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Raw (cow's) milk yogurt for 11 month old?

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I don't drink a lot of cow's milk, but I have started getting raw milk from a local farm for myself and DH. They also have yogurt made from raw milk. 


My 11 month old (still breastfeeding) loves yogurt, and I usually give her StoneyField Farms organic plain or Wallaby organic Greek plain. I am considering whether I should give her yogurt made from raw milk from our local farm, as it might be more nutritious. (I definitely cannot pump enough to make breastmilk yogurt, though that is what I would prefer to do.)


Has anybody researched this issue? I know there is always a risk of contamination with any animal food (or any food, for that matter!), but I wonder if it is the same for raw milk as raw milk yogurt? Are there any recommendations on when it is safe to give babies raw milk yogurt?

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I dont know the answers to your questions, but just wanted to say that I would do it (and plan to).  I will be making my own raw milk yogurt however.  Yogurt always (at least in my experience) involves some heating, so some of the good stuff (and bad stuff if present) will be killed.  I currently have kefir grains and use the kefir in place of yogurt, but plan to be making my own yogurt as well when DS is a little older.

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I know the milk is heated when making yogurt, but I don't think it is heated high enough to pasteurize it. (If it were, then there really is no point in making the yogurt from raw milk.) What I am afraid of is that if it is not heated high enough to kill any bad bacteria, those bacteria could then be cultured (encouraged to grow) along with the good bacteria during the yogurt making process. So culturing raw milk could actually amplify the bad bacteria, which may have been so few to be harmless if you drank the raw milk straight prior to culturing it, but could be harmful in higher numbers, especially for a young infant. 


What type of yogurt does everyone feed their LO's (if at all)? The only yogurt that I know of that is commercially available that is from grass-fed cows is Siggi's skyr, but the problem with that is that it is non-fat (except for their new lowfat coconut variety, but that has added sugar). The best thing about dairy products from grass-fed cows is the beneficial fats, so eating non-fat dairy products from grass-fed cows seems pointless (plus it is really expensive). 

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Both of my children have had raw milk yogurt late in infancy and went on to drink it close to 12mo.

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PS. Culturing the milk will not cause any bad bacteria to proliferate...raw milk is naturally self controlling in that there is a good balance of good bacteria to keep everything in check.  I'd be more worried about culturing pasteurized milk and it not culturing properly and spoiling (where raw milk will only sour and not be inedible).

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