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Valencia mamas out there?

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Hi there:) We are currently in Pasadena, but possibly looking to move to valencia. a couple of questions:


-Do any of you commute to south bay LA? how bad/long is it?


-what are the families in your area like?  laidback? friendly? pretentious?


-on a scale of 1-10, how "crunchy/green" is your area?  yoga? farmers markets? schools that emphasize nutrition and a better future of planet and health, other families who dont vaccinate?


-how culturally/economically diverse is your area?


-how are the schools and your experience with them?


-weather that differs? i think valencia is warmer??


-what do you like/dislike?


-any privately owned restaurants, or is it all chains?


We would love to stay in an urban area, we love what cities have to offer, good individually owned restaurants as opposed to chains, cultural diversity, things going on within the community.  However, we just cant afford it and at this time we would like space, preferably a backyard for the kids, and a good public education.  though i would prefer a great charter school education:)


thanks for any info, we are totally new to california as well, so double difficult:)

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I live in CAnyon Country, the southeast outskirt of Santa Clarita/Valencia. Commuting anywhere south is going to give you traffic. I can't say how long though.

This area is not very Organically conscious. The farmers market is severely lacking, as I've been told. But, Whole Foods is carrying more organic produce now and in Saugus there is a fantastic little store (Lassens) that has organic foods that are mostly locally produced and their prices are very reasonable. I'm in there once a week to get all our goodies! There is also Abundant Harvest, a CSA with weekly subscription and many pickup locations.

There are peoPle working on starting a charter school but it's mostly public school here, or expensive private school. The school food is all fast food type stuff. I homeschool my girls.

Valencia is very trendy. Lots of boob jobs, designer clothes, and new cars. Finding alternative or natural-minded people doesn't just happen - you'll have to seek them out.
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thanks for the reply.  we visited over the weekend and just felt REALLY out of place:) so i guess thats that! thanks again.

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