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Overdue Blues

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Anyone else past their due date? I'm 40+4. Baby looks great & I'm trying to keep up my spirits--think I'm feeling better than I was a week ago, actually, b/c I'm now just expecting to go all the way to 42 weeks. Planning little things like dates with my husband and coffee with friends has made it bearable. Last night I dreamed baby came--11 pounds!--and that I blacked out during the labour and couldn't remember a thing.


I thought about castor oil but won't do it, I don't think. My cervix is ready, more so than with the other pregnancies, and now we're just waiting on baby. As long as I can manage for another day, we won't do anything drastic.


Can't be long now, right? This will end eventually, right?

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I'm not there yet, 39w2d but I have a feeling i'll be in the overdue club.  There will be an end!!!  But I too am worried about having a big baby! 11lbs would be ouchie......

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Alternating between feeling really peaceful about the end of pregnancy and really antsy to meet my little girl/be done with pregnancy. I've had several friends recently go to 42+ weeks so I've been trying to gear myself up throughout the pregnancy that that is a possibility. I think I'd be okay with it if I knew when it was going to happen...like if I had a countdown timer that told me I would go at 42 weeks or neon flashing lights that will go off hours in advance warning me that "today is the day". I think I'd be fine to fill the time and wait until it happens if I knew when it was going to be, but feeling everyday like it could be possibly be the day and then going to bed still pregnant is kind of tiring. It fascinates me sometimes that given all of the "technology" we have and things we can test for or think that we "know", exactly when labor will begin is still a complete and utter mystery!! I don't know if I'll be super excited or absolutely terrified the day that they figure out the "science" behind when labor will begin. 

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