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OMG, what a beautiful baby!!! Congrats, mama!
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Congrats Pokey! What a beautiful and expressive little baby you have there. Such amazing eyes! It so wonderful to hear that you felt so loved and supported during your birth. I am very happy for all of you! flowersforyou.gif

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Pokey, congratulations! Seeing your news made my day! I'm so glad to hear that you got the birth experience that was right for you. All the best to you and your new family!
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Pokey Congrats!! OMG, I am so excited to see your post. Baby Charlie is just beautiful and I'm so glad you had a good birth experience. It sounds very similar to my own with DD. I planned for a non-medicated birth but after 44 hours and DD being posterior  - or sunny side up smile.gif - I also chose an epidural, with encouragement from my provider and my partner. DD also turned after that and the rest of my labor and delivery went fairly quickly. Enjoy your bundle of joy and yes, take every offer of help and opportunity for sleep you can get, mama!! Much love to you and your family!! hug.gif

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Oh Pokey, he's gorgeous, congratulations!

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Congratulations Pokey!!!!!!!! Baby Charlie is very cute!

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Just want to share with you all how much I'm enjoying my Blissborn class. Today we worked on fears and she taught us a process to address our fears and turn them into affirmations. I feel so empowered. A lot of times when I'm working through something I journal and I come to a similar end result but this process is so much more direct. I can't wait to work on some of my "stuff" not related to childbirth etc., just every day life and business issues where I feel stuck.

I feel like this pregnancy is starting to drag. I'm feeling fine so no physical aches and pains to complain about, mentally I'm ready and starting to think that given more time I'm going to change my mind. Like when they give you too much time at the restaurant to order and then you start questioning your first choice...

How's everyone else? I enjoy keeping up with this thread because the focus is always on the positive.
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36 weeks today.  The dreaded GBS test is Thursday.  ;)  I'm more curious about my platelet levels which we will also check, hopefully they haven't dropped too low to risk me out of my homebirth.  I'm cautiously gathering my supplies this week though, as we scheduled the home visit for next Tuesday since the day before that is the go ahead for staying home.  Eep!  I'm feeling better about my to-do list, hubby has finally caught a small sense of urgency, especially when I actually wrote it down and put it on the refrigerator without saying a word.  Sometimes passive-aggressive is really the way to go...Lol...


My midwife is on vacation this week and specifically advised me, no shenanigans in the bedroom until she gets back.  Pretty much nothing going on there before she left, so I don't think it will be a problem.  ROTFLMAO.gif


So anyway.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I'm trying to visualize my blood getting richer and stronger somehow to keep those platelets pumping, think it will work?


Your class sounds wonderful, Dakipode!

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GISDiva Hoping your blood work came back ok and that the GBS was negative. You are SO close, mama!

Dakipode Your classes do sound great! I looked on Amazon and see they have a Blissborn home study set. I've been loving our Peaceful Beginnings classes. Our teacher is amazing. I'm a little sad she's not available to be our doula but excited with the doula we've chosen. I just feel like we've gotten so close with our teacher. I've also realized I still have a lot to work out from DD's birth. I have a lot of anxiety and feelings of failure that have lingered.

I hope you are all well! It's been pretty quiet smile.gif
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The good news is that I'm GBS negative.  The...well, I don't want to call it bad...but my platelets are basically the same as they were at this point in my son's gestation, despite all the supplements and other silliness that I've been putting myself through.  But my midwife and doctor are OK to go ahead with the homebirth since it turned out OK last time with proper medication and I have the benefit of hindsight regarding proper hydration and nutrition afterwards to recover from any blood loss over and above "normal".


And yes, very close.  Feeling better about the state of my house and other preparations too.


Probably the biggest thing that is throwing me is that with my son I had no warning whatsoever about labor beginning, it started out of the blue with my water breaking.  This time I've been having all sorts of little cramps and aches and pains and holy braxton hicks! - which is more customary as our bodies warm up, but I think I liked the surprise better!  Lol... It might have something to do with all that RRL tea I've been drinking this time around too, hopefully my uterus is working out for the big day and it clamps down right quick after the baby is born!!!


And yes, SparkleMaman, feelings about the last birth - or more specifically, the giant mess that breastfeeding was after my son was born.  I'm still not sure how I'm going to feel if things start out not going well again...

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GISDiva, I'm actually excited for you and so curious about your little one. I wish you all the best for your homebirth!
I've been ambiguous about the RRL tea. Maybe I'll ask the midwife about it tomorrow. I would only drink it out of a sense of obligation, I prefer other kinds of tea.

Sparklemaman, isn't it nice when you can put your finger on it and say: yes, that's been bothering me. May you find peace so that you can move forward and have a beautiful birth!

AFM: I've been "torturing" myself with a clothes pin, it's part of practicing the hypnosis, and I find the lady's voice more irritating than the pinching! I will persevere, I am determined to have hypnosis be a great tool during labor.
My baby shower is scheduled for two weeks from now and I'm really looking forward to it since I'm pretty sure this will be our one and only kid. I really hope a bunch of people show up, not because of the gifts, but because I'm excited to celebrate the fact that I'm finally going to be a mommy!

How's everyone else?
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Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a while, but our sweet boy August Everett was born yesterday at 4:39 am, 9 lbs 6 oz, 21 inches. He is healthy and nursing like a champ! I lost a lot of blood after birth, which was scary but I am feeling better all the time. We are going home this afternoon- hooray!
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Congratulatins!  He is beautiful!  Enjoy your time at home with him and I hope you have a smooth recovery.

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Congrats on your beautiful boy! flowersforyou.gif

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Congratulations! Rest up and enjoy your beautiful son!
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Congrats, Coffeebean!!


Dakipode Yes, it has been a relief to identify it and work through things. DH has been so supportive, which has helped me to relax and feel closer with him as well. How was the baby shower? My best friend has one planned for me in about a month.


I am feeling a little panicked. I decided today to change doulas (I'm 29 weeks). I have developed such a great relationship with our childbirth class instructor and both DH and I prefer to have her as our doula (though that's a little complicated too as she is in school and may not be fully available around my due date). I'm relieved, as I was feeling a disconnect with the doula I had originally hired (she asked me some uncomfortable questions at our last meeting re:religion/religious affiliations and responded oddly when my beliefs did not match hers) but now I am a little worried about $$. I signed a contract with her and have already paid a deposit of half her fee. I am not sure if I will actually be responsible for the entire fee in full or not. We've only met in person briefly twice. Waiting to hear her thoughts on payment. . . either way, it is better than having someone at my birth that I am not 100% comfortable with!

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Oh gosh, I realized I never updated here after being MIA for months. 


Hi all!!!  Congrats to all the new babies born and babies on the way!


My pregnancy really defied my attempts for zen much of the time with bleeding issues and pain issues and finally a decidedly breech baby who came by C-section on June 28th (at 38 weeks).  Not our plan as we'd wanted a homebirth but we discovered once they got in there that he had the cord wrapped around his neck close to my high placenta so he just couldn't turn nor descend. But he is safe and beautiful.  And we are over the moon!


Here's a pic from today!  He's 8 weeks old.

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Congrats, beingmommy, on your cutie pie son!


sparklemaman, my shower turned out well, despite some drama with the lady who was supposedly organizing it. Another friend stepped up and really helped pull it all together. It's been humbling to see how many generous friends I have, lots of things have been bought for us and this baby.

I hope things work out perfectly with your new doula, religion can be such a touchy subject and I know that If I were in your shoes it would have to be a non-issue for me to be comfortable with someone.


We've got three weeks to go and we're getting new carpet installed tomorrow. I think DH is more anxious than I am since the midwives have been telling us we are now "cleared for landing" so to speak. In his mind that means any day now, personally I'm not expecting much to happen before the 13th but I guess we'll see. I'm working one more week and I'm so looking forward to two weeks of being home and not having to deal with anyone, I'm getting cranky and that's not a good thing when you work with clients for a living.


I think I saw that GISDiva just had her baby. Where's everyone else?

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Congrats being mom! He's so cute!

I'm not doing super well on being zen. My midwives want my hemoglobin to rise or I will get risked out of a homebirth. I disagree with my midwives about this as a reason to risk a client out of a homebirth, and I feel a lot of stress about what I will do if my iron levels at 36 weeks still fall below what they find acceptable. I might try for an unassisted birth, but I'd strongly prefer a midwife-attended homebirth. We'll see.

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sparkle- Good for you for going with your gut instincts! I wouldn't have liked that question and answer session either. I'm glad that you chose someone you really like. I hope she is reasonable and returns at least part of the deposit for you.


beingmommy- Congrats on your beautiful little boy! In that pic he looks like he's already looking for mischief  smile.gif


dakipode- Wow 37 weeks! Your so close now. Enjoy your time off doing whatever you want to do biggrinbounce.gif


revolting-hug2.gif FX'd for your iron levels to rise and you can have your homebirth. 




   I've been struggling with morning sickness still. I've kinda made my peace with it and realize that it is just gonna be a part of my life til I deliver. Its been frustrating because I would feel fantastic otherwise.  Most of the time I manage it well and I am grateful for those days. Baby is doing great despite my minimal weight gain and is really doing its acrobatic flips and flops in there orngbiggrin.gif This one's a mover for sure!

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