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Amalgam fillings and Breastfeeding

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I have recently found out that I am being affected by 4 Amalgam fillings (mercury).  My 17 month old is also getting a little bit of the side effects although it is not too bad (trouble sleeping, going to sleep, and random sensitivities to food).  I am wrestling with what I should do.  I need to get them removed and replaced.  The dentist I would go to specializes in mercury removal and would use a dam, lots of water, and suction to remove them.  After having them removed, my body would then detox all the mercury built up in the body making my breast milk toxic.   I would obviously not have them removed until after I am done breastfeeding.  I really want to let him self wean, but worry about what he is receiving through my breastmilk right now.  I am not sure whether to wean him now so that he is no longer receiving mercury in my milk or if the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh the risk of the mercury?  I know that he would not wean easily as he absolutely loves to nurse and was EBF until 10 months and still doesnt eat alot of solids.  I dont want to traumatize him either.  The other problem of waiting until he weans himself is that most likely our next child would be 4-5 years apart from him.  We really wanted to have our children 2-3 years apart as we plan to have many.  So I guess my question is, would it be best to wean him now or let him self wean even considering the mercury in my milk?

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For me, the risks of weaning before my DS is ready (to his health and mine) much outweigh the risks of breastfeeding with fillings. Personally, if I needed fillings removed I would wait until my DS had weaned before having that done (instead of weaning him to have it done.)

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I could have written your question! My dentist put 4 in just 4 weeks ago. Had I known what was in the silver fillings I would have said no. I will be getting them properly removed as soon as LO weans.
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So after much studying and talking to several professionals, I've decided it's best to wean him right now. My health is suffering as well as my babes. I really would have loved to do child led weaning but I know that this is what is best right now. I can't be the I need to be for him until I get all this mercury out of my body. Being able to have the energy to play and connect with him I think far outweighs the benefits of continuing to breastfeed. Now if he was only 6 months old I probably would have continued to breastfeed. But since he has already had 17 months I think now is a good time. And hopefully after all the detox I can unwean him! MasonsMama921, how old is your LO? I recently found out that mercury fillings are in the court system right now to get banned. They have already banned them in other countries, that is enough reason for me to think they should be banned here as well! I wish Dentists would educate themselves more before they poison everyone!
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You might want to try seeing a naturopathic doctor - they could help you with things to more effectively and quickly detox from the mercury. Also if you want to keep your supply up be sure to pump, even if you have to dump it out.

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