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C-section tomorrow UPDATED She's here!

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Well C-section day tomorrow! In 8 hours I will be having my baby girl by c-section. Please think of us and send lots of positive vibes :) Excited/Nervous/Anxious and Joyful.




Thank you all for your thoughts. My c-section went well. The spinal worked and I was awake for the birth of my baby girl and got to hear her first cries watch her being weighed, asked for the vernix to be not all rubbed off and my midwife brought her over to me for a face to face snuggle (they had the drapery really high up on me) She was not separated from me at all :)


Mila Lilian was born on June 7th, 2012 at 8:50 am weighing in at 9lbs 3oz and was 21" long her APGAR was 9 at 1min and 9 at 5mins!


I am healing really well and even got out of the hospital a day early (thankfully, the nurses are so not encouraging) My milk is now in and my left breast is hurting. Mila's latch is getting better but not perfect yet so my nips are a bit tender but she is getting lots of milk. She is sleeping really well at night and only fussing to nurse every 2-3 hours but is side lying nursing already so we are sleeping well. I am so in love with her joy.gif

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I hope all goes well!
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Good Luck.  We'll be thinking of you.  joy.gif

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All the best!!!  I hope you have a speedy recovery!  Can't wait to see pics of your new baby girl!

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Good luck!!!

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Happy early birthday, baby girl!

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Opps forgot to add a photo


Mila Lilian just after birth

.Mila Lillian.jpg



On our way home 32 hours old

Mila car seat.jpg

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Congratulations! She looks like you, mama.

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She is so cute! Congratulations. :)

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Congratulations! She's beautiful. I'm glad everything went and is going so well! :)

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Congrats! Such an adorable baby!!

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Oh yay! look at that chunk of love! I want to kiss those cheeks right up..I bet they are so soft and cuddly!


Congratulations mama! I'm so glad things went well, that your wishes were respected and that you got to head out of there early! Yay for improving latches and well fed little monkeys! I'm so happy for you!

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Congrats! Glad things went so well!
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she's soooo sweet! happy homecoming

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