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i know everyone is going to be different. but  as i said in my other post im not the grandmother, the one who will be taking care of her, but i will be taking care of her a good portion of the time so im up at the nicu everyday seeing her and everything. so i cant make the choices which i think are best all the time cause it has to go thru grandma, who loves her and wants to do the right thing but sometimes thinks she knows best even if all the nurses is saying no. like she bought this parents choice bottle awhile ago and started using it, well like 2 days later my LO started getting apnea spells again, she spills ALOT on the nipple the nurses have been telling her to try a new one but she wont listen to anyone, i had one of the nurses ask the TO, i think thats what she called her, which kind of nipple is closest to nipples they use, and they said evenflo classic, so i went out and bought some today and will bring them in tomorrow and use them and see if she likes them. but the grandma doesnt want to hear any of it, and im getting really frustrated, she doesnt want to hear it but the bottles grandma chooses is not always the best, these were the first ones ever, the odds of us picking the right kind on the first go around is slim, she had a brady last night when i was feeding her, with grandma there with the parents choice nipple, and still she doesnt want to see it. any advice on A) if parents choice doesnt work what i should try next, and B) how in the world can i get grandma to listen to the nurses. im just so frustrated at grandma right now.

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Just thought I'd bump your post up for attention. Hopefully someone will respond with some helpful info. :)

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Our NICU recommended Dr. Brown's with the preemie nipple as the best for babies who are having issues-how to get grandma on board, I do not know.  But it sounds like you are being a very good advocate for this baby!  I know it must be frustrating, but you are doing the right thing.

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