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diaper-free time

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I've been reading on these threads about giving baby diaper-free time, and how that helps babies understand when they've eliminated. I try it sometimes, and what happens is dd makes a huge puddle and plays in it (or slips). But I notice that's the only time she notices that she's peed. Wet or soiled padded underwear or diapers don't bother her at all.


The puddles kind of bother me, since she gets pee all over herself and involves a big cleanup. Maybe there's an easier way to do this that I don't know about? Or is this a good way for us to learn EC?

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Outside can be good (less of a puddle to play in).


Or prefolds with no cover (or padded underwear that aren't waterproof).


That can let you change her promptly without having to deal with whole puddle.


That way you can build the connection of peeing/wet. Many kids don't mind the wet, but can learn the connection of peeing/signaling/feeling wet.


(this for pre-potty-learning aged kids...don't know how old yours is)

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My dd is 13 months old now. She's been wearing little undies for a few weeks now. I just clean away the puddles when she pees. This is actually much easier than washing all her diapers (we live in India and wash everything by hand). 


My dd doesn't signal before eliminating, even though I cue every time I see her peeing. She just makes a puddle and looks at it. She refuses to sit on the potty and always stands to pee. I take her to the bathroom with me and talk her through peeing, and she is fascinated by the sound and the flushing, but it doesn't make any difference for her. She'll still pee anywhere. 


So I'm wondering how I can start helping her to pee in the potty?

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That is a hard age. I started EC at 11 months and at 13 months she started walking. She had a big potty strike but I've been able to get her back on. When she is a little drowsy (not tired though, tired is bad) I could get her to sit again. So after naps and first thing in the morning I'd sit her on quickly. She didn't pee every time but didn't resist as much. Once those two sessions were reestablished, she was more willing to sit at other times. I don't fight with her to stay on the potty but I whip out a book or toy and play with her to keep her interested. Sometimes I will also offer a cup of water to make her more comfortable - we are in a heat wave and this girl LOVES cold water. Sometimes building with blocks while sitting on the potty also works. I hope some of these ideas that work for me might work for you. I know how frustrating that stage of newly found mobility and independence can be.
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