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Mamas over 40

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I'm just curious who else is in the 'over 40 club' out there. I had said if I wasn't pregnant by 41, I was done trying (It took almost a year, which was strange as I usually get pregnant just by saying the word out loud!). I got the + test back one week before my birthday :-).


SO who else is in the 'older mamas' club with me? How has this been different than earlier pregnancies (if this isn't your first)?

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I'll be 40 in August. It's interesting to compare my pregnancies. I had my son when I was 28, one daughter when I was 31, dd2 when I was 32, and then my last daughter when I was 38. My son was a rough pregnancy because I was just dumb and ate like crap, etc. My daughters were tiring because of my job but I felt healthy. I just hated being pregnant. And then my last one I felt like a bloody goddess LOL. Everyone kept telling me it was going to be harder, etc but it wasn't at all. This time around, now the nausea has finally abetted. I feel pretty awesome again:P For me, I am in better shape now that I'm older. I eat better, etc. I'm just much healthier than I was when I was younger. So far I've been the same after delivery. Right back into life super fast. We'll see this time:)

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greenTea I'm with you re: eating better, taking better care of myself, etc. BUT this pregnancy has been exhausting! Last time, I was 35, and I did feel like a goddess, I contribute a lot of that to going the UC route - no one was every looking to see what was wrong, and nothing ever went wrong! these last couple days it's been nice getting some energy back, I'm hoping that like you this pregnancy will not be the stereo-typical older mama kind, and I will breeze through it like last time!


I'm surprised there are only 3 of us in this thread! there must be someone else out there over 40????

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I think there are quite a few women in the Dec ddc who are around or over 40 - maybe they just haven't seen the thread yet. 


I turn 40 the month after baby is due.  I have a new partner, my husband and I separated about two years ago, and my dp and I have been together about a year and a half.  It was a pretty sure thing almost from the beginning - unexpected, but wonderful - and we stopped "being careful" after about six months together.  For kind of the same reasons - I knew that if I was going to have one more baby, that I wanted to do it as soon as possible! for age related reasons.  I was also surprised that it took a whole year to get pregnant!  Especially considering three of my four other children were pleasant surprises!  I wasn't even expecting to get pregnant at that point, it took so long.  But, that made it even more exciting when I finally saw the positive.


So far this pregnancy has been very similar to my past pregnancies.  I don't really get morning sickness or too tired either, and that's the same.  My kids are actually all over the age of five with this pregnancy, so it's probably even less tiring than in the past.  I always show early - that's the same.  I think maybe my boobs have gotten more sore and bigger a lot faster this time, but that could also be because I'm carrying about an extra 10 lbs to start with.  And I'm way gassier/bloated feeling than I remember feeling with the past pregnancies.  But I don't know that that has anything to do with age - I have a feeling as the pregnancy progresses I'm more likely to start to notice any possible age related differences.  Also of interest - a nurse friend of mine reminded me that with a different father there is different dna involved, which can also create a different sort of pregnancy... food for thought.  

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kel - I think you are right about people not having seen the thread yet :)


Also the DNA thing has interested me :) I was SOOOO sick with my first, and of course everyone says 'must be a girl', he was definitely not ;). Never got sick with DS 2 or 3. This time I was so sick again (getting better now), but with a different father, I can't really say there is anything to make a direct correlation!


I think too, like you, having a bigger gap with the others this time (youngest will be 6 on Wednesday), I have the potential for more energy, as I'm not chasing another little one around!

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I am far more tired this time but likely because I'm chasing a two year old around:P Last time my youngest was four and it was pretty sweet:P I was this tired with the other two girls though...full time job in a high needs high school, working extra hours after school hours, etc so I was super beat. I'd get home at 6:30 and be in bed by 7:30. So I guess now it just doesn't seem that bad;P I'm a little curious as to how things will get further in. I did not enter this pregnancy in the best of shape or weight. I threw out my back last week and was out of commission for two days..this has not happened in a long time. 

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I'm 41! It is my second pregnancy, but the first was last year & ended in a miscarriage so I don't have much to compare to. I'm very excited though!
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lulu - welcome to the over 40's mamas club :) I never thought I would be a member (REALLY thought I was done after #3!), but a couple years ago I realized I wasn't quite finished!


greentea - I read your post as 'full time job in a high heels high school," and I was thinking, WHAT? Is this like a modelling magnet school, or some archaic dress code requiring female teachers to wear high heels?!?! it made more sense after a second read ;) Hope your back is feeling better!

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LMAO...high heels and pregnant is so not happening in my world:P I ended up in the dreaded Birckenstocks at the end of those pregnancies;P But nope, we house potential drop outs and a pregnant teen program. It was...interesting LOL. We had such an interesting range of kids: foster children, gang members, middle class kids who were kind of lazy, and lots of alternative type kids who just didn't do well in a traditional school setting. I really liked it for the most part. The last year though was hard. I had some really rough girls from a group home who were pregnant. Two of them got into a fight in my class room, and one of them hid behind me. The other girls shoved me aside by grabbing my pregnant stomach and pushing me into my desk. Mama bear hit and I had all I could do not to hit her back! I've never never wanted to hit a student before but it was total instinct to just try to keep her away from me. And then it took 20 minutes to security to my room. They had trashed it! I had all the other students against a back wall to protect them. It was seriously insane! 


Now I"m just a boring SAHM LOL:P No violence at least!

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WOW greenTea! what a story! I am glad it all turned out well in the end! SAHM sounds like a much safer occupation ;)

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