier since DH is gone so much.  My problem is I know WHEN i am ovulating, but not right before I am, and your supposed to avoid right before too.  My version of NFP is 0 technology, no temps, etc, just guessing basically lol!  Except when I am actually ovulating, thats not just a guess.  And we use condoms when needed.

Sorry, I know you pregnant ladies dont have periods to worry about!!

Have you ladies heard of Nutrapro BO?  Here is the Amazon link  http://www.amazon.com/Vitamin-Butter-Grass-Organic-12/dp/B004LKDKFC/ref=cm_rdp_product

craft_media: I am just starting to take chlorella, but one of its benefits is helping with anemia, and it has lots of nutrients in it besides.  Check the link I provided above.  Also, the ginseng could very well be the problem, my mw told me not to take the RL Organics because of the ginseng, and I took Garden of Life instead.  I no longer recommend New Chapter because they were bought out by P&G, so no longer trustworthy.

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1love4ever- BTW way thanks for the info about the ice cream, sippy cups etc I'll look out for stainless steel.  I just saw some Chlorella at the health food store today, it sounds really good.  Do you know if it's ok during pregnancy since it has a mild detox?


Um no we don't have any help!  Our family is all over the world and I don't think anyone is going to come over, DH wants his dad and stepmom to come even if we have to pay for it (from Europe) but I don't know them that well and I don't think I'd feel comfortable BFing in front of his dad etc...  I'd rather just have DH take a month off work.  DH works regular days usually, he is pretty good about helping, sometimes he is very tired but even if he can just hold the baby or read to DD while I am making dinner or busy with the other it will help.  I know it will be crazy for a while but I have only one brother 5 years younger so always wanted a large family and the kids close in age!  Have you checked out any books on FAM like http://www.amazon.com/Taking-Charge-Fertility-Anniversary-Edition/dp/0060881909/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340407780&sr=8-1&keywords=taking+charge+of+your+fertility or http://www.amazon.com/Taking-Charge-Fertility-Anniversary-Edition/dp/0060881909/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340407780&sr=8-1&keywords=taking+charge+of+your+fertility she even talks about traditional diets  in that one.

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Dove- do you have mercury fillings?  If no, then I'd go for it, starting slowly.  It is a whole food, and from the way it sounds it binds to the toxin and your body excretes it, it doesnt just free it into your body.   Plus of course all the other benefits.  Its so funny, my 2yr old saw me take a chlorella (I just swallow it like a pill), and she wanted one so I gave her one thinking she would think it was nasty, but she liked it and begs for them all the time now!  Yuck!  haha, but they are good for her.  I also heard that if your breastfeeding an older baby and worried about detoxing into your BM, to give some chlorella to the baby too and it will help her if you detox so she can detox too?  IDK, but since its a whole food I felt ok to give some to my son today.

I have seen that book before but no I havent read it,  thought about it tho :)  Lol, yeah like that really helps!

Are we close to the same age?  I get a feeling you are young like me :)

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