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He's here! Born right on his due date, just like his mama. Birth story to come later - long, hard, no regrets. 2:05pm Eastern on 10/10, he is 8 lbs 7oz, 21.5 inches long and has a 36 cm head. Already latching like a champ!
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joy.gif Congratulations, Sphinxy!! joy.gif

So happy for you and your DW. Can't wait to hear more about your sweet little boy smile.gif

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Congrats Sphinxy!!!  So happy for you that your little boy is here. Enjoy!! jumpers.gif jumpers.gifjumpers.gif

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Yay, congratulations! Take care and enjoy your new little one!
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:throb A quick update, I just wanted to share with you all that my baby boy made his debut Tuesday afternoon at 39+ weeks. I was very worried things were going to move really slowly again, as my water broke before labor began. Once things got moving though, it went super fast. I had a crazy and wild 6 hour labor (nothing like the 52 labor with my DD!). It was so fast and intense but so much more manageable really. I went from 3-fully in a few minutes and pushed him out in 5 ctxs. So jubilantly happy, over the moon!!

Wishing all you mamas well!! :grouphug

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Wow Sparkle! Congrats on your little boy!!!  jumpers.gifjumpers.gif  So glad that he made it to 39 weeks and he is here safe and sound!

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Congratulations, Sparklemaman!


BTW, do we have a Peaceful/Zen/Sane parenting thread? I sure miss our little community!

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I'll start one dakipode. Be back soon!
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Here we go! Please let me know if you have any notes on my intro. If there is something I could say better, I will fix it. I will also try to add a photo later.

I hope you are all well!

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