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Nausea, anyone?

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I'm 37w 5d and have been having lots of stuff going on this week such as cramping, some slightly intense contractions (not at all regular or frequent), pelvic pressure & pain, extreme fatigue and increased discharge, but now I'm having really intense nausea as well.  I'm wondering if this is a common symptom?  I'm really hoping this baby comes a bit before my due date.  I didn't feel this awful before my first son was born (induced at 40w 1 d for low fluid) and I don't think I can handle another 2+ weeks of this!  (plus I'd love to go into labor naturally, so I feel like I'm reading into every little thing)

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I'm right there with you with all of it....the random cntrxs, the pelvic pressure, the fatigue, the nausea (and vomiting) I'm hoping it means baby is coming soon. I'm due either today or saturday depending on which due date you go by.

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Yes, unfortunately, nausea is common.  I have had some bouts of it, but not too bad.  I feel like I'm back in the first trimester sometimes!  I don't think it necessarily means baby is coming super soon or anything though.

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Yes!  I have had nausea the whole dang time.  Today has been a good day but most days are brutal.

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I had hypermesis until 20 weeks and then it stopped. However, I've had light nausea during the last month--alot of odors/aromas will get to me and sometimes I just feel queasy. Not fun!

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