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My son is five and I still check to make sure he's breathing before I go to bed.  If for some reason I get side-tracked and get into bed before I realize it, I have to haul myself out out of bed again.  Otherwise, I can't fall asleep.  When this will stop, I don't know, age 16 or so?  ROTFLMAO.gif


QOTD:  We have to drive four hours round trip to go see my mom every year, she's in assisted living and is blind, so she really appreciates the visit.  I won't get my own day until, well, you know...

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Update: my boy is now 8 weeks and happy and healthy! Thinking of you all.
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Writinglove, I can't tell you how happy this makes me! You are a MOTHER! smile.gif
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Congratulations writinglove!  That is wonderful news.  I hope you are all enjoying being together as a family.

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Congrats, Writinglove!!


My daughter is 9 and I also check on her every night before I can fall asleep too. I don't think that tug ever completely goes away.


Had my appointment with my MW on Wednesday afternoon. Got to hear the baby's HB, which was amazing!! Nice and strong in the 150's heartbeat.gif They didn't have my Harmony Prenatal test results, which made me really anxious, but we finally got them late yesterday. Everything looks perfect. SO, so relieved and excited! They somehow did not add the Y analysis portion of the test (it is optional), which indicates sex and tests for Y aneuploidies. Kind of frustrated, as my MF spent literally hours on the phone with the lab to assure that everything was ordered correctly and that the full test, Harmony Prenatal with Y Analysis, would be completed (this was their first time ordering the test) after I spent hours myself with the lab trying to figure out what they needed to do and who to contact to get the test. So irritating. But that has been pretty much overshadowed by my immense joy at being reassured about this LO's health. 2nd trimester anatomy scan scheduled for early June. Can't wait to see baby again, and for DH and DD to see too!


QOTD Planning a relaxed brunch with my parents, my sister and her family. Looking forward to seeing everyone and having no real agenda.

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Thanks for stopping by, Writinglove, enjoy that little boy!

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It has been a long time since my last post and I have since had my baby (a sweet BOY!). But for those of you here after losses, just wanted to toss out some encouragement for you. My little guy is here after 7 losses, 5 of which happened consecutively in a matter of 18 months and ended in me losing a tube after a ruptured ectopic. I felt pretty hopeless losing part of my reproductive system after I was already obviously "broken" when it came to carrying babies. So he feels like more of a miracle than ever...and I just wanted to encourage the other PAL mama's not to lose hope. I tended to feel pretty alone in my situation a lot of the time and it was helpful to me to hear from other mama's who had experienced as many losses and went on to have a healthy term pregnancy and a healthy baby, so I hope I, too, can encourage someone else.
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Congratulations 1babymom!  I'm so glad to hear your sweet little boy has joined your family.  Thank you for sharing your encouragement.  I can only imagine how difficult it would be to trust your body and the process of pregnancy after so many losses.  I hope you are all doing well.

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Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Congrats writing love and 1baby'smom. Thank you for stopping by with so much encouragement!


I had my first ultrasound today and I have 1 lovely little yolk sac in there! biggrinbounce.gif So excited that it measured well. My progesterone was on the low end of average but still ok.  Looks like I'll be sticking with the prometrium for awhile. Next week hopefully we'll get to see the heart beat....luxlove.gif  


BTW- Those of you who are having homebirths- when did you seek out your midwife? How far along were you when they set up your first appointment?

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I am new to the thread. I am 8.5 weeks with baby #4 and I am an emotional wreck. When I first found out I was pregnant, I felt really peaceful about it. Both DH and I thought we'd have a surprise baby soon! Now though I find I worry constantly about this little one not sticking around. It's so overwhelming. I am sad and depressed, just so blah feeling. I would really like to feel at peace again but I am struggling so much.
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owlhowl-hug2.gif  I'm sorry your so stressed out. Is there a reason that you should be worried this bean won't stick? Did you read something or get told something that set you off?

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Oh goodness, I've missed a lot.


Congratulations JustJenny!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you! I had been stopping by the Saner TTC thread every so often just to check on you. :-)


And congratulations to those of you who have had your babies as well!


I've been doing pretty well lately. I only vomit about once a week now. I'm going to see what happens if I don't take zofran tomorrow. I've been getting lots of reassurance that the baby is okay because I can feel her moving most every day. Of course this means that I worry on days that I can't feel her moving much. This is feeling much more real! So I'm increasingly scared and excited.

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This pregnancy feels so different from my last 3. I don't have horrible (yet reassuring) morning sickness, just mild nausea, maybe I will vomit a few times a week. I find that unsettling. I usually dream about my babies when pregnant but I have not had a single baby dream yet...totally weird for me!
Also, I don't know anyone (IRL) who did not have a loss or complication with pregnancy #4.
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owlhowl- Something that helps me get out of depressions and anxiety is to refocus on gratitude. Giving recognition to the positive does wonders for your mental stability and health. I know its so difficult when you have a overwhelming feeling of despair or anxiety - but you have made it 8.5 weeks! From what you've said there is nothing in reality to make you scared. Its your own mind and hormones playing with you. Refocus Mama! hug2.gifUse your avatar as inspiration! Right now everything is good and as it should be...smile.gif

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justjenny I really like your thoughts on gratitude. Sometimes when I'm not really feeling it I take a quick read through one of the TTC threads here on MDC. It helps me remember that there is anxiety no matter what, and the best we can do is try to live in today. And today we're pregnant.
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We just found out (unexpectedly) that we're expecting a baby BOY!! I was having some cramping and light spotting which despite reassurances from my midwife made be scared and worried. I ended up going to the ER yesterday for my own mental health and everything essentially looks good. Baby boy is perfect, healthy and super active! I had suspected boy. And the cramping/spotting seem to have calmed down today, thank goodness. I just wanted to share our happy news!!


Welcome and Hugs, Owlhowl hug2.gif If you look though previous posts, many of us have struggled with the letting go and believing things will be alright. It is SO hard, especially with so much out of our control. Trying to focus on staying in the moment can help, meditation/yoga. Hoping you find something that works for you, mama.

Wishing you all a great weekend flowersforyou.gif

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Yay, sparklemaman! Congrats! I can't remember if you've mentioned whether your other LO is a boy or girl.


I've been doing great lately. DH and I are steadily cleaning up the house, organizing things, getting rid of stuff but not feeling frantic at all, just a peaceful sense of getting ready and preparing for something we're both happily anticipating.


I'm off on a short work related trip this week, which DH is a little anxious about. I figure I'll call him from the road every time I stop to reassure him. It's weird because with this general sense of peace I've also been feeling much more willing to accept that there are many areas I need to compromise on, or altogether change. For example: I got a speeding ticket last week, the first one in over 14 years and I was initially pretty peeved about it, then I started saying this little mantra in my head when driving "I don't HAVE TO speed, I'm okay doing the speed limit". For as long as I can remember since I started driving I could not go the speed limit, it pissed me off for some reason, and now I realize I've been fighting windmills... Anyway, I feel like I am ready to reconsider some of the unhealthy habits I have and work towards reassuring my generally more conservative/prudent DH.

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Yay a boy!! Boys are wonderful smile.gif

I have been feeling a bit better emotionally and physically. Of course I try not to dwell on my fading nausea. I have a dating ultra sound coming up on Wednesday! I can't wait to see what's going on in my uterus!
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Thanks, mamas. We are just over the moon thrilled that he's healthy. I have a 9 year old DD who was really hoping for a boy. I had absolutely no preference but I will say it feels even more exciting and real to know. Now it's not the baby or he/she, yk?
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Another male on the way! Had our anatomy scan this morning. After a very irritable ride over to the hospital for our appointment this morning, DW and I buried the hatchet in the waiting room just in time. The tech showed us the heartbeat right away which was so reassuring and I resisted the urge to ask "and does it look OK?" every time she pointed out something new. All the organs look good and appropriate sizes/quantities etc. I'm still not feeling much movement yet but this helps a lot to know he's in there and doing OK. Another appt this afternoon where one of our OBs will look at the report more carefully and also do a regular check-up. 

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