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Congrats RedTree!

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Congrats everybody!!  Keep 'em coming! orngbiggrin.gif

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Congrats mamas and welcome to the world babies! So happy for you, Newmumjoy, Monkey & Redtree!

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Congratulations, mamas & babes!!!

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My little girl arrived today by non-emergency, but unscheduled section,  Going to add us now.

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Congratulations RedTree and FeralFox!!! joy.gif

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Welcome Baby Pirate, Gwen and Sprout!

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Can I just say I love the DDC nick names for these little guys! :D


Congratulations, Feralfox!!

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Our baby GIRL arrived at home on wednesday morning after a short labor! Didn't have time to fill the birth tub, and the midwife barely arrived in time smile.gif
I hope to post a pic soon and write up our birth story before i forget anything!
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Congratulations, Lakeruby! Looking forward to pics and birth story!

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Congrats, Lakeruby and welcome baby girl! :)

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My sweet baby boy, Henry Oliver, arrived gently into our arms at home this morning at 9:26am amidst some really incredible love and support. 

He weighed in at 9# 8oz and is nursing beautifully!

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Yay! Thandiwe!!! Congratulations mama, he is beautiful. What an awesome name too! Welcome Henry!

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Updated to here.  Congrats all!

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Congratulations to Lake Ruby and Thandiwe!

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Baby boy M arrived on Thursday August 23! I wrote about some of the highlights on the bajingo grads thread on the I'm pregnant forum. All in all it was a great experience and we are so in love with him!

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Yay!!! Big congrats Andaluza!!! So happy it was a good experience. Welcome baby boy!!!

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Thanks so much Poppy. Your kind words on the overdue support thread and those of the other ladies on there were so important for me at a time when I needed to keep my spirits up. Hope you meet your little one soon!
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Congrats andaluza!

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Congrats on your boys,  Thandiwe and Andaluza!


I know my sister posted on the group but I wanted to update on this thread. Quinn Elinor was born on 8/25 at 10:52 am. 7 pounds 9 ounces, 20 inches, 13 inch head

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