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Wow, what a long labor!  Congrats!

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Congrats all!!  People keep naming their kids all the names on my short list!!  Love them!

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Congrats to the new mamas! I am loving the names everyone is choosing.

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After 3.5 hours of labor sweet miss Rebekah was born August 14th at 6:25 am.
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Kenzie Ella was born Aug 13th at 325pm... 8lbs 10oz and 21 inches long... fast but very hard labour and really don't want to do it ever again hah.

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So many girls!  Time for some more boys, ladies! lol.gif

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That's funny, Feralfox.  When I was in the hopsital with the babe, there were 6 other baby boys and we had the only girl on the floor!

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William Steven arrived on Tuesday, 8/14 at 2:40 pm.... 8lbs 14oz, 21" long.  (induction @ 42 wks, 29 hours of labor, emergency c-section) 


We are both doing well.....Hopefully I'll have our birth story and pics posted soon!  :)

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Welcome William!  And thanks for breaking up the sea of red at the bottom of the list. lol.gif

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Joy!!!! Congrats mama!!!! So happy you both are safe and healthy. Hope you are healing easily. 

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Congrats, Joy and William!


Mtngirl, my work was the same, of the ~10 people that were pregnant (women and some of the guys wives) there were mostly all boys and just a couple girls. However, my Bradley class was all girls and just 1 boy.

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Baby Pirate joined the crew last night at 7:30 pm. 8 lb. 10 oz, 22.5" long, with a 14" head and a nucchal hand. I'm torn and sore, but we did it!
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Congrats, Monkey!

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Congratulations to Thenaturefreak, mtngirl, newmumjoy, and Monkey!! joy.gif So happy to welcome your babies!

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Congrats monkeyscience, and ouch!  Speedy recovery vibes coming your way!

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We have 17 boys and 17 girls right now!

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oooh a tie!

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Congrats, Monkey!  Can't wait to see/hear more details about the bambino.  And ouch.  Sending healing thoughts your way (we can be stitch buddies!).

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Gwen M. arrived at 7:34pm on 8/16/2012 at 38 weeks by pitocin induction for pre-e.  She is healthy and is 19in, 6lbs 11oz.

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oooh ouch monkeyscience! I feel your pain with the stitches.  Peri bottles are our friend :-)  Hope you have a smooth recovery.

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