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Yea Boots! Congratulations! 


The babes are really coming now!

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Yay!!! Congratulations Boots!!! So happy for you!

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Wooohooo, Boots!!  Wonderful news!!  Hope you're both doing well and enjoying your sweet baby!!  joy.gif

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Lyle, swoon, what a cute name. Congrats Boots!!!

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Congrats, Boots!  What a cutie he is! And I like his little frog hat.

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Congrats boots!!

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I think I got skipped.


Congrats to everyone!  So exciting we're finally seeing our babies!

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The Honey Badger is out!  Congratulations!!!

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Sorry Ninetales!  I know I put you on there, I guess I must not have saved properly.  Anyway, all fixed.

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Zeisel is here!!!! 

15 hour labor ! natural water birth!!! I DID IT! nobody is more shocked than I. 8 lbs 7 oz, 35.5 cm head, 19 inches long. I'll provide a link to her birth story soon! 







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Beautiful!!! Congrats, tchotchkes!  Sounds like a wonderful birth!

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Love the pics, tchotchkes!!  Congrats Mama, you did it!!  And she's beautiful!!!

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Hooray! Ziesel is gorgeous! Love her name, and what a sweet picture of her and brother. Go mama! Congratulations to your family. 

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Congrats tchotchkes!  And hooray for another little girl!

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Miriam arrived this afternoon at 4pm. We're home now and trying to get the very excited siblings to sleep. Pictures and story to follow soon!
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Welcome more August babies! 


Congratulations Tchotchkes! Welcome baby Zeisel! Off to read your story!


Congratulations to Mama Chickadee Welcome Miriam! Can't wait to read your story.

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so excited about all these babies so far!!! congrats to the mamas! 

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Wow, congratulations Mama Chickadee! It sounds like things went very quickly, but how great that you are home already. Can't wait to read more!

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The short version as I am typing with one finger on my phone while nursing...

Labor started at 12pm last night while watching Olympics thought it was just BHxs. Went to bed at 1, but kept getting woken up, so got up and bounced on my ball and timed contractions. But, despite getting down to contractions every 8 mins or so, everything died out at 3am. SO, trudged back to bed.

NothInv much happened all day until I lay down to take a nap around 3pm. I had 1 strong contraction and my water broke. DH was up like a jack in the box, and we had someone to watch the kids and were in the car 20 mins later.

Had to vocalize in the car, hit transition a few mins after walking into my room. My OB arrIved, watched me thru 1 contraction, then turned go get into scrubs. That's when I went from low moaning to hard grunting and she said "nope, not getting into scrubs" which was wise because baby arrived only a few minutes later!

Time of birth 4:08pm, less than 30 minutes after arriving. I got a small 2nd degree tear, but it must have been really little, because it's barely troublesome! We had to wait forever to get my Rhogam shot, and finally left a little after 9pm.

Kids are enthralled with their new baby sister, and now everyone is in bed sleeping except for me and Moriam. She's a champion nurser, very calm and alert.

Tomorrow I'll get pics downloaded and write up her birth story in full smile.gif
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Wow, theyre popping like popcorn now smile.gif
I had my baby early this morning, 2:08am after a 3hr, uneventful labour. It's a BOY with no name yet! We're tired, but doing very well. Afterpains are making me whine and complain lol
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