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Little wins

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I wanted to have an exercise encouragement thread, but there are many other little goals to strive for every day too, like drinking enough water. So please share any wins you have or any tips to make them happen. If any thread mavens have an idea to make it fancier, please share.


I have a goal of doing a DVD workout 3x a week and light exercise like swimming for dancing 3x a week.

I did a DVD workout today!

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When I'm feeling really crummy (like now heh) my best bet seems to do a physical activity that the kids will do.  I mainly am doing Just Dance right now, DD #1 loves that game, and her motivation now is to get me to 'slimdown' so she pushes me to do it.  I haven't told the kids yet, it's amazing I've made it this far, especially now that I've gotten pretty sick.  

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Today I signed up for 10 weeks of prenatal yoga classes and prepared 3 legitimate meals :-D

This will be a fun thread. We're awesome!!!
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It is ALL about noticing the little wins, otherwise everything can be so overwhelming. I went for a walk around the lake (nearly 3 miles) three times this week, and finally got back on the mat for some very gentle yoga. Only ten minutes each time, but it felt goooood. I am hoping to get to a prenatal yoga class, too.


And I made real meals most of the week!

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These are awesome wins. I saw there's a free prenatal yoga video on Hulu if anyone can't get to a class.

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Good to know about the Hulu video - I'd love any other suggestions of free videos online as well.  My goal for the day is to drink enough water - I know that it's so important in preventing so many health issues and I just haven't been on top of it.  So nothing else to drink for me until I get my 2 quarts.  Goals for the week - walk 30 min a day (at least 5 days) and do yoga/pilates and strength training every other day - I know I'll feel a lot better about my body getting bigger if my arms and legs are toned. 


Glad that you started this thread!

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I made it to prenatal yoga class today!! I am so pleased. It was a good class, but I'm tired and hungry now. Also biked my son to the playground this a.m., and it's 93 degrees here. Big wins today namaste.gif

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Whoa, that is impressive.

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I should have mentioned that today looks great compared to yesterday: no exercise, went to the movies, went out for a bite to eat which turned out to be french fries (I really wanted some!) and tortilla chips with bean dip.

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Great thread idea! I gained a huge amount of weight with my son that I lost *almost* all of pretty rapidly,
but I started out in a lot worse physical shape this time and have already put on a lot of pounds due to feeling crappy, being sedentary and snacking to cure nausea greensad.gif

I would like to walk minimum 30min 5x/week but ideally 45-60.
I would like to do abs (I googled pregnancy abs) cause I don't want back pain in a few months
And a few prenatal aerobics or yoga classes too.

Yesterday no wins, but I'll keep you posted!
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wow, im impressed with all of you active & motivated-to-be-active mamas!!  i'm heading in the wrong direction there...i've been feeling so crappy i actually cancelled my gym membeship last week, it just seemed crazy to keep paying for something i wasn't using!


let's see...for the "little wins" category: i didn't throw up yesterday! woohoo!! nut.gif

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A little less than a year ago I started out a great journey of taking care of myself and my body.  I lost about 40lbs and ate a great diet.  When I had my miscarriage eating healthy and working out became difficult again because of dealing with some unresolved feelings about my body.  Since I got preggo again right away it carried over into this pregnancy.  Well I'm happy to report I feel I am finally doing well!  I've had some very healing moments crying on my husbands shoulder about what happend and how angry I was at my body.  After this exercise and eating well have come so much easier!  I WANT to take care of my body and my baby!  So my goal is to get the the gym 5 days a week for the rest of my pregnancy.  Love this thread and it's encouragment!

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Nice cocobean!


I've been taking it really easy the first trimester, esp considering that I didn't start this pregnancy in great shape, but I definitely want to work out a bit harder in my second trimester.  The past few days I've been thinking of this thread and working hard to get my physical activity in.  I've done prenatal yoga or pilates for 20-30 min twice and walked 30+ min daily for the past four days.  I've also been good about drinking water, about every other day - so I still need to improve there. 

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I had a couple little wins this week. My first prenatal yoga class was awesome. I really like the teacher and that's 98% of what makes a good yoga class. Also, I had myself a little at-home spa experience while everyone was out of the house. It was really nice to remember that self-care and connecting with my body is more than just diet and exercise.
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:) My little wins-

Yesterday I ate three meals! (First time in 2.5 months)

I have had enough energy to be packing up house. 5 boxes done!

2 loads of washing!


These may not seem very exercise related, but they are for me seeing as I haven't gotten off the couch for the past 2.5 months! winky.gif

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This is such a great thread!  It is so encouraging to know that I am not alone in feeling tired, nauseated and not like exercising!  Although I haven't been nauseated to the point of throwing up, it is hard to eat, which is frustrating because I am always so hungry!  Which is causing me to snack on unhealthy food :/  However, my little wins:  I have biked to school every day for the last 2 months, ordered a Prenatal workout & Yoga DVD, keep cutting my coffee consumption each day and definitely doing good with lots of water!

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Just did half an hour of pilates and am going to focus on fresh raw foods today - and water!

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Micro win: yesterday I went to Zumba...but the class was cancelled. still, a good practice run. Baby steps yes?

OTOH, I'm very proud of my food choices this week. I went bananas at the market (so much more fun to shop now that I actually want to eat).
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So I got my first comment yesterday at the gym.  I crossfit but due to saving for our homebirth I'm doing crossfit at the YMCA now.  For those who don't know what crossfit is it's a high intensity workout with lots of olympic weight lifting.  I've tons of research worked with my trainers and am confident in my training while pregnant.  BUT I understand most others are not as educated about it and have heard of people being very negative towards pregnant women who do certain work outs while pregnant.  I am prepared to deal with these people but don't really want to.  But I was put in my place yesterday!  I was deadlifting ( picking a bar up from the ground and standing up straight) 145lbs and a guy came up to me and said, "excuse me, can I ask when you're due?"  I kind of rolled my eyes expecting him to give me crap about my workout and quietly told him I was due in December.  He chuckled and said, " Wow, you're like super women! ".  I was expecting something bad and he paid me a compliment.  Felt good though! :) 

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I love that Cocobean!!!!! I love it when we run into positive people!

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