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I was looking at that one, too. I'd like to use some essential oils, so I'm thinking of making a flannel pad to wear under it. Still debating about the hip wrap. I might wait until the birth and see how I feel before I get one. I really like the idea of the suport though.

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I think I'm going to get this one, based on reviews. 


Thanks for the link - I just ordered one for myself yesterday!  So annoyed though that it cost me more than double $$ here in Canada... grrr...


MamaChickadee - thanks for the tip about correct positioning... hopefully I'll remember that, when the time comes....

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anyone happen to know much about how to heal scarring/stitching from birth? With DS1 my stitches took a long time to heal down there and Id like to prevent the same long haul recovery if I can this time around

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Okay, finally bit the bullet and ordered the one I linked to! I found it for about ~$5 cheaper than I had before - I think it's the same company (maybe it's even Amazon? Didn't pay attention), just with a lower price. :)

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Monkey - I got that one too, but I ordered it a size too big.  When I could use it with a fully pregnant belly, I figured it maybe wouldn't work so well when baby is out.  So I returned it for a size down and it's MUCH better.  It looks like a good solid belly binder though and I'm excited to give it a try this time around. 

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I got one or twin to try off of ebay for very cheap-- Im not totally expecting much from them given how much my skin as stretched- not sure it will ever look normal again..

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