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midwife mentor?

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Hi, I'm an RN about to begin a nurse midwife training program in January 2013. One of the prerequisites of the program is that I shadow a nurse midwife for a bit. Right now I'm working in peds, not L&D, so there are no midwives at my present job. I'm hoping there are midwives following this message board. Please contact me if you'd be willing to let me be  your shadow. I'm also a certified childbirth educator, so I can pay you back in childbirth class time if that helps.


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Just thought I'd bump your post up for attention. Hopefully someone will respond. :)

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Thanks! I'm having a terrible time finding anyone who has time for this and I can't apply to grad school without this shadowing experience.

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Try one of the two birthing centers in Md.Bay Area or Special Beginnings!

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