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Nursing and FCLO

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 My energy levels have been really lacking lately and I'm feeling like nursing my two month old is running me down, I'm endeavoring to eat nutrient dense foods, have cut out sugar and our diet is fairly good (we eat GF, mostly home cooked stuff from scratch). We are really getting into the traditional foods, although I have a strong physical aversion to fats.  I do take fish oil but am considering trying the Green Pasture's cod liver oil and butter oil. So super expensive though, is it worth it? any recommendations?

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I take FCLO and am nursing, I really like it.  Its supposed to improve quality of breatmilk.  I buy it from livesuperfoods.com.  i just eat lots of butter, ghee and raw milk, i dont take BO

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We started taking GP FCLO/butter blend just after DD was born (so about 8 months ago).  DH used to get sick ALL the time, he would basically go from one cold to another.  I'd get a cold every three months.  Since we began taking it we have not been sick ONCE!!  It is pretty amazing.  Especially since that was during the winter when everyone was constantly ill.


I have been giving the plain CLO to DD since she was about 6 months, she has never been sick since she was born (although I attribute that more to BFing/not vaxxing.)


Yes it is expensive (we are in Canada so shipping is ridiculous) but well worth it in my opinion, DH doesn't miss days of work, I don't spend a week being ill etc.  I used to take fish oil but it is highly processed so I just take the CLO which has Omegas, etc. in it instead. 

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Awesome!  FCLO has definitely cut back on our sicknesses too!  We used to get pretty  bad colds, but now they are over as soon as they start.  We might have a day when we have a little sore throat or runny nose, but its over quick and doesnt happen often.  A few weeks ago, it was very strange, DS (6.5 months at the time, who I had not started to give FCLO to yet but needed to I was waiting for it to ship to me when he got sick!), got a fever for like 4 days with no other symptoms except being crabby of course from the fever.  I didnt get sick at all, and DD got a fever for about 20hrs then went away, no other symptoms for her either.  very strange.  But, other than that he hasnt been sick at all, he too is a BF, non-vaxed baby who is so very healthy, strong, big, smart, etc :)    Yay Traditional foods! lol

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okay, I took the plunge!


Will report back after I give it a go.

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So my experiences have been good,  it definitely helped with my energy level. Major issue I had is that I could not take the stuff! I got the unflavored fclo and was able to take it twice, tried keeping it in the fridge and doing a shooter, nearly puked both times. Gave up for a short while before I got some empty gel caps, problem solved! I just fill the capsules and take five or six a day.

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I'm in Canada too and can't find FCLO anywhere. May I ask where you get it?



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dangerbunnygirl- glad to hear everything is going well with the CLO!


LusMum, I was ordering from http://www.familyherbalclinic.com/ but they said they are no longer carrying the BO/CLO blend.  I've also ordered direct from green Pastures, the shipping can be pricey and last time I ordered I was charged taxes and duties, and then taxes and duties again at the border, and the Cdn gov won't refund unless I get some sort of number from GP... hoping that doesn't happen again with my next order.  It gets expensive. 

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Anyone know the amount that should be taken by a nursing mom?  I take the Cinnamon Tingle flavor (cold, on a butter knife, straight down the hatch style), and also have a nursing 19mo.  We both have dental issues, and I'm not sure I'm taking enough.

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I really like the FCLO/BO blend in cinnamon. I, too, would like to know how much as I am pregnant and breastfeeding. I know I'm not taking enough, but it's bound to be an improvement over not taking any!
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I can't comment on how FCLO affects nursing, but I wanted to mention that I find it MUCH easier to take the FCLO/BO blend than the FCLO on its own.  I keep the FCLO/BO in the fridge so that it stay solid, then I scoop out what I need, stick it in the back of my throat and wash it down with something to drink.  The FCLO alone is always liquid, so it coats the inside of my mouth and is just disgusting.  Also, I tried using the included syringe and that resulted in oil up my nose and burning (I use the cinnamon).  Worst experience.  I will never buy the FCLO by itself again. 


Also, for the year and half that I took the FCLO/BO regularly, I never got sick and I'm usually a twice a year cold kind of person.

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